Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday evening, calm and quiet

Dear GISTers, Family and Friends,

We started this day at 2 this morning with 103.4 temp. Did our normal things but today including Nan vomiting and some cleaning up to do, then pumping stomach, tylenol and by morning less fever. We never got to normal today. I had appointments today taking advantage of Dana being here with Nan so went to Vacaville and Benicia, then med Dolly who has some pretty amazing diet supliment that we intend to give a try, It has helped some pretty sceptical doctors and has some good science to back it up. I spoke to two different doctors today, one from infectious disease and one from oncology. I learned that there are fevers that come without infection. When the body has a tumor on board it does not like it much and can try to get rid of the tumor by raising the basic temperature thinking the tumor might be harmed. Its called tumor fever and it is only names when all other sources of infection are ruled out. Tomorrow's blood work will tell us if we have infection, white counts, if creatins are better or worse and whether we need a transfusion again. We are pretty sure we have limited bowel blockage though there was some material in the colostomy bag this evening. When I got back home at 5 I brought nan down the special freeway using the ARt bridge and set her up in her recliner for the evening. Shortly after she came down Nikki and Keanna dropped by to stay for awhile so Nan got to see them and talk baby and other interesting things, that is until mom went back to sleep. Dana and John had left as soon as I got home for shopping and videos, games etc. They got home just as Nikki and Keanna were driving out. John unloaded the car with its dozens of sacks of groceries, paper goods etc. Nan woke up when they came home and Dana discussed the nutrient suppliment Dolly had shared with us and Nan agreed to try to Dana made Jello to eat with the nutrients and we'll see if we can get some help from this natural way to aid the body in its distress. Thanks Dolly for thinking of us.

Dana wants to buy some for herself as it can help a lot of things get better. You would never believe that Dana just had surgery as she manages everything with this huge bandage around her arm.

Nan managed all evening without pain meds and only had a fever of just above 100 when she went up to bed. Now we have given all the meds, dilautid and adavan in hopes she can get ahead of the pain and get some rest.

Nikki put some photos of Timothy in an email this morning and put many more on Snapfish if some of you use Snapfish. I think you will enjoy this wonderful newest addition to the family. Due to his jandice he gets to stay one more day in the hospital in his little tanning booth. Jo is so ready to get him home and begin to enjoy him. Jo's mom is here to help too for a week.

So we are hanging in here, the tumor keeps growing, the fevers keep coming back, less confusion than in prior days, more stability and strength when walking, funny little comments at times.

We got an email from Marilyn today in Rhode Island and she might be able to come back to visit again, soon, what great news for all, she and Dana get along great and the more the merrier for Nan.

Tomorrow nan has blood work drawn at 8 am with results on Tuesday, I will do hydration early in the morning to help her blood be less thick and easier to draw.

Please pray for Nan as you have so many times before. We are anxious to see how God will work His will out through her. She has certainly suffered enough.

sending our love

john and dana and tim and nan


  • At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    GIVE US A BREAK. JUST WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT A LITTLE MUSTARD TO LOOK LIKE? WHY YELLOW OF COURSE! YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK I am sure you haven't heard that since last week. Super picture and a very handsome grandson indeed. Way to go Jason and Jo we are all very happy for you.

    Tomorrow will bring us all one step closer to paradise. We are praying that our trip can have a little less pain on the way. The tests will reveal what our status is and will indicate the path we must take. So have a restfull sleep in preperation for the new day!

    God bless you every one!

    Wes & Nan

    ps Hey, Timmy shine the light over here will ya?

  • At 6:20 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    What a beautiful baby! Of course ~ look at his parents and grandparents! He truly is a special little guy! I'm impressed. So, how soon can you see him and hold him in your arms? I'll bet Nan is chomping at the bit!

    How nice to have Dana back! What a help she is to you both. Nothing like having a sister near. I know ~ I have 2 of them.

    We got home this a.m. at 2:45 from picking up the grand kids in FL. Their mom and dad went on a cruise and we have the privilege of having them for a few days by ourselves! We were going to stay overnight and come home today, but the kids just wanted to drive on home. It's probably simpler this way. We are a bit tired however! The kids are still sleeping this a.m. and I'm headed to the grocery store.

    Our prayers continue for all of you ~ for Jason and Jo as they expand their family, for Dana in her recovery from her surgery, for Nan for relief from the fevers, tumors and pain, for Tim for continued peace and strength for each day.

    Our love and prayers continue to be with you all!



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