Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

No nausea, lots of pain in its place

Dear Family and Friends,
First off a huge thank you to Sylvia for coming early and staying late, for her many successful attempts to encourage Nan to try frozen gatoraide, for being so faithful in her care of Nan and for taking on the corner lazy Susan in the kitchen. No one has ever dared go there before and its looks great tonight and now offers useful space. Wow! Thank you Sylvia for sharing your day with Nan.

Nan is having to cope with some pretty severe pains from the surgery, the tube passes through her skin, her muscle layer and then through the wall of the stomach itself. And all those layers have to heal and begin to feel better. Nan has had a pretty good day overall with some naps, some awake times, munched on a whole ice tray of frozen gator aide (what a good idea), munched on gummy worms to get the taste out and of course had ice chips.

The wound care nurse came to call and the delivery from Critical Care was made also. Plus the new modem for our switch from cable internet to dsl if we decide to go through with it. Our Comcast has become so unreliable, it takes little breaks in service all day long which play havoc with our attempts to connect and stay connected.

Because Sylvia came so early this morning I was able to be in Oakland by shortly after 10 am, did a duplex then another duplex, then drove to Richmond to do a review and then just 4 blocks away did a full appraisal. It was 4:30 when I finished and it was with pleasure I took a call from Nan to check up on my arrive home time. I dealt with traffic, took back roads and got home as quickly as I could. During the day I talked to Marilyn who is our Rhode Island friend and we confirmed her coming in on Sunday evening at around 8 pm to Sacramento. We are so much looking forward to her being with us and to catching up on what her kids are doing and how her life is going. Marilyn is a dear from from early ministry days in Sacramento Central and came to visit Nan every week while we were recovering in Boston. She treated us so well and helped out so much during our stay there.

We got word today that one of our main clients had their office closed today by the home office. Everyone is fired and of course no more orders will be coming our way. Our hearts go out to the people who work in the office. We are sure that God will send us the orders we need but we will miss their faithful checks every few days.

Nan slept all night last night and I did not come down until about 6:30. She asked when I was going to use the suction pump. It had arrived too late last night and I did not want to wake her. We figured out how to make it work and turned it on, at first nothing and then suddenly the tubes became alive with fluids and in seconds the canister was totally full. Nan warned me it was full. So I emptied it and came back and we got another 1/2 canister out. Syliva has faithfully used it every hour or two during the day and Nan has felt NO nausea at all. Pray the loving Lord for that.

As I drove today (in Nan's nice van) I kept thinking over our options. Somehow we need to find the source of the blockage and get it fixed, we need to find a way to deal with the tumors, need to access the new drug AMN107 and I'm no closer than I was to submitting all the paper work and CDs etc. Frankly I'm not sure how to collect all the stuff they need on the list and I'm not sure who to turn to for assistance.

I did take the 40 minutes on the cell while I was driving today to talk to the IRS and things worked out better than expected, still I need to finish up my prep work for the 2005 year redo and soon. Just one more thing for the agenda.

Today 6 of you took time to respond to the blog. In a minute I am going to print the messages out and read them to Nan. She is too ill to operate the computer and has not checked her email messages in many many days. So when I can I print things out and read them to her and she smiles or nods her head in response. She is touched by the many many kindnesses and expressions of love and support.

I am facing another minor storm over finances, seems there are more bills to cover than income to offset, yet we are thankful for having this kind of job where I can be with Nan for days at a time and give her the help she needs. Tonight I am just tired, worn out and working to maintain a smile for Nan, she needs to see that. I just pray for relief in the blockage, for tumor control and for recovery.... broken record I know but its our reality. I met such nice people today at the properties I appraised, they are all praying for Nan and one nice guy sent home a bottle of water from a faith healer, Leroy Jenkins. I got to see him preach and heal once in Ohio with my sister Sibyl and this gentleman sent the bottle of water home saying it has God's anointing on it. What a sweet thought.

Sending our love to each of you,

tim and nan


  • At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan:

    So glad that there is no more nausea. The pain from the surgery should stop soon as it takes time to heal. Sylvia sure has been a great help. Since she is a nurse she knows what to do, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to help in that department.

    We will try to stop by Sunday as we will be spending the night either in Discovery Bay or Tracy.

    I was cold all day here in Gilroy, I guess I was getting used to the desert. We are planning a two week road trip to Oregon, Washington, and the Yellow Stone area starting June 11. My sister Liz will be going with us.

    Art took it easy today, he is out playing pool at his friend's house...he loves it.

    Nan, I'm so glad to hear that you are doing much better. You are a brave woman. Both of you should write a book - I'm sure it will be a best seller - how about it?

  • At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tim and Nan, I have been anxious all day wondering how you have been feeling since your surgery. No more nausea!! Wonderful! Of course you need time to heal where they had to insert the tube; hopefully that will be soon. Today we have been cleaning the house. We are having 10 for lunch on Sabbath. I am teaching the cradle roll lesson this week...first time in years so I wonder if I will know how to act?! The AFCOE students are having their graduation at our church tomorrow evening and I have been asked to bring 3 dozen homebaked cookies. Of course I will so in the morning I will be baking cookies. Rest well tonight. And Tim, that goes for you, too. Love, Barbie

  • At 11:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Can you tell Sylvia where we live? I'm puting the Gatoraide in the in the freezer as we speak. Who said Suzan was lazy anyway?

    So we have been praying for no nausea and now we have no nausea. That is a very good thing because that means when we pray we get answers. Hurrah! Yahoo! Yipee! Huzzah! Yah! It's a party!

    Well that was fun. I hope you enjoyed our celebration. Now everyone back on your knees. We are praying for healing and much less pain from the most recent surgery. There is another new day coming our way and there will be lots of opportunity to do good. More enjoyment, look hard if you have to but there is always something.


  • At 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had a much better conversation with Nan today. She was more awake and yet so tired. Thank you Sylvia, for being there. I know what it means to them. I hope the pain goes away soon, remember the third day after surgery is always the worse, so be prepared!

    Remember to give thanks and know that God loves you dearly. I think you are two of His favorite children. I know that you are two of my favorite people and I love you both. I pray for peace, safety, healing and the Lord's presence with you through out the day. Put it all in His hands.

    Love you, Sharon

  • At 7:35 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning,

    How did we get to Friday already? How this week has flown!

    It looks like you have had a good week. Someone finally came up with a way to stop Nan's nausea and that's a very good thing. At least you know the pain from surgery is only temporary even though it is painful now. It seems getting rid of the nausea would be worth a few days of pain.

    Again your friends have come to your aid. How nice Sylvia could stay with Nan yesterday and also knew what she was doing! Of course Nan has so much experience by now she could tell anyone how to care for her ~ even the doctors! I do wonder about her diet however ~ frozen Gator Aide and gummy worms? Hmmm ~ doesn't sound so good to me. Enjoy!

    I spent 2 days this week battling pantry moths. I have now completely cleaned out my pantry 2 times and washed every can, checked every box and sprayed every crack. I still have moths! I guess that's one of the disadvantages of living in the south. I had them bad about 5 years ago, but hadn't seen them since my last "clean out". Where do those buggers hide?

    Have a relaxing, pain free, nausea free week end with lots of checks coming in the mail.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Bob and Carrol said…

    Dear Nan and Tim,

    No nausea, how good that sounds. Now if we can just get the blockage to resolve itself, that will be great. There must not be much coming from the colostomy at this time.

    You are blessed with so many friends and I can't imagine how you would get along without them. We consider ourselves lucky to be counted among them although we can't give as much physical help as we would like to.

    Bob's sister, Patti, from Palm Springs is here staying with us and spending time with their mother who will be 94 this Nov. We are also making plans to spend a week together in a house on Lake Lida near Pelican Rapids, MN. where they were born. The fishing is great and so relaxing. I can hardly wait!!! We will probabaly see some great lightening and thunder storms over the lake, it is quite a sight for a California girl.

    Have you tried some of the blueberries growing just east of you at Victoria Island? We are getting some of them over here at Phillip's Farms and they are so wonderful. Also cheaper than the ones from Raley's or Safeway.

    I have a band concert Sunday and I'm always so glad when they are over. Have a wonderful Sabbath and we will plan to see you next week after our company is gone.



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