Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nan is being transfused as I write...

Dear Family and Friends,

Its 11:30 and I'm just in from the hospital. Nan just called on the cell which was such a treat. Having her call is an indicator that she is becoming more alert. This evening she has just received steroids and is starting to get the first unit of blood. Our nurses this evening are incredibly wonderful and caring. They stopped to talk and share how much they appreciate what a sweet and brave patient Nan is. They happen to be right.

Dana was so sweet and left early this morning to spend the entire day with Nan. She said Nan slept most of the day but when she arrived this morning she found Nan in the recliner and people were changing the bed and giving Nan a bath. Nan had had a fairly good night but everyone continues to be concerned about her low blood pressure. So they are still giving her fluids to try to raise the pressure at least a bit. They would not let her walk today as they felt with the low hemoglobin of 8 and blood pressure low even for her she was at too much of risk to walk so I relented. I arrived at 5 after spending a day jamming work out and taking care of business. Nan called several times and it was obvious that she was having a tough day with bouts of intense pain. She was somewhat disoriented also. After I arrived she slept a bit was mostly awake and as the evening progressed she was more and more animated. Jason called and they talked awhile, she was smiling as she talked to him. they are in a holding pattern just waiting for Timothy to arrive and doing well. Sharon called and they talked for awhile. Sharon was in her yard doing something akin to yard work, that is no small task as she has a huge yard in the front and back of the house. She mentioned a bird which Nan carefully wrote the name down on a cup on her stand. It is a Yellow Crowned Night Heron. Nan wanted to save the name for our bird watching friends especially Sylvia and Fern. It was fun to watch her carefully write the name down on the cup letter by letter and she did well with it.
When Nan called me midday it was to tell me that the doctors wanted to put her into intensive care unit. That shocked me and I was disturbed all afternoon. To me it signified that her condition had worsened and I knew that visitors are only allowed for a few minutes each hour yet I know how much Nan depends on me and Dana for her care. Then I heard her on the phone with Jason explaining that even though she is currently on the cardiac ward they are trying to find a bed on the oncology ward where we usually go. They took her heart monitor off since nothing unusual was showing up and right now she is stuck on the wrong ward requiring her oncology doctors to go out of there way to see her instead of where they normally visit.
By morning we should start to get results from the cultures about the nature of the infection. However we have now gone 24 hours without fevers. When we returned from Mexico it took 8 days before the fevers stopped so we are ahead of the game I think. We are anxious to get the fevers managed so we can start the new drug Sprycel to see if we can get a control on the tumor growth. This evening at 6 I had a call from the oncologist office but I missed the call, perhaps it is news regarding the insurance company picking up the tab for the new drug. I also received an email from Boston saying that they had a call in to the doctor at Blue Cross and had not heard back yet. Now that is real help, Busy Dr. Morgan taking time to talk to Blue Cross for his patient who lives in California. Wow, that helps a lot.

Nan is recovering from some pretty strong infection or infections in her body. For 6 weeks she was able to resist them but they finally came back. She sleeps a lot due to pain meds and the infections but loves to have phone calls on her cell.

Dana has been a wonderful help as she talks, gossips and passes the hours together with her. What a blessing she is and we deeply appreciate her coming and being here. Her hand is almost recovered and she is down to one last stitch since she is removing them herself, not something I think I would do but of course this is Dana.

Tonight I thank you for being our friend and for your prayers for Nan. She is doing her best to be up and about for baby Timothy's arrival. She is doing her best to be brave and recover. God have our family a very special person in Nan, there is no one else like her and I melt every time I get to see her baby blues again. Wow, what a lady!

Thanks for your kind messages and helpful thoughts and encouragement. I am feeling a little better but still battle with dizziness most of the time. Tomorrow I go to Oakland, Rohnert Park and then back to be with Nan for the evening. I'll be there early in the morning so i can meet the doctors (I hope) and leave her about 1 or so. We hope to see Irene one of these days, we miss her and Jan, call again, she is sorry she missed your call.

We have been watching the news and have not heard yet if our friends George and Yvonne Miller's place is safe. It is located near the fire that is burning at Tahoe. How tragic that so many would lose everything.

How we all need the Lord, His protection, His guidance, His healing, His ways....


tim and nan and dana


  • At 3:46 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    So, Nan is getting good care, fever staying down. more alert, moved to the right ward and getting fresh blood. Tim is getting some much needed rest and getting out more reports. Dana stays with Nan keeping her company during the day so Tim can work. Dana's hand is healing nicely. That all sounds like good news to me. All in all you had a good day.

    I have a busy day of driving my friend Betty to the Dr. etc. She is on some blood pressure meds that make her loopy so she can't drive. Roger is finished with his spring chores and now pressure washing all the cottages and our house. What a job! Lesley is helping him this year and he says she is better than the kids he has used in the past. She doesn't mind getting dirty and keeps up with Roger. (Not an easy task) She has been such a blessing to us and hopefully we have been to her.

    We finally got a good rain yesterday. Yes, we need more, but we'll take any we can get.

    Have another good day!

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 5:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good Morning,

    I read about Nan's new infection and possible blockage and pray for her strength to fight this new battle.

    Stay strong.
    Sue M

  • At 9:14 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Tim & Family,

    We are still in a holding pattern here this morning on Our trip to Lake Tahoe. Smoke in the air and the prospect ofhaving to stay inside the whole time is not a plesant thought. We will see how things are progressing up there later in the day and if things clear up a bit We will go as reservations are in place and are not refundable!

    Sounds like things are moving in the right direction for You and Nan is well on Her way to getting better. You still have not said what Hospital She is in. Please let Us know so we can plan to visit this weekend if She is where She can have visitors.

    How sad that so many people have lost their Homes at the Lake, how devistating it must be to see just a pile of ashes where once Your Home stood.

    Have a safe day and We will continue to pray for a rapid recovery and quick access to the new meds that You are working on.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Glad to hear the good numbers. It sounds like you are way ahead of the infection this time. That should shorten Nan's time away from home. What terrific reports about your friend Dana. Where do you get all these super friends. First Marylin and now Dana. The list seems endless. Congratulations on your choice of friends they really are great from what I read. Also on the A list add the Carol and Caroll blogers along with backup Bob.

    What a day. I pray that tomorrow will be even better!



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