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Saturday, May 26, 2007

A rough day at the beach

Dear Family and Friends,
At this moment Nan is being sick. This has been a day of many, many times of being sick with naps of a few hours inbetween. But there have also been moments with Nikki, Keanna, Jason and Jo which are precious ones indeed. After Nan had a decent night with only a few interuptions she woke early to nausea. We have used Adavan many times today along with Reglan and zophram, ice water and more ice water. Nan is exhausted from this constant throwing up.
Since I started writing Jason and Jo came home from a school musical program and came to visit us in the motorhome. I had just given mom another dose of Adavan IV to see if we can calm the storm inside. We also used a bunch of pillows to help her sit up straight for awhile and she has been sipping ice water to deal with the burning in her stomach.
We enjoyed watching a DVD of a program that Keanna was in at her school and at the end she and her friends fall off the bench they have been standing on, they just disappear, very cute and since no one got hurt had a good outcome. It was fun to see the kids frolic, sing and wave their arms to the music. What a good place for Keanna to be!
Jo and Jason had such a nice shower with many many items of clothes, equipment, baby supplies, car seat, high chair etc. Nan really enjoyed getting to attend the shower and be a part of family history, what a special event for her in spite of how she is feeling right now.
I am totally in love with my family, of course I know you think you have the greatest family but excuse me but I think I do. They have made Nan and me proud over and over again and getting to spend this time with Nikki, Keanna, Jason and Jo is very special to both of us.
In the morning Jason and I will attack weeds or anything else Jason wants to work on and then mid day we will head home, back to the heat which we have escaped down here. In fact the furnace has been on the whole time since we arrived.
This afternoon yielded yet another pleasant moment, after a very good potluck hosted by Jo and Jason, Nikki, Keanna and I went to the beach. Keanna had her heart set on playing in the sand and Nikki had brought all her beach toys along. Although the weather was very cold and overcast Keanna did not seen to notice. She and Nikki dug deep holes in the sand, made castles and in general enjoyed an hour and 1/2 at the beach. Then back so Keanna could take a bath and then they headed home. Jason and Jo caught a nap and so did I in the motorhome captain chair. This evening we have watched some TV and tried to deal with the occasional bouts of nausea. Now its bedtime and I hope, I pray that we will be able to sleep most of the night. At this point I don't see how we can possibly avoid Nan going to the hospital as this nausea only gets worse. Tomorrow we will purchase and start the Marinol hoping to get Nan a high instead of the many lows she has recently been forced to experience. She is looking forward to the med in hopes that it will be the help she needs.
While I am writing House in on TV. Nan and I both often comment we need a House Character to solve Nan's current problems. Of course that is TV and we live in a very real world, a not very fun world lately for Nan as she battles with a very tiring condition.
Please pray that Nan can beat the nausea. God knows what is wrong and we so need Him to share it with a doctor, or anyone who can help Nan.
Thank you for your concern, your prayers and your ongoing love for Nan.

from our hearts to your hearts,


tim and nan


  • At 6:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Lifes a BEACH and sometims that other word that it rhymes with. I am so glad that I have friend like you that has such a positive outlook even when things are not as pretty as they would like.

    Especially thank for comparing my family to your family, as a best family just like yours. Generous comment indeed.

    We all join you in prayer for you and your family so that they can enjoy the good health that we enjoy.

    One of your many lucky friends,


  • At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Bob and Carrol said…

    Dear Nan and Tim,

    We join Wes in being thankful to have friends like you and we envy you in some ways. Not every family has their loved ones so close physically or tempermentally either. You have a LOT to be thankful for and we read about your blessings in the blog daily.
    How great for Nan to been at the shower for Jo and she will always remember the effort put forth to be in attendance.

    We are praying that the new medicine will be the answer to the nausea problem. Just know you have a lot of prayer partners with you everyday so you are never alone.

    Another of your many lucky friends,

    Bob and Carrol



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