Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Dear Family and Friends,
11:35 again, swore I would be in bed by 10, not even close. We did get Nan to bed about 10 as she can sleep and I can still connect the TPN without her knowing it.
She slept a full night last night and then slept some more after I came down this morning. She was ready for the pumping which we have done several times today. I have been very concerned with the intensity of the vacuum so called Apria and the tech guided me to reduce the vacuum power down to 80 to 100. This still gets the same job done but does it with much less violence than the prior power. This morning Nan watched a animal show she likes about little creatures living in the desert somewhere in Africa. Its a continuing story and is very interesting, little marcats or something like that. I decided to make a real breakfast for a change so friend eggs and had them with whole wheat toast and fruit. Tasted very good. Nan had more frozen Gatorade cubes, some hot tea and ice chips with spring water. She was hurting quite a bit and mid day decided to go upstairs and rest where it would be quiet. We cranked up the little room AC and the room was cool and comfy. She slept for hours without rousing. I headed off for errands and to get my meds at Longs drug that I could not get last night since nan called me home rather abruptly. While there I saw a couple tomato plants with little green fruit already growing so I brought them home and this evening using a sawsall dug and cut out a nice place for each plant in the bale of straw Loree got for us earlier in the spring. I have known for months how much Nan wanted to try tomato plants in the straw bale and tonight its done, drip system is in place and we are set. Nan and I have spent a lot of time together today, doing some talking, some coping with the pain and some pumping out fluids. Still no sign that the blockage has passed.
This afternoon after I got back bringing a coke icee Nan was awake and feeling better, best yet for many days. She sipped the entire icee and talked on the phone in a very normal voice, to Nikki, Sharon, Marilyn and Jason. Gradually nan is getting better, stronger but still suffers from a lot of pain and discouragement over growing tumors and no drug or plan to deal with them.

We are both very excited to have Marilyn arriving tomorrow evening in Sac at around 8 pm. Pam is coming over to visit Nan while I drive up to get Marilyn at the airport. I know she will be tired especially since she is used to a time that is 3 hours ahead.

We have both enjoyed your comments to the blog today. I printed them out and left them by nan's bedside, when she woke she read them and enjoyed the sentiments very much. Hope rain comes soon to the south. We are very thankful that the nausea is past but are uneasy about the solution which is a stop gap at best. What we need is the blockage to dissolve or unkink. That is what we really need. Oh Heaven Father please do what we cannot do, what we do not know, what we do not understand, hold Nan in your arms and heal her if it is your will.

This afternoon Nikki and Keanna came to visit. Their timing was perfect, Nan was feeling good and awake, Keanna visited with her upstairs and then joined me on the back deck where we fed geese, played with tomatoes, watered plants, blew bubbles, read stories and enjoyed getting sunburned. Finally they had to leave since it was getting close to bedtime for both Nikki and Keanna. Their visit was a bit of magic and we both loved it very much. Nikki picked up her orchid she bought in Santa Cruz and we brought home in the sink of the motorhome, plants travel really well in the sink. Sylvia placed it on the stove so Nan could enjoy it when she was awake but we knew sooner or later Nikki would claim it.

Weather wise this is a great time of year, cool at night every night, warm but not hot during the day (unless you are stuck in a black car) and breezes almost all the time. Takes me back to the way I lived as a boy in Washington State. Never had to water anything, it rained, never had to have AC, it was not hot. Everything always stayed green year around. Sometimes I miss the green never really buying into "Golden California". Golden means dead or close to it around here. I had to turn up the sprinklers today in my front yard, the good grass had gone golden and the bad grass was taking over.

Its now midnight and really time for an old duffer like me to be in bed. We do seek your prayers for Nan's blockage and tumor growth situation. Both need a solution and so far no one has any idea of what to do next. We need God's intervention in her behalf.

We are thankful for a better day with more life and less groaning in pain, more wake time, more walking and sitting up, stronger voice and clear thinking.


tim and nan


  • At 4:38 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning from NC!

    It rained!!! I don't know just how much, but at least it settled the dust well. Now for a few more of those downpours to be back in normal status. Strange how that works ~ we seem to be either too dry or too wet.

    I'm glad you had a good day yesterday! I've been wondering about your hay bale tomatoes. Do you have to feed them. I'm curious to see how it works. I have in pots on my deck a tomato, a pepper, a cucumber and one zucchini. That's about all the time I have for a garden this year. I love to garden, but I don't like the bugs and I really don't have much extra time. Someday....

    Yesterday we went to the Arboretum for the first time. We didn't know what we were missing! It's a beautiful place. We took the educational canopy walk which was very interesting. Strange how you can live in a place 13 years and not see the local sights. We had a couple here from CA who probably saw more in a week than we have seen in 13 years.

    So glad Marilyn is coming to be with Nan for a few days. She will be a blessing to you both. Now, Tim, you can have a little bit of Tim Time or at least work time. Enjoy a few minutes of "time off" anyway.

    Our prayers are for comfort for Nan, peace in your hearts, relief from the blockage or kink, strength for the day and for those things we don't know about.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 5:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good Morning to Tim & Nan, It's 5 a.m. and I'm up reading the blog. I've been very tired lately and a little before 8 I went to bed last evening and didn't move until about 4:20 this morning. We are going to the SAA graduation at 10 this morning. They have it on the lawn at the school and I hope the grass has been cut this year. Dick Magnuson always had the grass and lawns looking soooo good when I worked at SAA but every time we drive by now, things look unkept and in need of water.
    We had 10 for lunch yesterday and it was such a lovely afternoon hearing two sets of friends tell us their conversion stories of changing from drug use/peddling to loving God.
    It's good to hear that Nan is having less pain. I hope you will feel like going outside for a little while and getting a little sunshine and visiting your new tomato plants in the hay stack!
    Give Marilyn big hugs from me. Let me know her schedule soon as you find out. I DO want to see her when she is this close by.
    Wishing you both a good day. Love, Barbie

  • At 6:51 AM, Blogger Karen Cress said…

    Good morning from sunny--but will turn to storms later (as always)-- Denver!

    We arrived back home to piles of meetings, graduations and weddings--but left our hearts at your home, Tim and Nan! Sitting through an Executive Committee meeting arguing about whether or not a church with 5 members (who cana't stand each other) is "viable" just doesn't seem as important as praying for Nan--so, I found myself praying way more than being part of such frivilous discussions!

    Absolutely LOVED the photos recently on the blog. Jo is incredibly beautiful--even more so pregnant! Jason is one very lucky father-to-be!! And Keanna is definately God's medicine not just for Nan--but you, Tim! She SO reminds me of Nikki back in the day!!

    Oh--your cousin, Jan, and her parents came to Denver First last week!! It was SO awesome to meet them in person!! What an incredible sweetheart Jan is!! I wish I had gotten her contact information (wasn't thinking!) but hope to see her again soon. She lives on the opposite side of the "metro" area--so to come this far is a real commitment--but I would love to get better acquainted!! Anyone related to you, Nan, HAS to be an incredible, exceptional human being! Just look at your two amazing kids!! There's the proof--you and Tim really know how to bring the best out in others! Thank you for sharing with all of us your amazing friendship! I cherish it every single day!

    OK--have to get my daughter (Jen) ready to leave for Italy tomorrow morning for a vocal performance summer program--so better get going! We'll pick her up in LA for Tim's wedding--so trying to get together what needs to go to Italy and what John and I need to drag out to CA with us in July! Fun stuff?!

    Our prayers are with BOTH of you--for peace for you Tim, knowing God only gives you what you need one moment at a time (do I ever have some questions for God to answer about that in heaven!)--and for Nan, healing as only God can give. God knows far more than any medical personnel knows about what's going on--and I'm praying His touch will relieve Nan of her pain and "fix" all that is causing such horrendous issues!

    Love to you both!!

    John and Karen Cress

  • At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Very glad to hear that you found the speed control on the vaccum pump. This event explains some of your driving anomolies that I have noticed. This might also be better for Nan. We certainly hope so. I know that you would wish that the kink would be eliminated in one day but it could take longer. You have not mentioned a probable time range for the elimination of the blockage however your prayer warrior friends are on duty 24/7 requesting earlier than expected correction of this problem.

    We also pray for peace, joy, hope and faith to face and enjoy each morrow!



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