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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, July 09, 2007

It is monday evening and Barbie is reading her book, I am blogging, Gerry is going to bed and Nan has taken a Adavan nap. We woke this morning to a 102 fever and I was so disappointed I hardly could stand it, after two days without fever here we were facing one again. I gave Nan a large dose of Tylenol and after two hours the temp was normal again.
Barb and Gerry arrived at 9 this morning as promised and Terry the nurse also arrived to care for Nan. She drew blood and then went her way, later another lady came in to do the wound care portion of her care and that hurt Nan a lot as the bandages were changed.
Later Gerry and I left to shoot some local photos and do appraisal work. We then had to run home because the colostomy bag had failed. Then back out to do more field work. We arrived home at 6 pm this evening and then I spent time with Nan finally coaxing her into the recliner. She started to feel better after being in the chair for awhile. I went out to work with Gerry a bit while he was washing the cars and when I came back nan had slipped forward in the chair and was faced toward the floor with the chair tilted. We got her back up and to bed where she promptly went to sleep.

Barbie made a yummy dinner and then I went back up to be with nan and to get her to take her pills for the evening. She took them on her own and was surprised that I had switched her water with a bottle of cold water, her eyes opened wide and she said you tricked me. She still seems things that are not there and talks of things we do not know anything about but in general I think she is getting slightly stronger. Today she slept most of the day and this evening had a bit of a fever again but after sitting in the chair the fever was gone.

Barbie has been cleaning, doing laundry, folding clothes (I love how she folds clothes) and reading a book she found here at the house. She has it almost half gone now and does not want to put it down. Gerry rode shotgun with me today and we enjoyed TacoBell and seeing lots of houses he had not seen before. Tomorrow if Nan is doing OK Gerry and I will drive to Sonoma, Marin County and end up in Sacramento for a 5:30 appointment. Long day so Barbie will watch carefully over Nan.

Several checks came in the mail today so finally I can make a partial payment to AMEX. That will feel good. Today I finally took the time to send in the paperwork for my life insurance policy. Now if I have an accident there will be enough funds to cover care for Nan and to help the kids close out the house and business without going broke themselves. I keep finding things I was supposed to do but didn't get to, like traffic school to keep a point off my insurance, well it had to be done by June 6 and I just found it yesterday, whoops. Gerry things I might be able to appeal but I doubt I will have the time to do that.

I want to thank those who helped recently with donations. Nan was thrilled that some of you were able to help with the cost of the noble experiment with the Sprycel. I think it helped the pain but the side effects were just to overwhelming and I think we are still dealing with some of the side effects perhaps, fevers, confusion, sensitive skin etc.

If we do not find the solution to the fevers soon we will have to get more tests to determine where the infection is coming from. I am praying for a fever free night tonight and lots of rest. I wish the same for you. I am constantly thinking of Debbie Reed, wife of fellow appraiser Paul Reed who died on friday from a heart attack. Not sure how to help her but I think I must try.

Please keep Nan in your prayers, that God will be free to do His will in her life and mine as well. I think Him tonight for Barbie and Gerry being here, what a relief to not be alone all the time, someone to talk to and bounce ideas and share care with. Gerry is doing a great job of finding all left over candy in the shelves and cupboards and helping clean it up, nice work Gerry.

Sending love,

tim and nan and barb and gerry


  • At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Marilyn in Lincoln said…

    Hi all ~
    Glad to hear Barb and Ger got there safely. Yes, if you want anything sweet when Ger is around, you have to hide it, but be careful - he's good at sniffing it out even when it's hidden!!!

    Those pesky fevers - wish they would just run away and never come back! All in all, it sounded like everyone had a pretty good day.

    Good luck with your travels today and Barb, you keep Nan happy and safe at home.

    I'm off to prepare for work - have a full day today.

    Prayers and love, Marilyn

  • At 6:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Well at least one mystery is solved. It is nice to know why Gerry is so sweet! It was previously thought that is was because of Barbie.

    Congatulations on a great day at work. You have shown yourself to be very efficient when on the job. Personal time management is still a little shakey though. ie the (I found some drivers training stuff due June 6). Don't worry about it Tim. You are only 35 days behind. That is chicken feed for a professional like myself. I find stuff that is years old every day.

    Were does all that paper come from anyway? Another mystery to solve.

    Have another great day with the live Barb and Gerry show. They seem to have you and Nan well in hand.


  • At 7:11 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    I'm glad you have Gerry and Barb there to keep you company on the road, keep Nan company and give you a boost again. They really WORK when they are there.... Barb cleaning, laundry, cooking and nurse. Gerry washing cars, keeping the candy away from Tim, riding shot gun on those scary CA roads and keeping Tim awake and alert.

    So sorry about Nan's fevers. It sounds like you are no longer giving her the Sprycel, right? Did you feel it was more of a detriment to Nan than a help. It's so hard to know how to make the right decisions!

    Good news from Bob and Carrol! Yes, she is truly a miracle ~ still playing in the band! Good for her!

    We're off and running today. Roger is off to Lowes as usual. We should buy stock in that place. We do our share of contributing to their success. I'm trying to get caught up with yesterday's laundry. Not too much this time. We have lots of in's and out's this month. Very unusual for a July. Lesley is keeping up well and all is running smoothly.

    Have a good day with Barb and Gerry! Enjoy their company and their help.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    So glad that Gerry & Barb are there to make Your load a bit lighter. Nan will be well watched over while You & Gerry do Your Things, Road Trips, Cars, Photos,Etc.

    We are expecting My Sister Patty & Hubby Chuck Mitchell from Palm Springs today, mid afternoon. They are looking forward to enjoying Our cooler weather and wonderful Delta cooling breezes in the evening. Hope it continues. They have been having their typical Summer or 110 or better for several weeks now . Worst is it hardly ever cools in the evening staying in the 90's most all of the time.

    Our Mother has not been doing well lately and My Sister feels like She needs to spend some time with Her. Mom will be 94 this Year. She has lived a long life and says that She does not know why She is still here, How do You answer that?

    I'm sure that the Pedens do feel like share holders in the LOWES Store Chain. We have one of them just a mile from Us now, Great Store but so big it wears Your shoes out finding what You are looking for sometimes.

    Have a Safe, Healing & Productive day.

    Love&continued Prayers for You All,

    Bob & Carrol.


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