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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Another week draws to a close, Nan is resting

Good evening,
Its 10:15 and Marilyn and I have just put Nan to bed. Dana and I get her up and Marilyn and I help her get ready for bed. Although it is much more labor I believe that by moving her down to sit in the recliner each day she is much more comfortable and has a different set of surroundings. Downstairs she is part of what ever is happening, can rest when she needs, talks on the phone and sees nurses there in her chair. The support systems for her care are simple, a suction pump which attaches to a small tube which extends out of her stomach and is about 15 inches long, a curlin battery operated pump for the Dilautid which only needs batteries once a day and a new bag of drugs every three days, a curlin battery operated pump for the TPN which gets new batteries each evening and a new bag of TPN is attached using a special line with air filter, 2 or three treatments of Adavan which we prepare in saline and store in the tiny frig in our bathroom, various blankets and pillows, her sheep skin and her new massaging device which glows in the dark and helps take away some pain. We have found that we can move her much more safely if she is detached from all support tubing. Its simple to reattach after the move and lets us concentrate on keeping her from falling when we move from one seat to the next. nan loves ice water and we keep good clear ice in the freezer and we make little treks to the freezer several times a day and night for good ice. We use Zophram any time we think she might have nausea and it does help. This is our second full day of taking the Nexavar and our hopes are high at this point. Nan has various pains of varying intensity in spite of the pain meds she is on. This evening it was her legs, another time it might be her stomach or back. She rarely totally pain free.
This morning I drove to Union city, a 1 hour trip and inspected a lovely home, tastefully remodeled and turn key perfect. Then back to a Taco Bell that the GPS located, to the fish store for some fresh salt water. With a reef tank like Nan has had for years 1/4 of the water needs to be replaced by fresh salt water every month and its been over a year since we last did it. So I am the proud owner of 20 gallons of salt water now. Next thing is to figure out how to get 30 gallons out so we can put in 20 new gallons, Steve has always done this before but its time I learned, he is just too busy with all the things he is doing to try to stay alive financially.
After the fish store it was a Brentwood home with memories plus for the owner. The owner is a local builder with an excellent reputation for quality and honesty. It was a great honor to get to hear him tell of growning up as a boy on the property and what he did as a boy chores wise and fun wise. People are very interesting if you can find a moment to listen, great hour learning from another human being.
Then to Longs to pick up the pain patches, total bill was nearly $1,000 but my co pay this time was only $10. Nice for a change. I'm told that the rest of the pills needed for the correct dosage of Nexavar arrived today so we are set for the next 12 days.
This evening Keanna and Nikki came to visit and have dinner courtesy of Dana. Food was great and so was having Nikki and Keanna with us. Then Nikki was gone and Keanna and Dana went to watch movies. We got Nan settled in early this evening as everyone has to rise early in the morning so Dana and Marilyn can drive out about 7:15 for the airport. Marilyn will spend time with her friend and I will spend time with my sweetie. How it hurts to see Dana leave but she is coming back in a couple weeks for Thanksgiving and she needs to both work and help her family at home. She has been a great help and inspiration.
I am so glad the Sabbath hours are with us. And as our thoughts turn to His finished work in our behalf we also think of our friend Irene who had surgery today and so far the reports say the tumor was not removed but was burned and the surgeons seemed pleased with the outcome. Irene certainly needs our prayers this evening as she begins to recover at UCSF.
Right now I'm growing sleepy so I need to wind this up. Nan and I along with Marilyn and Dana thank you for your cards, emails and many many prayers.

Lord remain in control of Nan's treatment and healing.


tim and nan and marilyn and dana and keanna


  • At 11:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Dang! If I had know you needed salt water I could have had Dave Hardesty and Bob Miller come over and mix some up for you! As x sailors they could have fixed you up in no time. I of course would be supervising, as the only airdale in this x navy group. Call these old salts the next time you are in need.

    Congratulations on another week. With no negetive side effects to the new medication there seems every chance that it will be helpful. That is our prayer. That this new medication will be effective.


  • At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Mustard Houshold,

    Well tonight the time changes again and We Pray that this will be a time of change for the better for Nan.

    We are thinking some of coming over for a short visit today if that would be OK for You since Your helpers will be gone for the Day, maybe You would just like to be alone for a day? Just give Us a call if a visit would work for You.

    What beautiful Weather We are having but how We do need some rain over here. I turned the sprinkler system back to normal settings (Per My Yard Man) things are just too dry.

    Monday is Clinic Day for Carrol and We are anxious for the Dr's read on the MRI of Carrol's knee. She is doing very well and getting around almost "Normal" again, We are most thankful for this. What a miracle it was that She did not fall to the pavement and do some serious lasting damage. The Lord is truly watching over Us so much more that We realize every moment.

    God Bless You Both,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 8:22 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi Tim and Nan,

    I hope you had a restful day with very little excitement. Your excitement isn't usually the good kind. So, it was just the two of you today. Perhaps you were able to get some rest as well as spend some quality time together. You are probably missing Dana's cooking and Marilyn's attentive watchful eye over Nan.

    We had a fairly quiet day.... We have a youth group from a Methodist church in SC here tonight. There are 13 High School kids and 6 adults. I just drove around (11:00 p.m.) and there were kids everywhere! I hope their chaperones know where they are!!!! I'm not sure I would do this again. Kids tend to be noisy. Earlier there were 4 boys on the roof of one of the cottages ~ not one they were renting. The sensor light keeps coming on out here by our shop. I'll take another drive around in about 1/2 hour. Only one night!!!

    Have a good week with shrinking tumors and less pain.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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