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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A quiet day at home

Dear Family and Friends,
10:20, Nan has fallen asleep again in her chair after taking a hit of Dilautid. She is in the process of taking her pills but I don't think she got them down before falling asleep. Once again we find ourselves very low on Dilautid. Critical Care sends only enough to fill the prescription given by the doctors weeks ago and since then they have told us to double it but didn't both to write a prescription for Critical Care. So I carefully measured out all we have and its 6 vials of the precious stuff, that should carry us all night and through the morning until the new shipment of supplies arrives tomorrow morning. We also found the bottle of liquid Dilautid that Nan used to take for pain and it has some left in the bottle.
This afternoon our home helping agency called to say that V won't be back for Personal Reasons. We think that when she was helping Nan change the bandage on her tummy that the whole experience got to her. nan noticed her turning away several times while they were working. It is very disappointing to Nan as she liked V and thought they were off to a good start. So we get someone new tomorrow from Stockton. So once again I will hang around until we have a good feel for the person before leaving to see properties.
Our day has been one of Nan being alone with me working around the corner. She has been awake some and mostly napping in her recliner. Sometimes she can sleep for up to two hours without stirring which is good rest for her.
I'm getting a late start tonight on getting everything moved up and ready for her upstairs. I've been working very intensely on getting my part of the tax data prepared for Ken and I'm up to September 15 so far. It has been somewhat painful as the checks and charges I am entering covers the time when we were in Boston for first the trial program and then the surgery. I can see the caring hands of Loree as she held things together along with Steve and Heather while I was gone. What a terrible experience to go through, building a company for years and then suddenly being away on the east coast for 2 months.
I also have been entering the thousands of dollars given to the recovery fund. Since it is not a non profit fund I will have to pay taxes on it but the funds given, invested in our lives, have saved the day over and over again and once again we want to thank you for caring and helping.
While I worked in today several new orders arrived. I will see some of them tomorrow and some on Thursday providing our helper works out OK and Nan continues to feel OK.
Today we learned results from her monday blood work. Kidneys had a higher creatin of 3.2, Hemoglobin was 8.1 and white count was down a tiny bit but is still in the 13s.
Nan was so sorry to miss the call from Irene but often sleeps right through her cell phone ringing even though it is in the chair with her. We've been thinking about Irene today as she meets with a GIST super star in Portland.
I enjoyed breaks today caused by getting to talk to my brother Jerry, Art and Pam as well as Nikki as she drove home from work.
Tonight nan enjoyed a new episode of NCIS after a day of reruns of Law and Order and other shows too. Marilyn got her hooked on ER so she watched a double back to back run this morning.
We are tired, we were up nearly every hour last night with either pain or some other issue that needed attention. I'm hoping we can get more rest tonight.
We have much to be thankful for this evening and you constitute the biggest reason for thanks.
This evening I had soup by Mary, banana bread by Sylvia, peanut butter by Joyce and Tomatoes from LeAnn and Steve. We are well cared for, yet it gets very lonely here as the quiet hours pass.
We send our love,

Tim and Nan


  • At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Good Morning to you. I have more empathy for you than I have had previously. I look my mother to the hospital yesterday and was just by to see her this evening. The CT Scan that had been done earlier in the day had not been read yet. The one we had done in the ER when she was admitted was done in 30 minutes. I see now what you mean about having an advocate on the scene 24/7. It makes things go a lot quicker!

    She has colon problems that are cronic. This is just a flare up I hope and she will soon be home.

    My friends on the corner can probably get you all the Dilautid that you need. They have discout pricing but don't ever give a reciept so that might not be the most helpful way to go.

    Tell Nan that we are NCIS fans as well. The only other show that we watch with any regularity is All My Children. A total waste of good time but we watch it just the same.

    Blessings to you and yours. May great joy all of the day!


  • At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Tim,

    A classmate put me in touch with your blog. I've scarcely seen you since academy, and I have never met Nan, but I feel an immediate kinship with you both, because cancer has hit our family hard, too.

    From the way you so lovingly describe your wife, it sounds to me like God has already worked his far greater miracle for her: the miracle of true restoration and highest healing--a new heart, a right spirit, a new birth.

    Warm regards,
    Mary Lou

  • At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just wanted to tell you that the contributions to Nans recovery fund were gifts, not earned income. So I don't think tax should be paid on that. The gifts just weren't wrapped in attractive paper.

    We read with interest your blogs everyday while we were gone. Can't believe one person can endure so much misery. Also admire your continued devotion. You must have sleep depravation. Be careful as you drive. Play some disgusting music--that will keep you awake.

    We continue to pray for pain relief for Nan and strength & patience for you.

    Love, Yvonne & George


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