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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Slow progress

Dear Family and Friends,
Nan is drifting in and out of sleep as I sit by her bed writing. We are watching a medical show about heart transplants and its sort of interesting to see how they handle medical things. Nan has had her pain meds increased to 100 mgs of oxycotin morning and night plus still has Dilautid to count on for her other breakout pains. She continues to flirt with fevers, it was 100 last vitals an hour ago. Yet her heart rate was 110 which is normal so the fevers are not too serious. There is talk of nan being able to leave tomorrow but I'm thinking probably the next day, we will see what happens. Dana had me bring home the motorhome tonight so she could clean it and get sheets on the beds etc. I stayed the night last night here and then drove home this morning. Could not reach Dana, her battery had died in her cell phone last night while she was talking to Ronnie. Dana left after I got home today and came to be with Nan. She and Nan got Nan up into her chair for hours and they decided they needed banana splits so Dana was headed out to locate the good stuff. Nan had a few bites and the rest went into the freezer to wait for me. I knew it was here and that helped me drive faster to get here.
I worked at my desk and cleaned up many conditions, wrote a big appraisal, rewrote another for Rohnert Park and then left home to come back here. It was about 7 when I finally got away. I went by Longs to pick up a bottle of diabetes meds and then headed to Concord. My goal to get here before the front doors were locked. I made it.
Today Steve was able to take advantage of a clients generosity. When I was in his home he mentioned he wanted a huge salt water tank out of his house. I told him we might be interested. Well today Steve and his friend drove there, loaded it up and its in Steve and Nikki's garage now. It has very expensive lights, exhaust fans in the lid, solid stand, solid lid/cover. I can't believe that the two of them were able to move it by themselves but of course this is Steve we are talking about, he really can do just about everything and anything.
When I stopped by tonight Keanna said, Pappa we have a new fish tank in our garage. She was so excited. One more time Steve's enclosed trailer came in helpful.
Mom and I are slowing down now and she is trying to find a position that will relieve her pain which is often breathtaking.
As of this evening we have heard nothing back from UCSF and of course tomorrow is the key day for the AMN107, last hospital review board decision. Things to keep in prayer over.
Sometimes in life stuff happens that we will never know why, I was driving home today and 2 lanes of traffic were waiting for our turn to turn left, well our turn never happened, the light signals were broken and our lights never changed so finally we all began to wake up to the fact that we would be there forever or work our way over to other lanes and go the other way, it took awhile but finally we all moved away and got going again. I think it cost me 20 minutes and I always wonder why, did I avoid an accident this way, a ticket.
When I got home today I was pretty low. I thought it was emotions but it finally dawned on me that I was having a blood sugar meltdown so I made yummy peanut butter sandwiches with tomatoes. Steve and LeAnn had both brought fresh tomatoes and they were so ripe and erfect, tasted like heavenly fruit. So good that I went and made another sandwich later in the day. What delicious food. When Dana is at our house she only buys whole milk. Well nan will never let us buy whole milk and does not even like it much but I am sure enjoying whole milk!
So in the next day or two I think nan will be allowed out and we will load the motorhome up and head down to see a precious little boy for a couple days and perhaps help out a bit as well. Jo is doing better and feeling better too which is wonderful news.
Talked to Nikki tonight and she was on her way home from the gym, she was so tired she could hardly stand up, kick boxing, weight machines etc. Go girl! I'm so proud of her. Keanna was sorting her Barbies when I stopped by and she was happy to see me and ask about grammy.
So in a few minutes I'll head home I think, perhaps I might stay but I think nan sleeps better when I am not here, not sure about that. I'm confident that she receives good care here and that helps me sleep well too.
Can I ask for your prayers tonight for the events coming up this week for Nan, tomorrow's review board decision, whether to stay or leave the hospital, how to get TPN if we do take her home, surgeon decisions at UCSF. Only God knows the right course of action and we ask that He make the way clear for Nan and her caregivers.
This evening I am witnessing an unusual event, that is nan has turned on her side in the bed. She usually cannot stand to be on her side yet here she is on her side and has been that way for a long time, all part of her coping method for the pains she suffers from.

We send our love,

tim and nan

ps Thanks Irene for the cards, Nan loved hers this evening and thanks for driving up last night.
psps nan is so excited about her brothers coming to visit. Joe says he has never been to California in his life so he looks forward to the trip. He and David come in on Sunday and leave a few days later. Hard to believe they are really coming!


  • At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim don't forget the Garlic festival is this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So getting home from MBA could be a problem.

  • At 5:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good Morning,

    I cannot believe peanut butter and tomatoes? I might have to give that a try soon.

    I hope that today brings good decisions for the new medicine and the pain lessens for Nan.

    Are we to assume the pain is just from the tumors? Is the tube that was kinked still open?

    So many things to worry about isn't there.

    I guess you will need to be watching yourself carefully, no need to have problems with your health. Keep up the peanut butter and tomato sandwiches!

    Prayers go out to you both.


    Sue M

  • At 12:45 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    We're home again after 2 days at Dollywood with the kids. What fun! Nan, "The Kingdom Heirs" had nice shirts on! Also, I sat by a lady who is a "Kingdom Heirs" fan plus! She and a friend go just to hear all the "Kingdom Heirs" concerts and go home. She taught Steve and Chris and their wives in high school. I was commenting that I did not recognize Arthur when he got his new hair piece. She asked if I had ever seen Steve before he got his hair piece? I had no idea that he wore one. She said he REALLY looked old when bald. I tried to see it yesterday, but I sure couldn't tell at all. Must be a good one. And yes, Arthur's is a hair piece. They had several new songs that I really liked. I didn't get the new CD, but will probably the next time I go over there. They have been without a regular pianist for 6 months. They had a 14 year old filling in during "Kids Fest" who was amazing! The new pianist starts Aug. 6. So that updates you on "The Kingdom Heirs"!

    We hated to see the kids leave today. We had a great time with them. They are oh so far away! The grand kids are really good kids and it's fun to see how they are growing up.

    The pictures of Timothy are precious! I hope it works out that Nan can leave the hospital soon and you can see him in person.

    We hope this will be the week of new meds., shrinking tumors and no fevers.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Glad to hear that some tomatoes and a peanut butter sandwich can cure what ails you. Your lucky! I am more of a sweet corn and black eye pea man myself. Progress is a good thing and you had some today! Good news indeed.

    Praying that the Amn107 is a go for you and not another broken traffic light, which would another delay for which you had to change lanes and go another direction.

    More Strength for you and less pain for Nan is my pray emphasis for the day.

    Blessing to you and yours,



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