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Saturday, November 17, 2007

News flash - lab reports Nan has infection in her blood stream

Dear Ones,
Just a quick message which I am thrilled to share. A pharmacist just called from Critical Care to say that he and one of the oncology team were informed by our local lab that something grew out of the blood culture taken by Terry. We are to stop the current antibiotic, they are sending out a new one that is newly released on the market and is taken only every 48 hours. It will not only deal with the blood infection but also the kidney infection as well. This finding explains why Nan has been mentally cloudy for the past few days, when her blood gets infected her clarity of thought is the victim. Marilyn and I are very thankful that this discovery has been made and that the medical people at the lab, Critical Care and the doctor worked together to offer a solution. The delivery person will bring it as soon as it can be prepared. What a Sabbath blessing, to find a solution and get some help. Nan will be thrilled to learn that she is not really losing her mind, that there is a clear explanation for the hazy thinking.

Just had to share this news,

nan and marilyn and dana and tim
ps we look forward to seeing Bob and Carrol this afternoon as they just called and let us know they could come if we were up to it. We hope to see Mary also. In fact you all come, we love visitors....


  • At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tim,
    I just listened to "Tim Mustard Sings" again for the first time in years (thanks to Bev, who provided them to us at the LA Reunion). My favorite is your "The Lord's Prayer" with the choir in the background. What a beautiful, joyous presentation. Thank you
    again, Tim!

    Please know that so many of us care about you & Nan and keep you in our prayers. God is working as fast as He can to bring this Great Controversy, with all of its side effects such as cancer, to a grand conclusion. But He does not forget our present needs. If He cares about sparrows like He said He does, think of the large part of His heart that holds you and your family. Still, it hurts so much just now. (I know a little about it, as cancer has wracked so many in our family. Still does.)

    Tim, I know you are troubled with Nan's doctor at the moment. I do not know him, but I would caution you about transferring doctors at this stage of the game to someone who does not know Nan and you so well. I am both the wife and the mother of physicians, and I would suggest, instead, that you just make very clear to your doctor what you do and do not want. For instance, YES, we still want antibiotics used appropriately. YES, we want pain control and comfort measures. NO, we don't want ventilators (or whatever you & Nan have agreed to.)

    Cancer is hard on caring doctors, too; sometimes they agonize over their own helplessness. And I like what someone said--that they are just humans, not God. Just keep the communication open and honest with them. At least, those are my thoughts. Take them, or not, as you wish. But just know that you are loved and cared about in such a trying time.

    Mary Lou (Torland) Ham


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