Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Very subdued

Dear Family and Friends,
10 pm here, we took Nan up at 9 and on the way suffered our first disaster. At the foot of the stairs where Nan moves from the wheelchair to her stair chair we have a normal routine where I roll up beside the banister, Nan reaches up for the knob on the top of the banister and pulls herself to her feet and using it as a point of stability turns and sits down on the stair chair. For some reason we did not do that tonight and her knees buckled and she slowly went down, all the way to the floor, fortunately it was slow and I never really lost my grip but neither could I hold her up with my arms extended. Looking back we know how to do it better and safer but it was very traumatic for Nan and she was breathing very hard by the time she got to bed. She received a bruise on her knee and that is all the damage we know of so far. I've been listening to the monitor and the girls stayed with her and they watched Deal No Deal and now an interview with Martha Stewart. Nan sounds pretty good but is coughing some. She definitely has settled down now and is resting well, warm under her blankets.
I'll take the TPN up in a few minutes and replace the batteries in both pumps.
Terry came early this morning, 7 am, to do vitals, draw blood and assess Nan. She had a huge day planned and we were glad to see her. Around 8:30 we brought Nan down to her recliner where she tends to be more comfortable than upstairs. The suction is working much better now, we seem to have gotten thick stuff out now and we are doing better. This morning the pharmacy called to say that the 14 days of the new meds would be arriving tomorrow. They will appeal to the insurance company, that appeal will be lost, then they will give us another 14 days and then the word is that Bayer will offer the drug free to Nan.
Our fervent desire is that God will see fit to allow the drug to stop tumor growth, then shrink some of them reducing the terrible pressure Nan feels all over her tummy. We are humbled and grateful for the help rendered to us by people we don't even know and by the help at the doctors office, especially Alice.
Dana made breakfast today, whole wheat pancakes, fried egg, vege bacon, orange juice. Wow!
These two ladies are such a delight to have here and I know Nan deeply appreciates having them with her.
Nan has been emotionally down the last couple days. She speaks of being afraid all the time and I can see it in her eyes. She knows she is in a time of high risk and it gets to her. Thanks Mary for coming to visit today, it was the first thing she told me when I got home from my day, Mary came! All three ladies enjoyed visiting with Loree also, Loree came to pick up files for work and came in and visited with the crowd. Thanks once again Loree for all you have done, we could not have survived the last 18 months without your help.
I inspected two homes, a day of death for estate purposes one in Antioch, lovely spry lady and then on to Antelope, (Sacrament) to see a home which has sold for about 100K under market. It was bank owned and the bank decided to cut their loses and dump it. Nice place. Then to Applebees for a quick vege pizza Dolly introduced me to, then a sleepy trip home. As I started out of Sac I called Nan's cell and she answered with so much power it took me back for a minute.
Now its time to wind it down and try to get some sleep. Last few nights we have to get up at point in the night to have Nan sit up to stretch her back out, then its back to sleep again. Tonight the antibiotic has to be given at 1 am.
I enjoyed reading the messages to the blog today. I also received a letter from Judy, a friend from the class of 1967 at Laurelwood. They just had the 40th reunion and several friends sent checks for the music they picked up from my old album. I was shocked by the generosity of people I have not seen in years but I remember them all fondly. What a great time of life, the teen years at Laurelwood. Thanks Judy for remembering us. Can't wait to see the photos of all the young people!!

Please keep Nan in your prayers and good thoughts. The last several months have been an ordeal for her with little joy, intense pain and a general fear of losing this courageous battle. She needs our love and prayers. I know God can do all things and we would love to have her well enough to travel so she could visit the valley and Sharon's new home, N. Carolina and even Dollywood. However we are prepared to accept God's will and His working things out.

tim and nan and marilyn and dana


  • At 11:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What Sub Dude? I don't see a Sub. Where do you think you are Brimerton WA? There are only little sail and row boats out your back deck. There is no SUBmarine! Are you daft in the head?

    Huh? Oh! You ment a Sub sandwich. sorry. I misunderstood your meaning there. Sorry! I will read more carefully in the future.

    I look forward to seeing your special routine. I am sure that the old routine is getting a little boring. Don't worry about the little drop you did with Nan. That happened on Dancing with the stars to Marie Osmond. So keep working on the special routine. I am sure that it will be great. If it not ready in time maybe you could use one of you old routines from Laurelwood to change out with your normal routine. Just a suggestion.

    Blessings on you, Nan and your posse Dude!


  • At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Mustards,

    Sounds like the "New Meds" are right around the corner for You, How We are praying that they will bring relief to Nan. Pretty scarey deal having Nan fall We know how that feels . It has happened to Us 3 times over the past year and it always brings a time of wondering how much damage was done and how can We be more careful to prevent it in the future.

    Carrol is doing well with Her knee (so far) and is getting around in a nearly normal fashion now. The Treatment; Shots, Meds & Therapy seem to be allowing the tear to heal rapidly. She is walking with much more care as to the size of steps that She takes.

    How good it is that You have "The Girls" there to care for Nan while You keep up with the Business things.

    We are planing a quick trip to Jackson today after Lunch at the Senior Center. We are gioing to take advantage of a "Player Perk" that only is good for 3 days. Carrol never likes to Play with Her money but when it's "Their $$" She is willing to give it a try.

    Does Marilyn follow the Red Sox? If She does She must be on Cloud 9 right now. They really did a number on Colorado.

    Have a good day and again know that We will be Praying that Nan will be more comfortable.

    Love You,

    Bob & Carrol.


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