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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

11:45 pm, Fever is back

Dear Ones,
We finally did something we have often talked about but never before made happen. We watched a movie on the laptop here in the hospital room. We watched Night at the Museum and it was very cute, like Nan says, fun movie and no dirty language at all. Nan stayed awake for it all and now we are getting some pain meds. Unfortunately her fever came back around 9 pm and now it is 100.9. Nan has been wearing little frozen wings all night and is only sleeping under a sheet. They put ice cubes in little bags and Nan puts them under each arm to help cool the fever naturally. It makes her so cold but she is a brave soldier and puts up with it. She is about to get dilatud for the pains that have also woken up as she has woken up. All day today she has been totally with it, talked on the phone to a number of people and enjoyed each and every call. We have spent a quiet day together with a brief trip out of a late lunch and this evening a trip to CostCo for a blue tooth device so she can talk on her phone without having to hold it, the little device sits on her ear and is wireless. She likes it a lot.
So we continue to fight the infection that lurks somewhere in her body and the fevers that result. So far no one has an idea of what is happening exactly and while some progress has been made we are not there yet and of course we can't consider going home until the fever has been gone for several days and the weight is down through lasik. So far we are down 16 lbs so we are about half way there and I notice the weight is coming down more slowly now. Right now her vitals are heart rate of 130, blood pressure of 105 / 56 or so, temperature of 100.8. The heart rate always goes up with fever and by morning if we are lucky it will be back to normal.
I have enjoyed talking to my brother Jerry, to Art and Pam. They helped pass the time during this long day. Tomorrow I will be going to Tracy and Byron to do some work during the day and pick up a few more things at the house and the office. Nan is strong enough now to push the call button, to help with her colostomy and to let people know if she needs help. We have come a long ways in the past 6 days.
Can we trouble you to once again pray for Nan. My biggest request at this point is regarding the fever and infection. We need Gods help finding and defeating the infection.

We send our love and appreciation,

tim and nan
ps glad Bob and Carrol had such a nice afternoon with family and are home safely.


  • At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, we won the arena football game last night, but is sure isn't ice hockey. Will be glad when the hockey season begins. We are in to it, big time, and it is so loud and exciting!
    You sounded very good to me last evening and I trust you will sound as good today. Want you to start the walking again. How can we shop if we can't get around! (forget the QVC for awhile, I think Tim has you figured out).
    I hurt my back a week ago Friday afternoon carrying 50# sacks of feed and 30# buckets of cat liter! The weather is so nice and I can't get around to enjoy it. Isn't it strange how we think of all the projects that we just have to get done the very instant that we get in a situation where we can't move around? Such is life.

    Will be praying for you a healing and good day.
    Love you, Sharon

  • At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Sounds like a very pleasant day was had by all. Resting, relaxing, catching a movie and hanging out with loved ones. I'm sure it was even better than it sounds.

    Sorry I missed the plesure of seeing you at Sabbath School. The students from Lodi were there singing and tooting their horns. It was manna for our ears. Included in the congregation was Bart Vogel. We had a short pleasant conversation reviewing positive history rememberences. Like Tim always says, cherish and enjoy each moment as they are all precious.

    Just one question about the wings mentioned in the BLOG today.
    I have heard of left wings and right wings, soaring wings, chicken wings and even buffalo wings, gasomer (sp) wings and even a wing nut or two but frozen wings! Neeeevvvveeeer heard of it but they sound cool.


  • At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Bob and Carrol said…

    Dear Nan and Tim,

    I remember a little over a year ago when I was at UC Davis Hospital watching a man, out of the big plate glass window, walking and talking to himself, even using his hands. I told Bob to wait until he left the area before taking me to our car as I thought he was one of their mental cases either waiting for the bus or a ride, until he turned around and started pacing the other direction and there was the "Blue Tube" and I realized he was actually on a phone. I have to admit he had me a little worried, so when you start using them outdoors, try not to use your hands for emphasis, it really looks strange!

    Remember how long it took for Nan to get into her condition before the hospitalization and now to lose the extra weight and begin to regain her strength is going to take more time. She has come a long way and hopefully it won't be long before she starts pushing herself to be able to go home. Nan knows what it takes as she has done it so many times. GO NAN!!

    Have a wonderful, productive week and know you are never far from our thoughts and prayers.

    Love to you both, Bob and Carrol


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