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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday evening ends better...

Dear Family, Friends and fellow GISTers,

Had I written this a couple hours ago it was would have been less upbeat. Its been a very sleepy day for Nan. PT lady came at 8:30 and nan walked and moved legs as told, then back to bed. She woke at 4:30 with 102.4 fever which we worked on for the next two hours until she was almost back to normal. After the PT nurse left nan went back to sleep and basically slept until 4 this afternoon when I went up and just stayed in her face gently until she woke up and agreed to get up, come down and sit in her recliner. After a few minutes she did just that. We made the trip easily and she walked better than before. She settled into her chair and we talked a bit and watched some programing on the new dish that was installed today thanks to Donna. Clear picture, several channels and new options to feed the soul. Then she slipped into sleep. She drank a glass of cranberry and rasberry juice and slept. Later we were pleased and surprised to find Nikki and Keanna with us. Although they could only stay a few minutes it was a great lift for Mom and Keanna had brought her a book mark she had made, so cute and its in a book already. Then more sleep and I discovered that Soquel Campmeeting was on the Hope Channel, we love that campmeeting with its grounds near Santa Cruz and also very near Jason and Jo's place at MBA. I enjoyed listening to some good preaching and decent music. Later I started the TPN. During the evening Sharon called and nan talked to her for awhile, she was also able to talk to Donna Want thanking her for the dish and new programming. Art called later too and I talked to him and when I was through Nan had woken up and was alert and involved. We had to change her colostomy bag, do some basic cleaning, change her nightie and then we rode back up. This time she walked unassisted from the stair chair to the bed and I think she knew she did well. Then nan settled into bed, took her pills, hooked up to TPN and had some Adavan. She is now sleeping peacefully.
I had an unrewarding talk with the Dr. office this afternoon. I laid out the issues, need AMN now, need help with constant fevers, she suggested we needed an appointment so we made one for next friday afternoon but nothing was resolved at all and I did not find out where we stand on AMN.
We had some very sad and tragic news this afternoon. I had not looked at our email messages to Nan's computer for some time and when I did I discovered that our dear friend Herb Flom who was a fellow GISTer with very serious tumors had finally lost his battle. The kind remarks filled the web site as fellow GISTers wrote their thoughts and memories of Herb and Kathy. We personally have enjoyed their company many times and always were touched by the kindness and concern they expressed for Nan. Herb went through Gleevec, Sutent and most recently a trial in Las Vegas but the tumors kept growing and causing more and more pain and grief. So now our dear friend rests having fought a very good fight and setting an example of coping that lifts everyone who knew him. GIST is a terrible disease which now effects nearly 10,000 people each year in the US.
Nan ended this day stronger than at any other time all day. She was pretty clear mentally and even funny at times. It was a nice end to a troubling day. I have worked around here today and had two different cable guys here. Our internet is causing trouble with drops in signal several times a day, the tech was a great guy who has been experiencing personal problems, his young wife just up and left and he is recovering so we talked and got to know each other a bit. He found a bad cable that will have to be replaced by a different crew with Comcast, a cable that started at 21 in signal but was only 4 at the other end, it had massive leakage which could explain why our signal drops out at times. Then a second cable guy came and installed the dish I have already mentioned. he was great and stayed with the job until it worked perfectly. The mail brought a check, for a whopping $75. And I needed $7500. Oh well it is Sabbath now and I will concentrate on Nan and getting Dana home from Oakland airport at 11:45 tomorrow morning. We are so delighted she is coming back, she is getting a straight thru flight and leaves Houston at 9:30.
Nan seems more rested this evening and was without fever when I took her up, the chair seems to help her drop degrees.

Please pray that Nan's fevers will cease, that AMN will arrive, that the pains can be controlled, that the confusion will be less and that God will be in charge of everything.

To our dear friends we say thanks for caring and thanks Pam for coming over to be with Nan in the morning while I go to Oakland.


tim and nan


  • At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Friday's end is always better. It is the transition to the Sabbath rest that God has made for all of us. A time to put down the weeks work and renew our strength. Enjoy our friends and family and add a new spiritual understanding to our lives. Some might call it wise.

    Please keep knocking at the doors of medical support. They will open. We here in BLOGsville will keep on praying and some of us, Pam today, will do some direct help.

    Tell Dynamic Dana, welcome back. I look forward to meeting her some day soon. Call me when dinners ready!


  • At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan & Dana too,

    Hope this finds You all three together and Dana in good spirits which is always a big lift for Nan.

    We too had an unexpected surprise last night, My Brotherinlaw's Cousin from San Francisco 62 Years old, had a massive heart attack just before dinner thursday night and died on the spot! The family had been trying to reach Chuck & Patty and finally found them here just as they were about to leave for Palm Springs. So plans have changed, Chucks Aunt 83+years lives here in Lodi and Her Husband & Other Son are buried here in Cherokee Park so they need Chuck to do the services, Our company will be staying another 3 or 4 days at least to help the family get things done. To Die so suddenly is devestating for the Family that is left behind but to not have to deal with long term illness is a blessing too in many ways. Some Day We will all understand Gods Plan and be able to know that it indeed was the best for all concerned.

    Have a peacefull Sabbath Day,

    Love To You All,

    Bob & Carrol.


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