Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Nan rests, more antibiotic given, Dana shops, cooks

Dear Family and Friends,
Nan is sleeping peacefully, her TPN is flowing, her pain pump is doing its quiet work and the suction is gently pulling out extra fluids. She has had a sleepy day with long periods of sleep punctuated by waking times and then more rest. The fistula has once again taken a turn and is draining much less and the fluid has much less odor than the last few days. I think we possibly might be seeing evidence of tumor breakdown although that is a guess. Others are reporting on the web site for GIST, that Nexavar is working for them causing tumors to die.
Nan continues to be very weak and can hardly stand when we make the move from the bed to the recliner and back. I have to be very careful and hold her close so she does not have knees that give way. Marilyn has watched over her carefully and tenderly today. Terry came this morning early to take blood draw and do vitals. Vitals were normal and blood draw went well too. She will come in the morning to do a second blood culture draw to see if we are winning against the blood infection.
Dana left early this morning to take Starr and Lady to the groomers. She said it was her gift for their Christmas. She hit a couple stores too bringing more sacks of food home. You'd better consider joining us for Thanksgiving or dropping by some time that day as there is plenty of food planned, even a turkey. Terry our wonderful nurse is going to come by and Pam will come later in the day after spending Thanksgiving with her very special children and her guests. Jason and Jo are bringing Timothy and Clayton on Wednesday evening and staying over, all very exciting! I love family and love to have them around anytime they can come. Steve and Nikki with Keanna will come sometime on Thursday but also need to see their other family in Tracy who they love.
I've worked the majority of the day on one appraisal, a very important one for friends who are building here in Discovery Bay. Our comparable sales are so poor and low in value right now that its hard to do a fair appraisal. Most homes that sell now are selling for a sad reason, divorce, loss of job or being moved to another part of the country for work. I've started work on the very special appraisals for the sales up in Rohnert Park. Once I get everything in order they should go out fairly fast. Tomorrow I have to drive to Madera to see one property. Yet I'm glad for the work and it is for my friend Bob Johnson, a really good guy who does good things for his clients. I also have a new appraisal order for another very special agent, its in Cloverdale and I know that is a ways away from here.
We got up this morning to discover that the trash man had skipped our can. Sure enough they wanted to be paid, its been 6 months since I've paid. They promise to come tomorrow and pick up the trash. We really need the trash space with Dana here she is finding lots of things to toss, what a worker she is. We will miss her but our weight lines are bulging with the good food. She even makes Brussels sprouts taste good, like Marilyn says enough butter and anything tastes good!
It is hard to keep ones mind on work with nan so near and so weak and ill. This wonderful lady has stood by my side through everything for 36 years, only after she was too ill to work at her desk did I realize all the things she took care of without any recognition or thanks. Really quite amazing what she has accomplished with her life. Quiet but very powerful, very bright, very driven, very independent and very beautiful to have around.
Tonight as we were having a quiet moment I was remembering our time at summer camp at Pinecrest when we med. She had this really neat Dirndal (sp), you know, German outfit and she was so hot in that outfit, I can still see it like yesterday. Long flowing blond hair to her waist, tiny body with endless energy, beautiful voice and the deepest blue eyes I had every looked into.
Please pray that God will continue to look into her eyes and into her body, to do His healing work. We are will accept His will for better or worse but we long for better.
Good night or morning my friends, so glad to hear from family members lately, its nice to be remembered.

tim and nan and marilyn and dana


  • At 5:46 AM, Anonymous Marilyn in Lincoln said…

    Hi Tim, Nan, Marilyn & Dana ~
    This blog is sounding like the new medication is working - yeah!

    It was so fun to read about your early days with Nan - those baby blues are still there to enhance you today! Isn't God good to us? He finds just the right person and makes our lives happy!! Enjoy every moment with Nan - I know you are.

    Dana, you are a marvel - cooking up a storm and getting food into the house for later. I hope you are getting easy things for Tim to fix when you are home again!!

    Marilyn, you are taking such good care of Nan - gentle, tender care.

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I know it will be a happy one in your house with all the friends and relatives there - even little Timothy and Keanna.

    Blessings to all,

  • At 7:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Was thinking about your comment regarding how little we know about what others are doing until they aren't doing it anymore. When Nan could not sit behind the desk and you had to do all those invisible things. It changes your perspective.

    Same with friends who use to be around a lot and then are far away. I am reminded of many of the things that you have done for me that I have missed. The care you have given me and my family, especially my children. The lasting impressions of joy and love that you left on them is evident everyday in their lives. The endless efforts to show that Christians have as much fun as anyone else, boating, camping etc.

    The ecouragement and spiritual guidance that you have given me has made a world of difference. Just thought I would say thank you!


    ps there has always been a turkey at you house


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