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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday evening, I guess we are OK

Dear Family and Friends,
Yes I am blogging before I forget to. Nan is awake right now but can only speak in a very quiet voice. She has taken her pills and drifted in and out of sleep. marilyn and I had Straw Hat Pizza and salad tonight and amazingly put 4 pieces in the frig, not in the tummy.
Terry came back this evening to loosen the TPN dressing which Nan found a bit tight this morning. Her feet and legs have given her lots of trouble today but the pump is working and her vitals were very good, heart rate 104 (normal), blood pressure also normal, lungs sound clear. Nan seems so deeply depressed the last few days, weeks, more down than her physical situation would mandate. She cries easily but is very lucid. She does not want to be a burden but for us its a privilege to help her and assist her. We have so much admiration for her courage and steadfast will.
I've been working today to try to get things completed and out the door. I have not gotten as much done as I had hoped, many many interuptions, new orders, questions regarding values etc. I still plan to drive to Rohnert park tomorrow and begin the process of doing the many appraisals for sales there at Centerville. Several new orders came in today but frankly I find it very hard to concentrate on my work like everything is normal and a few feet away Nan is so ill.
I need to update my own condition. I am feeling pretty good today, I've eaten less food, drank a lot more water and I plan to go up to exercise in a few minutes. Of course had planned to do it much earlier but things kept popping up on the screen. Then there is the one client who sends emails but they are not getting to me at all, thats a bummer since I need to know what he is sending.
Got to see Steve today, he is looking good having just gotten over being very ill with the flu. His landscape business is starting to take off and along with appraising and doing construction work he stays very busy. He is an inspiration to us.
I'm very sorry about the lack of a blog last night. I can't remember if I wrote one and stepped away and lost it or did not even write one. I think I did but I can't be sure. What is clear, it did not get out.
The fistula on Nan's stomach continues to weep a lot and her feet and legs hurt with marilyn rubbing them by the hour until Nan falls asleep again. We've had no more bleeding for several days now which is a huge relief for both nan and me. We honestly do not know if the new drug is working or not but we do know Nan has a dry mouth and hurting feet, both side effects of the drug. I talked to a pharmacist tonight and he is researching some artifical siliva. So far what he found costs $85 for a bottle. He will call me tomorrow with what he finds.
We live in a very cold house, keep the doors open at night, we need lots of fresh air and Nan does much better under a blanket and the temperature on the cold side. So far we've not been able to start a fire for fear that it will make the room too hot. It was 64 when we got up this morning in the family room. When Nan calls during the night it takes me a second to decide to venture out of my warm blanket into the cold room to help her, once during the night her blankets slid to the floor and she was uncovered, she said she needed my help and she really did.
Once again its time to begin preparing the TPN, the Adavan, the Zophram for the night. One vial did not go in so well and when Marilyn looked closer it had frozen so now the little frig is turned warmer, Nan does not need ice crystals of medicine streaking thru her heart. And we pride ourselves on being better than the hospital, right!
Tomorrow we learn the results of the blood work. If we have to go for a transfusion then we face a serious challenge. Risk a ride in the van or try to get the insurance to spring for a ride in a ambulance or try to have Terry do it here at home. Interesting events are about to unfold.
Tonight I am praying once again for my precious and lovely Nan. I am praying that God will boldly show His will for her, that He will do a work in her that is beyond what we can do, that He will allow her to enjoy life again. What we are living through is almost unbearable for us and I can only imagine what its like for Nan to live through.

Thanks for your expressions of love and the messages to the blog. We do read and we do appreciate what you say and how you say it.

love from our life to your life, from our heart to your heart.....

tim and nan and marilyn


  • At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I cried a couple of times today myself. As I tell my kids when it happens at school. Don't worry the tears don't hurt and I always fell better afterward. Joy, anger, fear, love, compassion, frustration or loss are some of the ones I can think of right now that have made me cry but after the cry comes some relief. The reason for the cry has a new perspective and we can move forward with more peace.

    I talked to Art yesterday. That made me cry tears of joy. Today I cried as tried to understand the sacrifice of the those veterans that fought for my freedom. Last week I cried tears of frustration because my mom was not doing well and there was nothing I could do about it. Non of those tears hurt. In fact they all helped. They helped me relieve some of the stress I was holding. The problem didn't go away but the stress of it was diminished. I was able to take the next step.

    Enjoy your trip to the Center of Ville.


  • At 3:55 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning ~
    It's good to find you here this morning even if the news isn't that great. At least our hearts can be tuned to you and the frustrations you are experiencing. It keeps us close in spirit if not in person.

    Life is so fragile and so precious. We fail to value our health and care for it as we should. Then there is Nan who has such a love for life and hangs on to it with such determination that it is difficult to comprehend. I'm glad, Tim, that you are taking better care of yours. Nan is dependent on you for so much. Then there is that angel, Marilyn, who has been so faithfully caring for Nan's every need; Terry, your faithful nurse who comes with just a phone call; Your faithful blog readers and friends who hold you up. Yes, you have both been blessed in many ways during this difficult journey. Know we are all here holding you up in our prayers and thoughts. That's the best we can do for you from here.

    Our azalea has been planted and will serve as a memory for Don as well as for you and Nan. Remember we love you both dearly.

    Continued love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 7:59 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Good Morning from Lodi,

    Along with Wes I share concerns for My Mother who is not doing well either. at 93 She is literaly worn out and I think tired of being around. We haven't really had Her here for many months now. Right now She is having a bad reaction from some antibiotics that have been prescribed for Her. The People at Her Place of residence are very nice, My Hat is off to those that Care for these precious loved ones of Ours in such a loving manner every day.

    Tim keep up the excersise and watch the diet seems the Dr's all have the same advise for Us. I wonder if they do what they are telling Us to do themselves?

    Waited all day for the Tree Trimmers to get here Yesterday, supposed to be here at 9:00 am but finally got a call from them at 8:30 pm saying that they would not be here till today at 11:00, I'll believe that when it happens. At least I did not pay them in advance.

    We continue to Pray for relief from Pain and Healing for Nan.

    God Bless You,

    Bob & Carrol.


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