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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Grammy gets her blub!

Dear Family and Friends,
Today has turned out better than we expected. We had a decent night, up about 5 times with pain during the short night. Loaded Nan up at 9 and got away from the house at 9:20, drove directly to the hospital in Concord, to admiting, then to short stay where they had the blood already. We thought 10 hours but they did it in less than 7. After I got Nan settled and instructed the nurse, call the doctor for pain med orders, get urine samples, hook up suction. Well out of the various things I told her we got a messed up hookup for the drain, hardly drained anything all day but was a mess, forgot to have the urine samples taken, did give pain meds one time. nan went to sleep at 10 and slept until 3 pm. The blood went in smoothly without incident and when I called in from MBA at 3 pm they told me they would be done by 5 pm. I had planned to see a property in Berkeley at 5 and then drive back to the hospital expecting nan to get out about 8 pm. We left the hospital at before 6 and then had little traffic heading home so we got home at a decent time. nan feels much much better with the new blood, less pain this evening, less suffering, more contented.
I was able to drive to Aptos to see a property, get Jason's birthday gift wrapped and even got to see he and Timothy briefly. Little guy was awake and just chillin, so fun to be with and to watch. Bright, alert and active. After a few minutes I had to hit the road back. We had dreaded the day and it was true, the ride over was miserable for Nan but the ride back was better. We got the pump to work in the car using an inverter and we pumped over half of a canister full on the ride home, more than they had pumped all day at the hospital.
This evening I am very tired, not too much sleep last night, up early to prepare for the day and to get the car loaded with everything we needed, drove all day and have been busy doing things since we got home too. Not its time to rest. We both look forward to sleep.
One check in the mail today, praise God for that. How we look forward to Sabbath, rest day.
Special thank you to Steve who showed up yesterday afternoon and in a few minutes whipped my yard into better shape, edged, blown and mowed, that guy can fly.
Good night friends and family, thank you for your faithness in prayer this week.


tim and nan
ps for those of you who do not know, Keanna calls blood blub so our family knows blood as blub. We think it is cute.


  • At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    That is good news! Hot Dog! Sorry Hot Vegelink! Yipee! I look forward to this evenings blog for more of the exciting adventures of Tim and Nan.

    Saw your grandaughter and Nikki at pot luck after church today. Good times indeed. Keanna liked the Avalanche Ranch program for children along with 25 other kids.

    I got to wear a fly head band made during craft time to pot luck. They are studing the Egyptian plauges and today was the plauge of flies. I looked rather well wearing my fly head band. In fact several of the attendees said "I looked fly". There lets see you top that.

    More prayers for your continued recovery. bzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz



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