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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nan has wonderful well wishers

Dear Family and Friends,
What a day. Nan had a rough night last night with little sleep the first part of the night in spite of Pam's massaging and loving care. Nan fell asleep about 3 this morning and then slept soundly until after 8:30. There were a few quiet inputs of Dilautid along the way which helped with the pain and suffering. Pam found a place to sleep in the family room next door. I did'nt really climb out of bed until about 9 am. Pam and I went to breakfast, then back to spend some good time with Nan. AT 8:30 this morning my cell rang, it was Sharon to say she would arrive this evening in Oakland at 6:40. What was amazing was that Marilyn was arriving from Rhode Island at 6:30 at Oakland. We sort of had a lazy time resting and talking and doing more resting, then Pam and I went to lunch at a local Mexican place that ARt and I found. Then back to meet up with Bob and Carrol from Lodi, they had driven over to visit and we always love to have them as Carrol is so good with Nan's questions due to her years as a home health nurse. A little later Shawn and his mom Donna Want arrived bearing food gifts and beautiful roses for Nan. The food is wonderful and the Roses are just beautiful. Donna also left me a very thoughtful note. Pam and I had to leave as I needed to be dropped off at our house so I could get the van so the girls will have a vehicle to drive. Pam helped me convert it back to a van from a bed and then I hit the road for the airport. Sharon's plane was on time and Marilyn's was a few minutes late. It was very surprising to see Jason's friends Kevin and Kristin walk off the plane. They were on their way to see Jason and Jo this evening. They had flown on seat behind Sharon on the plane.
We loaded up and drove to the hospital. On the way Nan called three times at least to see where we were as she was holding of taking meds so she would be awake when we got here. What a time of reunion the girls had and Marilyn has already done Nan's belly dressing. Now Sharon is asleep in the recliner RV chair and Marily is sitting in two chairs which does not look comfortable at all. AFter I finish here I will be heading to the cot, tonight I feel guilty having such a nice place to sleep while the ladies do not. Could be a long night with such uncomfortable places to sleep. Nan is resting fairly quietly now.
As I was driving to the airport I got a call from George and Yvonne. They were visiting with Nan and found her awake. She enjoyed a visit and I'm so sorry I missed them. I know Nan was very touched by seeing everyone as she is a shy person and does not like to be the center of attraction ever. Thank you for your visits and kindnesses, for the very kind messages to the blog and for your prayers.
It has been quite a day and God has blessed us in special ways.
Our poor visitors are very tired as their time zones are 2 and 3 hours ahead of us here.
Today has been another day of antibiotics and no fevers. IV came and fixed a stubborn picc line and PT came but Nan had just taken Dilautid and was very sleepy. Tomorrow we hope to get her on her feet to see how that feels. We know we need to be very cautious due to the tumor mass.
So good night my friends and family, God has given us another day with many joys as we visited with friends and family!


tim and nan and sharon and marilyn!!!!! yea


  • At 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We were blessed by a wonderful 40th class reunion at the Adobe.
    We all wish you were here, and have you both in our prayers.
    May God give you strength,courage, and peace.
    Love, Sue Crumley McCann

  • At 5:13 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    God has blessed you with another beautiful day with friends! You may not be wealthy in goods, but you have a wealth of friends! And now you have friends who are with you 24/7. And you have family who are only a phone call away. You are truly blessed!

    I'm so thankful that Nan now has pain control. No, she is not pain free, but it is controlled. At least she has some relief yet able to communicate with clarity from time to time also.

    Roger and I are off to clean cottages. My part time help left me! She was "too tired ~ too much work". Oh well, life is like that sometimes. My mound of laundry is growing getting ready for the Academy Laundry! There is hope in sight for a break.

    You remain close in our hearts today with a prayer on our lips for strength, peace and controlled pain. I'm so thankful that you have angels "with skin on" with you today and you are not alone.

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Good Morning Tim, Nan, Sharon & Marilyn.

    We did so much enjoy Visiting with You and Pam Yesterday. Lots of traffic on the trip over to Concord. Hwy #4 is always crowded. We opted to skip the $4.00 Bridge Toll & drive home Via "Lone Tree" to the "Brentwood By-Pass" on to #4 Levee Road to Stockton with a stop at Marie Calendar's for a $5.99 Pie treat, then over to Costco for a tank of Gas $3.05/per Gal, (what a Rip-Off). Lots of traffic every where.

    Our Dear friend Rosie came over for some Pizza & Pie and then a couple Hours of Table games. She is copeing pretty well with the very recent loss of Her Husband Dick. He was with Us only 11 months after the Surgery to remove the Cancer from His right Lung. It returned with a vengence and took Him from Us a Month ago just after Our Joint 50th Anniversary Celebrations. It was strange to have the "empty chair" at the Game table, He was a great "Fun" Guy to have around.

    Thank goodness that Your Ladies made it to Oakland on time and here's hoping that You all got some good rest last night.

    Those Tumors that Nan is dealing with are something to behold and for Her to have to deal with the discomfort that they bring is truly a testament to Her Spirit. She is a real Trooper.

    We do so much hope that the New treatment Med will bring Her some relief & comfort.

    Love & Prayers Always,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    The cavalry has arrived and you have put them all to sleep! Well tomorrow will be a terrific day with the all lady gab fest in full swing. Time for you to take a nap.

    Be assured that even when you are asleep there are others that are awake and praying for you and Nan. Rest well my freind for your days are full and you need all to be fully charged to face them.

    Enjoy your family and friends. Makes us all want to go to Mari lan d!



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