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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jason and Jo bring Timothy to visit Nan

Dear GISTers, Family and Friends,
9:45 pm Our day was brightened by a visit from Jason and Jo. Jo is really ready to have Timothy emerge but is going about life with grace and poise. We are very fortunate to have her in our family. She and Jason arrived about 11 and have spent the bulk of the day with mom even though mom was unfortunately asleep for most of it. She told me tonight as I was putting her to bed that she was sorry that she could not be the Good Housekeeping Mom today but was just to tired. We all understand perfectly that sleep is her very best friend right now.
Our day started this morning with Nan talking in a manner I knew meant trouble. She had a fever of 103.3 and sort of resisted taking the much needed tylenol but we finally got it down. We went through the choking and almost throwing up routine which happens when she first wakes and I know enough now to scoop her up into a sitting position in the bed and let her clear things out. We once again applied the routine, ice packs, tylenol, cold cloth on her head, no covers at all and ever so slowly the fever began to lessen until she was finally almost normal when Jason and Jo arrived. Of course coping with all those hours of high fevers wore her totally out. I had given her a small dose of Adavan to deal with pain at about 9:30 thinking she would be awake by noon. Around that time we helped her move to the recliner where she again went to sleep but had waking moments. She was fully aware that the kids were here visiting, just could not focus or stay awake very long at a time. At 1:50 I drove to Tracy to a memorial service for a fine gentleman, Paul Skau, Jason called me and asked that I come home, that mom had thrown up, Jo had helped mom clean up and that Mom wanted to use the pump. So I drove home quickly and we tried the pump, we got a tiny bit of liquid out and did Tums and ice water to settle her stomach. Her stomach was hurting most of the afternoon. She stayed in the chair from before 2 till after 6 pm when we changed her gown and put her back into her bed. She was glad to stretch out and after a hit of adavan she has been asleep since. Jason and Jo had to return to MBA so Jo could try to sleep in her own big bed. What a wonderful blessing it was to have them with us for the day. We spent quite a bit of time stretched out on our big bed, three across while mom rested in the chair. Nikki called to say that had been in parks today and had once again fallen in love with the Santa Cruz area, who would not, temp was 66 when she called and ours was probably 90.
Neighbor LeAnn came in with the kids this morning to share some terrible news. Paul Reed, a fellow appraiser who also trained with Howard Vogel 18 years ago at the same time as I did died of a heart attack yesterday. No warning, his wife Debbie returned home to find him gone. This was a real shock and a terrible loss for the area. He was a real gentleman and a great appraiser, nan always loved his verbage in a report, some of the best ever. He would always do our appraisals for our own home and I would do the ones he needed on his house. Now he is gone. I have not told Nan and probably will not since she does not really need bad news like this right now.
At the present time Nan's temperature is about 99.5 and I so hope and pray that it will stay down tonight, what a wonderful blessing it would be to not have fevers tonight. Once again nan needs a break!
We ask that you would include Nan in your prayers, that the fevers might cease and that her energy and strength might increase.
Our hearts also go to the family Bob and Carrol mentioned that have had such sad news. The song says, This world is not my home, I'm just a passin thru, that is so true. How we long for the Saviour to do His thing in this old world.
Jason pointed out today that Nan has a very dry throat and mouth since she is breathing air conditioned air, dry, he is right so I started a humidifier to see if that will help with her breathing. Thanks Jason and Jo for your wisdom and love, it was wonderful to see you both today.


tim and nan


  • At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    We will Pray tonight for Nan's temp to stay in the Normal Range.

    What a beautiful cool Day it was today. So far Our Summer has been very tolerable.

    Monday is Clinic Day for Carrol again, Test results from Her MRI that was done 3 weeks ago will be avaliable and We are hoping that things will be holding their own. It has been 2&1/2 Years and We are thankful for every day that We have together. dr calls Her a Miracle Paitent, We know how very true that is indeed.

    We enjoyed a B. Day Dinner at Marie Calendars this Afternoon for Dorothea Guptill She is the first one in Our bunch of friends & Classmates to turn 70 the rest of Us will follow the next 12 months. Right now She is the "Old Lady".

    Have a restful night with no fevers and a renewal of strength for Dear Nan.

    Love & Continued Prayers.

    Bob & Carrol

  • At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    So nice to see you today at Paul Skau's memorial service. The hug was an extra bonus. It appears that you have been practicing on Keanna. Soon and very soon you and Nan will have a new grandchild to hug. With the additional hug training that will entail I am sure that you will be able to improve your technique even more and I will look forward to testing for those improvements.

    Paul and Mary Alice were two people that had the power of joy. Those of us lucky enough to call them friends had it rubbed off on us and it was a very pleasant experience. I pray that you and Nan have much to be joyful about today and that one of those joys could be a disappearance of the fever that has made recent days so difficult.

    Prays and best wishes,


  • At 6:34 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    "Nothing could be finer than to be in Caroliner in the morning!" Yes, the mornings are beautiful here. The sun comes up over the lake, it is cool and there is a gentle breeze. It has been very dry, so it's not even humid these days. We would like to have more rain, however. We even have to water lately!

    How very special to have Jason, Jo and little Timothy there yesterday. You are blessed with a very special family. I'm sure Jo is ready to have the little guy out of her over-stretched tummy and crowded lungs. Tim, you never did say when he is due!!! WHEN??? Soon I know.

    Tim, there is a definite difference in you ~ a calmness that you have not had before. You don't seem so uptight and panicky when Nan throws up, the temperature goes up, a colostomy bag breaks, the new medicine is not here yet... God is good and gives us strength for the day. He has blessed you with a gentle calmness of spirit. Thank You Lord for this blessing to Tim.

    Roger is out working already. We have a house guest that he is putting to work. "Got to get the job done!" Roger never did let much grass grow under his feet and if he has help he has to take advantage of it!

    I'm hoping for a slow day. If I get the laundry done and meals prepared that's about all I intend to accomplish today. Well, maybe I'll clean out a drawer or two....

    Have a peaceful day today. We pray that Nan will have no pain, no nausea, no fever, more alertness, more strength. Tim, we pray that your calmness of spirit will continue, your dizziness will cease, strength for today and a productive day.

    Continued Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 7:15 AM, Anonymous Marilyn in Lincoln said…

    Good morning you two ~

    What a nice day to have Jason and Jo visit - I know how the kids brighten the day!! Even tho mine are across the country, they still brighten my day in a phone call or a handmade note from the grandboys - just too special!

    Hopefully Nan had a good night with no fevers or pain.

    I'm reading your first posted note from Bob and Carol and I'm wondering if they were in my precious Cal's class - he would have been 70 this year too.

    Yesterday was a quiet day - a super sermon at church and met with friends for dinner in the evening. Barbie even stopped by for about 2 minutes - fun to have her however long she can stay. Then later in the evening I watched a Gaither DVD - I love that!

    Beautiful here this morning - I'm washing all the throw rugs and trying to find the surfaces - seems they fill up way too fast - if it's flat and empty, it's just a good place to put things!!

    Have a good Sunday and I'm sending love and prayers your way.


  • At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Barbie said…

    Good morning to you both, dear friends for many years! I just came back from a nice early morning walk. It was nice outside at 6 but it is going to be a hot day! Yesterday at church Dr. Herb Douglas had a special prayer for Nan. His prayers are so beautiful, you can tell he is well acquainted with his God. I hope Nan had a good night with no fevers. Nice for Jason and Jo to be there and maybe next time baby Timothy will be outside the "oven" and you can all cuddle and hold him. Babies are sweethearts!!
    This afternoon we are going to Spahetti Factory for lunch then to a play at one of the old theaters in Roseville..."Ain't Misbehaven."
    I think Dennis & Lyndi went to the cabin this weekend. Dennis is working on getting a propane forced air heater installed. It should make it more comfortable for the winter. Mike called and he and Ger had a conversation. He mentioned that Sandie had sold a $18,000 painting...that should give her a good comission. We will call you Tim to see if we should come down. Our prayers always include you and Nan. God is in control and we need faith and trust in Him as He always does what is right. Have courage and peace. Love, Barbie

  • At 8:10 AM, Blogger Irene Wing said…

    Although Nan was not as awake as she wanted to be, I'm sure Nan's heart was just delighted knowing Jason and Jo were in her presence. Apparently, her body seems to need rest and rest will hopefully give her new energy to be ready for the new drug (AMN 107).
    May today bring no fever, no pain, no nausea and no more surprises (overflowing colostomy bags leaking). Praying for all of God's blessings for both of you.


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