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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Much better

Dear Ones,
Nan is throwing me out to go home to rest so this has to be short tonight. Nan has had a very good day with much better energy, no fevers, antibiotics running strong, blood infection discovered, consults with several doctors, roast beef sandwich this evening thanks to gormet Dana.
Nan called me this morning and it seems like a different person than the one with confusion and high fevers. She began to talk about taking a walk when I got back. Doctors came and confirmed what we already knew, the tumors have grown a lot in the past two weeks, that is hard news to take. It makes the arrival of AMN all the more important and as of yet no word on that front.
I drove this afternoon to the Modesto area to do an appraisal and just before I left Dana arrived with movies to watch and her usual cheer. She stayed with mom all day and they could not make the DVD player work not realizing that the laptop plays DVDs very well. They chatted, napped, talked on the phone and even Sharon noted from afar that Nan was making perfect sense now. The difference is remarkable to observe. Nan has only had to have a couple hits of Dilautid all day and has received excellent care. She is receiving some powerful antibiotics for the infections already discovered and is now on the hospital TPN. As I finally completed my work and headed this way Nan called and asked if we could walk when I got back, at that moment I realized that I did not have the walker in the car after all so I went by the house and then raced to the hospital before Nan got too tired to walk. She climbed out of bed by herself, grabbed a robe and walked around the nursing station on her own without incident but was very tired and bit dizzy by the time she got back, it was the furthest she has walked in over a month and she did it her way, fast and smooth. What a lady, what determination. Now she is ready to rest and I'm ready to let them care for her as she sleeps.

She started off the day on NPO, nothing by mouth and by end of day was eating a roast beef sandwich Dana got from Subway, the doctor saw her eating so took her off food restrictions altogether now. Nan has downed two bottles of water today, ice tea, hot tea. She is doing very well this evening.

We just watched the snapfish photos Nikki took of the baby and loved seeing Keanna and Timothy together, how proud we are of our grandchildren and our children too.

Please pray for the AMN and for Nan's continued improvements.

tim and nan in good old room 127.


  • At 12:02 AM, Anonymous Barbie said…

    Dear Tim, Nan and Dana, What a treat it is to read the blog this evening!!!! Nan is sooo amazing! Good Girl!!! And you walked...just wonderful news! Now to get stronger and get on AMN; yes Dear Lord, let it happen soon. Take care of precious Nan so she can play with her grandchildren real soon.
    Tomorrow we are off to Angel Island and a tram ride around the Island with narration. We are looking forward to a nice day with our LSV group, about 38 of us.
    Good night and rest peacefully. Love and prayers, Barbie

  • At 12:14 AM, Blogger Irene Wing said…

    Dear Tim and Nan,
    What a wonderful day this had been for you, Nan. I have been in San Francisco since the latter part of the day and just got home to read the blog. It really is a joy to know you had been so alert and it seems you have your determination back in drive. We praise God for all his blessings today.
    Praying for more improvements and for the AMN to be available at God's perfect timing.
    Big hugs to you.


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