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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New blood on her 1 year anniversary

Dear Family and Friends,
Its about 9:45 now, Nan is asleep in her recliner and we are watching Taxi, funny movie. I left this morning at 7:40 for the Napa Auto Parts store. Got the compressor but found out they required a new dryer and filter or they would not cover it with a warranty, of course they did not sell either part so off to Tracy VW to order the parts, they will be in on Friday morning at 7 am. While in Tracy I inspected a new home under construction. The owner discovered that someone stole the front doors last night, right off the hinges. Heavy 10 foot high doors over a chain link fence. While I am in Tracy phone rings and the hospital has called nan in for blood. So she and Marilyn got ready and headed to Concord for the blood. During the time they were there Marilyn found a pool of blood where the nurses did not attach the tubing correctly. The care was very casual but the blood got in and Nan is back home safe and sound. She is very tired tonight and hopes the blood will give her more energy tomorrow.
I came home and worked getting a lot of office stuff out and cared for. Got to see Steve and catch up on how he is doing and then I set an appointment in Oakland for this evening and drove over to see the ladies in the hospital room, then to Oakland and then home. They beat me home by a few minutes.
Tomorrow I go to Santa Rosa, a 2 hour trip each way to see a new property and now to do a review that came in today as well. God gave me a two for one and makes the trip more worth it. Marilyn and nan might head to town to get her hair washed or nails done or something fun. Marilyn has been a wonderful addition and has been so very helpful to Nan. What a total blessing on this special day.
This time a year ago Nan was just out of surgery and I was being told it was touch and go whether she would make the night. I spent the whole night in the waiting room and ran both cell phone batteries dead calling people to pray that the bleeding would stop, it did finally but I will never forget being allowed in to the recovery and seeing her with 14 IVs, cases of blood waiting to be infused. it was a night never to be forgotten.
We are so thankful that God saw fit to allow her to have this precious year and now we go for yet another one.

Our prayers tonight are for a way out of the blockage and the new drug. We thank you in advance for your prayers for God's healing.

Now the TPN and put Nan in her bed. She deserves it having not slept much all day for two days. I think she is considering starting Gleevec again until a new drug is available. Up to her really.

So good night


tim and nan and marilyn


  • At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    What difference a day makes, just 24 little hours. What a whoppin big difference a year makes. Congratulations on your one year super adventure!

    Glad that you are getting a new dryer. It is good to have a new filter also because it helps keep the lint off the clothes! The dryer sure beats hanging the clothes on the line, especially in the winter and lintless to boot. What a blessing!

    Nan should be tuned up on the morrow with an new influx of blood. Hope that new strength helps with the blockage. That would be a double blessing!


  • At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary.!!!!

    And, what a year it has been!

    Prayers your way for sustained and increased strength for both of you.

    Sue M

  • At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Happy Anniversary, Nan! You were one sick little lady and I pray that this year will be one where you feel better and enjoy your new soon-to-be grandson!
    How nice for Marilyn to be there and help you...have fun getting your nails done. I've got a pedicure waiting for me...a gift from my sister, Marilyn!
    I've been out walking and what a beautiful morning. I scared off several jack rabbits, they are soooo funny to watch! The birds are singing their songs and merry sunshine is doing her thing...waiting for Nan to come out so she can shine on you.
    Have a good day. Love, Barbie

  • At 4:57 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Here it is the end of another day and I have not yet "talked" to the blog. I've been putting "wood revitalizer" on my kitchen cabinets. I can't just stop there. Now I'm cleaning out my cabinets too. If I would just do this more regularly it wouldn't be such a job. I'm behind in my housekeeping about 2 years! Yes, I've kept up with the essentials but like under the kitchen sink has been neglected. The last couple of months I've been on a mission to clean out and get rid of. It feels soooo good! I do one room at a time and do it thoroughly!

    So, Nan is ready to go to the hair salon to get prettied up. She must be feeling better. If she doesn't ~ at least she will feel better afterwards. Hopefully that new blood will pep her up. Maybe this time she will benefit by someone's blood who has a lot of energy and it will transfer into her body. Might help ~ can't hurt. It's a good thought anyway.

    Have a good evening and another good day.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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