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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Dear Family, Friends and fellow GISTers,

Nan and I spent some time this afternoon reading the messages that had been logged to the blog site from you. She had me reread some and commented about knowing who you were from her years of experience with the web sites. She was so relieved to discover that her friend in Tenn is still fighting the good fight.

We started this day about 6 am when I woke to hear Nan talking but not making much sense. I thought she had high fever so I took her temp, it said normal so I took it again, still could not believe it so took her blood pressure and heart rate and rate was 107 which is a totally normal resting rate for Nan. I put in antibiotics, gave her her meds and we took turns napping for awhile. I decided to give her hydration and found the weak lumen of the picc line was solid so I called Terry the faithful nurse who was on her way to Piedmont early on the 4th of July to see a special patient. She said she would stop by the hospital in concord to pick up a repair kit, did so and arrived here later in the morning. She fixed the end of the line, unplugged the line and gave Nan her Lovenox shot which I detest doing since it hurts nan. Then she headed out to Oregon to join her husband who is with his father recovering from heart surgery. Once again God has supplied someone to help us when we were in need.

Nan woke enough to worry about Dana getting up on time and getting ready to travel home to Houston. Dana went out and came back with some wonderful pastries and we all had some with milk. The Mary was at the door and she and Dana left for Sacramento Airport, a trip of slightly more than 1 hour. Dana was able to board without incident and also found a ride in Phoenix so arrived home at 8:30 where Ron picked her up. When Nan spoke to her they were in the back yard watching fireworks. Dana was looking forward to being in her own bed after being away for so long. Ronnie has a few days off so they can do some catching up with each other. On Monday Dana has a doctor appointment for her left hand, then on Wednesday she will have the surgery and then come back with her son Jonathan when she can, could be Thursday, could be Sunday, we won't know until she lets us know.

Terry our nurse thinks that the fevers Nan has been having could be caused by the Sprycel yet Boston says fevers are not usually connected to this medicine. Nan had a fever starting when Terry was here and Terry gave her liquid Tylenol, 100 mg, more than we usually do. When I last checked her temp it was 99 something. This afternoon she got up and moved to the recliner in our bedroom and was there for at least two hours with minimal pain and discomfort. She had a bowl of cereal or at least a few bits, drank lots of water and talked to Sharon at length on the phone and then Jason and then Dana. Finally she began to wiggle around and move forward in the chair signalling that a move to the bed was in order. We got her settled in and she asked for some Adavan. She had not had any since early this morning and I gladly gave it to her. She has been pretty much asleep ever since as Adavan really brings on the snoozing.

It seems strange to be so alone, just the two of us. Nikki and Steve grabbed Keanna and Meleboo and headed to their rental at Santa Cruz for a few days, Jason and Jo are celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary with a visit to a patriotic concert in Mountain View by the SF symphony. Dana is home in Houston, Pam is welcoming her possible future son in law after Shannon picked him up at the airport. Terry is off to Oregon, Jerry, my brother is off to Weed tonight on a train. So we are here and I'm thankful we are here instead of in a hospital room. Terry said Nan's vitals were good, her blood work was normal, all good indicators. Tomorrow we may discover if anything else has grown out the blood cultures taken on monday. We are hoping something can be discovered that is causing the fevers and an antibiotic can be located to deal with it. We need to get past these fevers so Nan can begin to rebuild her strength and energy.

Someone from occupational therapy may come tomorrow and then physical therapy. I hope nan is up to these visits.

A key question for us is when we can get our hands on the AMN drug? We have no idea but know it has to hurdle a couple more obstacles before we get it. We hope that it will help. I understand that the drug has been used by many people so far and that a phase III trial is upcoming. That is a good sign for the drug and its effectiveness.

If someone can come spend time with Nan during any day of the week, this week or next please let me know so then I can plan to work and see properties using that protected home. I am unwilling to leave Nan without someone here. The person here does not have to be a nurse as Nan sleeps most of the time but someone who can get a glass of water, empty the little leg bags and be available to help Nan with phone calls, medicines etc.

So this evening as I hear fireworks going off all around in this firework free neighborhood I'm glad we have a tile roof. From past experience we will be hearing boom boom until about 1 am tomorrow morning, oh well, people are having fun and parties. Our party will be quieter but I'm so glad to have Nan home. Last 4th a kind friend gave me a round trip ticket and I left Boston early to fly to SF, grab a cheap car, see 5 properties that day and more the next day and then flew back home on Friday arrive in Nan's room about 11 pm with the walker, Sees candy for the doctors and nurses and dead tired. By that time Nan was out of intensive care and was awake to see me arrive back in the room. What year since then and we thank God for every day inspite of trauma, fistulas, fevers, blockages, transfusions, minor surgeries, TPN, you name it. We figure we have been in hospital rooms more days this year than out yet we have had wonderful moments, birthdays, Christmas, trips to the coast, happy mornings, evenings. Yes lots to be thankful for.

What is life really about? Is it getting to a level of success? Is it getting noticed? Gaining possessions? Controlling others? Or is it trying to find out why God has us here and what He intends for us to do, to touch, to help. I know a lot less than in my prior younger years when I really thought I understood the PLAN. Now I really don't have a clue but I do know a few things for sure, having a friend or family member at the door is precious, when the phone rings and it is a friend or family member it is a priceless opportunity, when Nan smiles or feels better after a tough time it is special and heartwarming. When news like the AMN comes through a tremendous load is lifted and hope slips into the corners of a concerned heart. Almost everything I spend time on means little and the little time I get to spend with family is like gold.

Here's hoping you have a good evening, that we also have a good evening without fever.


tim and nan


  • At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Marilyn in Lincoln said…

    Happy 4th of July ~
    I'm watching the Boston Pops program on TV - it has been colorful to say the least. I too hear fireworks outside.

    Patrick was here for a few days and I took him to the airport this morning around 10ish - his flight was delayed until 1PM - so he was late for his youth group function - he was able to get a few kids on the phone to let them know he would be a little late. What a delight he was and what a help - he fixed the fence, trimmed so many shrubs, scrubbed the floors for me, washed a few windows, changed a light bulb in the bathroom - too high up for me. He cleaned the filter on the air conditioner - oh my - too many things to even mention! Kids are amazing and I love mine - just as you guys love your kids too!! God is good.

    I'm glad you had a better day today and I know it was very hard to say goodbye to Dana. I hope her hand surgery goes well and she can come back to stay with you a little longer.

    I'm praying for that new medicine to come quickly and get started on those tumors. Nan, you are full of courage!! God has been so good and He will always be by your side.

    Tim, hope your infection has cleared and the dizzys are gone and you are feeling better too.

    When is that new little guy due? what a fun event to look forward to and soon!! Grandbabes are just too precious. Mine are in Canada this week - they called tonight to tell me what all they did today. They learned how to drive an electric boat. They can only go 5 miles per hour on the lake because they don't want to disturb the shore and don't want gas or anything like that in the lake. They are learning lots up there!!

    I'm headed to bed - tomorrow is back to work after a few days off.

    Love you both and many prayer just for you both, Marilyn

  • At 4:09 AM, Anonymous Brenda Bannon said…

    Hello, Nan, fellow warrior. It sounds as if you need some time to retreat and recover, to gain strength and rest. I wish I could cover you in the battle while you rested, but although we fight side by side, we fight individually.

    OSI-930 is a remarkable drug so far for me. I have had no side effects that I have noticed, and my tumor symptoms are subsided. The trial is open in Boston, if that is an option for you maybe? Perhaps the AMN will bring enough relief and reprieve that you'll be feeling well enough to investigate that possibility?

    From here in Albany, NY, I cannot even come and sit with you. The only thing I can do is lift you and Tim up before our wonderful heavenly Father. I don't understand why you suffer so, but I know He has a good plan, and He will use this for good. I am praying He will touch you and restore you to health. Praying for protection from attacks of the evil one, and strength and comfort for you both. You are in my heart and prayers. Blessings and love, Brenda Bannon (fellow GISTer)

  • At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Nan and Tim,

    I have been keeping you in prayer, and I will also tell my fellow parishioners at Goulburn SDA church your story on Sabbath, so you can rest assured that there will be many more prayers coming your way. I would love to come and sit with Nan, but commuting from Australia could make it a bit difficult.

    love from Australia


  • At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Kevin Gruidl said…

    Good Morning and Happy 5th of July!

    I was just thinking about you both this morning and thought I'd check in. I'm glad to here your day went relatively well. I guess any day out of a hospital is somewhat of a good day. :)

    As for our family, we spent the 4th of July barbecuing at our house. My mom, Kim's mom, her mom's best friend and Kim’s best friend since high school all came over for a nice dinner. When dinner was over and the guests had left Kim, Erika, Logan and I all went up town for the annual 4th of July fireworks show.

    The kids, now 13 and 10, are enjoying their break from school. The kids’ sports still keep us busy with All-Star Baseball this coming weekend and then a soccer tournament in Sacramento the following weekend.

    Kim's mom has been trying to get back on her chemo, but infections keep putting it off. She is taking her mother in for her check-up today to see if she will be able to start again. We’ll see how it goes but she isn’t quite the fighter that Nan is. You guys have such strong faith and determination it’s inspiring.

    With kind regards,

    Kevin & Kim Gruidl

  • At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Good news in deed when hope shows up. Especially appreciated when it slips into the corners of a concerned heart.

    Nicely said brother.

    We are continuing to pray along with 100's of others that yours and Nan's days will be long and properous.

    Your forever friends,

    Wes and Nan Huffman


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