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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blue Cross says no!

Dear Friends and Family,

This evening Nan and I are kicking back here in the room. When I opened my emails I had one from Dr. Morgan.

Tim, I did speak to a lovely physician from Anthem Blue Cross, one of 100 medical directors for 35,000,000 patients, as he put it. He denied my request since I do not have two peer reviewed publications supporting the use of dasatinib. He asked that you look at Erin's insurance card, and dial the 1-800 medical appeal number on the back of the card to initiate an appeal to a medical oncology specialty reviewer, who, incidentally, is also payed by Anthem Blue Cross.

So guess what I will be doing in the morning. I find it hard to believe that the Doctor would turn down a medicine that Nan needs so much. The tumors are growing daily and we need something and soon. Dr. Morgan sure tried and we really appreciate that a lot.

Nan has had a sleepy day with times of alertness and times of deep sleep. Dana was not able to come in at all, she is ill and needs to stay close to home right now.

My friends Art and Connie are just getting home from their road trip this evening and our friends the Millers do not think that the fire has effected their Tahoe home, good news.

Pam came this evening for a short visit and brought the cutest little pug doggie which actually moves as it sleeps. I have included a photo of the two of them enjoying one another.

We are dealing with a catch 22 situation now. When Nan is fully awake she she hurts terribly and when the pain meds are given then she becomes a bit less lucid and mainly sleeps. She wants to be with people yet can't take the pain. AMN is very important right now but is weeks away I think. As soon as they let us we will try the Sprycel we have already purchased, you know the one with the bargain price tag of $80 a pill.

So my friends another day has passed with no fevers, good blood pressures, excellent heart rate of 83, lowest I have ever seen in the past 2 years.

Nan needs your most powerful prayers, somthing must be done about the growing tumors and there is no plan at this point. Only God can guide and help right now.

Please keep Nan in your prayers as you go about your day, call her when you can.

I'm heading home, very tired, still dizzy, need sleep.


tim and nan and dana


  • At 3:19 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Dear Tim,

    I know you must be terribly disappointed and discouraged about now. You have worked very hard to get this new medicine for Nan and the door keeps slamming shut. Tim, you must trust that for some reason it is not in God's plan for her. Sometimes the things we want most desperately are not what is best for us. You have asked for God's will to be done. Now believe that He is leading. You have done and are doing your part. The outcome is up to Him.

    I'm glad you are able to get some sleep at night. Your body must be crying out for rest after the intensity of your life for the last year. Sometimes you are way too hard on yourself. You have been a loving caring husband and done your best to give Nan everything she needs and wants. Now it is time to trust that you have done just that and let God take control of her treatment plan.

    You are both remarkable people and we love you very much. Hang in there ~ trust! Many of us are praying for you. Now believe He is doing His will.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 7:12 AM, Anonymous Phyllis Lytle said…

    Dear Tim and Nan,
    I can't add a word more to what Carol has said to you.

    I pray daily that God will give Nan HIS healing...and keep her from any unneeded pain. I believe He is doing that and trust His outcome.

    May our Faithful Heavenly Father continue to cover you both with His love, guidance and healing of body, mind and spirit.

    Love and prayers also from the North Carolina Stranger...

  • At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I was sitting in my den a day or so ago and saw a site that was very funny at the time. Nan's dog Taffy, who I call Fluffy, was very busy chasing her tail. This task was very amusing to me and I laughed out loud. Something I don't do very often any more. Now I read in your blog about catch 22 and it reminded me of the dog. It seems some days that we just chase our tails but unlike the dog it isn't funny.

    It only seems like you are stuck Tim, you are really just at the next step in the process. So smile and get out there and chase some tail!



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