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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Nan travels to the Social Security office

Good Evening All,
This afternoon we loaded the van with Nan's pump, her TPN system, Dilautid pain meds, ice water, special pillows and headed to the Social Security office. They called yesterday afternoon to say if we could bring in Nan's Birth Certificate then she would be approved and the funds could be disbursed into our private account. We took the hint. Nan called me to tell me the news and when I got home we put our heads together to think, where could the birth certificate be? We were alarmed as we have boxes of files everywhere, Sylvia will confirm that. So when I walked into my office, reached down, picked up a dirty little metal box and opened it right to the birth certificate Sylvia felt prayers had been answered. While Roxanna and Nan waited in the van with the engine running I waited inside for the right lady to become available. Finally about an hour later she appeared and handed back the certificate. I had several questions but she had no answers, said to call on Monday and she would answer everything, like when do we get the money? How much per month will Nan be getting? How much exactly is the back pay? So I walked out without answers but with the assurance that the deal is settled and money will be coming. Praise the Lord for this wonderful news.
I know many of you have been making the SS settlement an issue of prayer and we thank you for the special petitions to the Lord.
It looks like someone may be interested in the Fiero too which would be such good news!
Nan continues to battle pain and today Starr was sleeping on the recliner foot rest and nan moved, well Starr was on top of a nephrostomy collection bag and Nan moved enough to stretch the connection in her back, she has been in a new kind of pain ever since. She has moved up her oxycontin to 160 mg as of this morning and I'm giving a slight bit more Dilautid than before. We have had several nice moments of conversation today between bouts of pain and suffering. I doubt you could begin to understand what Nan is going through right now, I know I can't fully grasp it and I'm here with her. If she is awake she is hurting and longs to go back to sleep. I just plead with God to move us forward from this terrible pain level, what good can it be accomplishing?
This afternoon Roxanna, our long time friend from Conn. called to ask if we could pick her up. She was resting at a friends house but had no car to move about in. We were delighted to pick her up, she has done so much for us while we were on the East Coast and our friendship goes way back, years ago. She spent several hours with us before her lovely daughter Melissa picked her up so they could visit with yet another daughter in Tracy. Thanks Rox for coming to see us.
This evening Sylvia has let us know about a home health agency that just might be able to supply some help during the day several days a week so I can work and nan can have the support she needs. I will follow up on it on Monday. At this point I know of no one who is coming next week and yet I have many appraisals to see so some help would be appreciated very much. We sure appreciate Barb and Gerry, Joyce and Sylvia helping this week, it has meant a lot to be able to work and know Nan had helpers nearby.
Well its about time to: prepare the Dilautid for the night, prepare the TPN, move the suction pump upstairs, move pillows up, get fresh ice water and take it upstairs, prepare the Adavan just in case, empty urine bags, help Nan into the wheel chair, roll her up the ramps (courtesy of bob and carrol), ride the stair chair up (courtesy of Sharon and David), walk her to the bed and help her lie down on her sheep skin (courtesy of Marilyn), hook her up to TPN, suction, takes meds and help her go to sleep. Since we have a tiny frig upstairs each waking event is only about 5 minutes long while I grab a vial of med, Nan puts it into the picc line and we fall back asleep until the next 2 hour mark when pain hits all over again.
Nan continues to have pretty good courage, yes there are some tears and some moans from pain but also happy moments when friends come to call or the phone rings and she happens to hear it. I'm very glad we are able to keep Nan at home in spite of the complexity of the care. She deserves our best as she has always given her best to others.

Please pray that God will touch her with relief from pain and calm her anxious heart with peace.


tim and nan


  • At 5:04 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Happy Sabbath~ A day of blessed rest. And I do hope it is a day of rest for you both with relief from that awful pain and suffering. How can a body take that much pain? My heart goes out to you both. To move Nan about and move her upstairs at night is such an ordeal. It must be exhausting for you just to get her to bed at night.

    Good news about the SS settlement. Of course it will be better news when you get the check in the bank! Hopefully answers will come soon and you will get that added income. So, what has your lawyer done for you for the 1/3 of your settlement? Did you have to go to court for a hearing? It sounds like easy money for the lawyer. Nan's condition speaks for itself I would think.

    You have had a special week with Roxanna's visit and the "angels" who stayed with Nan this week. You have been blessed.

    Do have a good day today and enjoy Bob and Carrol's visit. Take a good nap as Nan naps. Look up! Jesus is coming soon!

    Continued Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Glad to hear some good news mixed in with the pain. They seem like bolts of lightening in a Texas thunder storm. Bright lights mixed in among way too many dark clouds. I don't know how it happened but I am scheduled for two things at the same time today! I am getting more like you by the day. No, not the good looking part, the over booked part. What! Dang! I am late already, can you believe it.

    I'll will report on the happening when I return. It will be a story of people, trains, hitting and speed. Yeh! I know you'll wait for the movie.

    Less Pain will be my prayer for the day. All day!


  • At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Good Morning from Lodi,

    Praise the Lord for the movement & coming settelment funds from SS. We have all been praying for that to happen soon. Now Lord, Please ease the Pain that Nan is suffering.

    Good News that the Pontiac may have found a New Owner. You will not only gain some $$'s but a Parking Space too.

    We see the Surgeon on Monday AM to have Him follow up on Carrol's Right Hand Carpal Tunnel Healing. He may at that time suggest a time frame for the Left hand to be done. Her regular Chemo Clinic time is coming up a week from Monday Oct 8th, Lab test results will be there and We are Praying that hings are still moving in the right direction as to keep the Chemo Med's away for another two months. 10 months now without it and Carrol is doing very well so far.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.


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