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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Can we talk?

Dear Family and Friends,
That's the first words I heard this morning when I woke, Nan was asking if we could talk? Which meant she had woken up from the stupor of the last few days. We talked and when Jason called he ended up talking to his mom and when Nikki called she ended up also talking to her mom. Nan talked to the doctors who were very pleased that she had woken up, she talked to the nurses and this evening she talked to Sharon. Just now Mary called but the Dilautid had taken over and Nan was to deeply asleep to wake to talk. What a friend Mary has been to Nan!
The doctors are working on getting the Nexavar and when we have it lined up for sure then we will stop the AMN for a couple days of washout and begin. How we hope and pray that Nexavar will do its magic for her. It is only a chance but I think we all feel we need to take it.
I stayed here working on appraisal business until Dr. Melynk appeared in the doorway. We had a pleasant visit with him and of course the real first business is to get the high fevers stopped and the infection in the blood stopped. He said the latest cultures had not grown out anything and they feel they have found a antibiotic that will kill the bugs in the kidneys and nephrostomies. The nursing staff have worked very hard at keeping Nan comfortable and clean. The helper this morning was pretty amazing, gave her a real bath with soup and water, then used the wonderful lotion that Pam had brought for her back and arms. I use the foot lotion that Marilyn B supplies us. I brought a power tooth brush from home and Nan did her own teeth this morning, able to hold the little device by herself again. Nan was awake for about 3 hours and then got hit with nausea and gut pain that was pretty intense. The nurses quickly gave her Zophram for nausea, Dilautid for pain and Adavan to help her fall asleep. After a few minutes she did fall into a deep sleep. Then I left to see a property in Fremont, have a quick dinner in Olive Garden and then back here to the hospital where Nan was asleep. She had woken at 4 with some pretty intense pain but meds had let her fall back asleep. She continued to sleep for another hour after I got back and then woke and we shared some of the new Fiji water from Longs, she loves Fiji and since its the only thing she can put into her system why not get the good tasting stuff. She got hooked on it in Boston where I kept some for her at all times. We talked about things and she got to talk to Sharon but we missed Dana as she had long gone to bed. Sharon hopes to be able to come our way by next Thursday and Nan really looks forward to seeing her. Nan is counting the days right now for Marilyn's arrival. Every day she asks, is it today?
Art called this morning but I didn't get to get back to him until I was on the road. I have AT&T, the one that is supposed to have the least dropped calls, right. I had to redial ARt at least 5 times as I kept dropping his call as I drove through downtown Oakland and toward Fremont. He is alone for a few days while Connie catches up with her friends in Indio. Talking to Art is therapy for me as we discuss important things and have a history together. I respect him a lot and have found him very kind and supportive. For example when Jo needed to relocate to California after she finished her teaching position in Dallas Art volunteered to help me drive the motorhome back to Dallas to move her possessions and car to MBA. We made a quick trip and his help was just wonderful. He found fire wood last winter and went to the place where it was stored, brought it to Discovery Bay in his truck and stacked it beside my house all in the same day. When we needed ramps he came and built them, he and Connie just keep helping and we sure do appreciate it.
Today we have seen a real turnaround in Nan. She is awake again, still in terrible pain but past the awful effects of the blood infection. It just touched my heart to hear your speaking clearly and making perfect sense this morning. I'm sure you can live the scene with me after days of almost no communication, suddenly smiles and wit, more steady hands and feet, TV is back on to ER and tonight Survivor China. Not that she ever makes it to the end but she likes the sound of TV sound in the background, its her pink noise and its fine with me.
So tonight a big prayer of gratitude for her waking up, a powerful request for the new drug and an even more powerful request that it can offer some help with the lethal tumors.
We are glad to read the messages written in to the blog and the ones written to us directly to our email. WE know it takes time to pray for Nan and we thank you for taking the time. I was touched by the email from Carol, that Roger is on his way home and had a good faithful conversation with his brothers. Life is precious and we do what we can to preserve it and then we treasure the salvation Jesus has purchased for us on the cross, eternal life, without pain, suffering, selfishness, hurt feelings. Oh that we had the mind of God, then everything would make perfect sense.
For those of you who are concerned about how I am holding up. By staying here in this high end cot I am getting very good sleep with only a few times of being awake. I go down to the cafe for breakfast and have been having scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, pineapple, oatmeal and low fat milk. Its not cheap but it carrys me for hours and helps me feel pretty good. I have triscuits in the car and some good food bars from CostCo and there is always a Taco Bell nearby for a bean burrito. What I'm not doing is exercising at all and not drinking enough water, need to work on that. I'm with Nan most of the time and doing what work I can without being away too long. I help the nurses remember things that Nan needs. I'm doing what I believe it right at this point in time. Sometimes I cry, usually in the car where its just me but mostly I'm OK. These are tense times with every hour bringing either good news, no news or bad news. Its hard to keep ones mind above the immediate to hold onto faith in the eternal. I know God is near us because He says He will be. WE want to invite Him to be even more with us.
So good night from room 3117
tim and nan


  • At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Tim trys to go water or is that wetter. What ever! His quest for more water my be thwarted however because of logistic problems. Tim may have made a fatal error in his drive to hydrate. He has chosen to get his water from Fiji. Even I know that it is very far to Fiji and if you are going to get any water from there you will have to go a LONG way to get it. This may cause dizzyness and nausea as you would of course have to go on a boat because Fiji is an Island.

    Tim you must come up with a better plan. How about drinking some melting glacier water bottled locally by Algore V. All. Then you could help the rest of us stay above water because your drinking it would lower the water level.


    Tim is drinking again! Oh, the horror of it all. Viva los Banos!

    May God keep blessing you and Nan.


  • At 5:45 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning from NC!

    Yes, it is a good morning because Roger is safely home again. He is tired and emotionally spent, but it was definitely a good trip.

    I was a little concerned about the amazing nurse who gave Nan a bath with SOUP. I wondered ~ did she spill soup on her or what? Ah, maybe a tyop ~ soAp? I'm sure the bath felt very good to Nan. She must long to get into a shower and get wet all over!

    What beautiful words, "Can we talk?" So glad you had a little quality time with Nan. That she was able to talk briefly on the phone, converse with you and even brush her own teeth. Was she able to be awake when Dr. Melynk was there?

    I'm off and running this a.m.! Roberta is coming to help with the cleaning. We have 3 cottages to clean, sanitize and get ready for 3 more parties coming in today. Sunday we do the same thing and Monday we do it again. One more very busy week end this month then I think things will be slowing down a bit.

    Tim, I'm glad you are taking care of yourself. It sounds like you are getting more sleep on your "luxury cot" than you were able to get at home. You have a support staff who keeps their eyes on Nan as you sleep. You have a good breakfast at the "luxury" cafe and there's nothing tacky about Olive Garden! Even Taco Bell has good nutrition in a bean burrito. So, good for you! You ARE taking care of yourself.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hello from Lodi ,

    It is good to read that Nan is more alert and that You ,Tim , are doing well living away from the comforts of Your Own Home. "Taco Bell" those are majic words when it comes to a quick pick Me Up snack with at least some quality food value.

    We all are Praying that the New Med will do good things for Nan.

    Just got back from the Local Senior Center where We enjoyed a good Lunch. The German Octoberfest Feast is coming up next week and We are looking forward to that event, Always Great food!, and plenty of it.

    It's looking like the long promised rain will be here very soon. We do need the wet stuff badly around here.

    Good to read that Roger is Home and that the visit with His Brothers went well. Some Day We can be with our loved ones with no more parting, What a Grand Day that will be.

    Have a good Sabbath with the rest that the Lord intended.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tim and Nan,
    I just read your blog for 10\19.
    Want you to know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.
    I am doing very well now. Each day
    is improvement. Received so many
    cards, phone calls, and visits from
    both churches. What a blessing, such an out pouring of love and caring. We love you both very much
    Hope to see you again. Bernice & Lloyd.


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