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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Joyce helps us a lot today, Nan has a better day!

Dear Family and Friends,
Less pain, more joy would characterize today. We were up less last night. We ended up having nan take her meds at midnight because she took them so late in the day. She sat up on the edge of the bed and took them right down and then went back to sleep. We came down to a very cool house, fall winds were blowing through and it felt good. Nan settled into her chair, covered herself with a blanket Dana wisely purchased when she was here, a light blanket that is just right for all but the coldest night. She has required much less pain meds today and has been alert and very much with it. Her left knee is giving her fits right now and she has some heat on it. Joyce reports that Nan slept about half the time and was awake the other half. Joyce did laundry, cleaned windows, counter tops and really made some serious progress on the house. Thank you so much Joyce for your help. It really helped a lot and allowed me to see two properties over in Oakland. On the way to Oakland I got a chance to stop in and meet up with Nikki and see Keanna in action at her school, her class was leading out in chapel and she seemed to pleased to see us. She has the motions all down with the songs and is such a precious little person. On Friday we get to have a sleep over and then off to Sabbath School is all goes well. Pam is going to come over to be with Nan and so I can be able to take Keanna to Sabbath School and the church program as well which she loves.
This morning before I left to head to Oakland I went to the computer to do final research and found that Comcast was down so no research. I'll drop by and shoot comps tomorrow on my way to Half Moon Bay where I have an appraisal to do. Tomorrow we have Bob and Carrol coming to visit and we are looking forward to that, of course I won't get to see them much but Nan will and she will enjoy that a lot.
The in home care people are coming on Friday to talk to us about what our needs are and then they will assign a person from Tracy to assist us two or three days a week. We only hope the person coming will be kind and helpful.
Nan looks and feel much better this evening. She has her old voice back and is feeling much less pain. We never really know why things change but perhaps the patch and the neurontin is helping with some better pain control.
Jason called Nan today and she always loves that, to hear what they are up to and to get an update on baby Timothy.

Art and Connie are breaking in their little motor home this week and are having a blast as they learn all the systems and enjoy their purchase. They are like adult kids with a new toy and just keep finding more ways to enjoy the coach.

I've been working on preparing 2006 tax data for Ken this evening. I've made lots of progress but time is running out. I'll sure be glad when its done and I can relax a bit.

Please pray for guidance regarding the tumors and Nan's health. How we long for a miracle!
This evening I have been entering charges from June 2006, the days surrounding Nan's huge surgery in Boston, each charge really takes me back to the tense moments of that time. God moved in some very powerful ways then to save her life and we treasure every day, every birthday, every special moment since that surgery.

We send our love and appreciation to each and every one of you.


tim and nan


  • At 6:39 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Evening already and I'm just getting to this. I just got caught up on some correspondence and I am between wash loads.

    Good news that Nan had a better day yesterday. I hope today was also good and she was able to enjoy Bob and Carrol's visit. Carrol is right in her own element there with the home nursing. I'm sure she was a good nurse for Nan.

    I can't believe it is the end of another week already. I think I'm stuck back on Monday somewhere. I've been confused all week as to what day it is.

    Have a good night tonight with good sleep time for both of you.

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol


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