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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday night, another week has passed

Dear Ones,
Its 9:50, Marilyn is back from having a wonderful dinner courtesy of Mary, Nikki and Keanna have gone home after feeding me some very delicious food and visiting with Grammy. We are all wearing our hand stickers thanks to Keanna.
Our visit to the doctor resulted in Nan getting very tired and having a lot of pain from the trip over and back. Dr. Melynk also decided to have us try the pain patches again to see if the pain control would be more effective no having to digest in the GI tract as the oxycontin pills have to do. He has also allowed us to give 2 mg of Dilautid at a time instead of 1 mg. He is trying to get ahead of the pain which has controlled Nan for the past two weeks. Today she has had several bouts of nausea and sometimes stomach pump yields many CCs of fluid and other times it hardly works, like now and when nan takes her pills she has to turn the pump off for at least an hour to allow the pills to digest and work into her system. 3 hours is more ideal but she can always wait 3 hours before we pump again.
I rose early this morning to work on some local appraisals and then showered at 9:30. Marilyn helped Nan dress and then we loaded up the van for the trip to Concord, about an hour away. She felt every bump on the trip. We were taken right in at the doctors office and received good quick attention. Then back to the car for the return trip. I had rigged up a power supply so the pump could be used during the trip but it pumped out nothing at all. Later we discovered the valve which turns off suction when the canister becomes full was stuck closed.
After we brought Nan home I drove back to Brentwood to turn in the prescription for the patches, then paid PG&E to keep the lights on, then drove to Stockton and had a terrible time finding the subject property. It was not on any of the three maps I had with me and the GPS could not locate it. After about 30 minutes of searching I just ask the Lord to help me, checked the map again, sort of decided to try a new direction and there it was. Then as I was leaving Stockton to come back to Brentwood to pick up meds I got a call, it was a company that orders inspections, they had one in Stockton for a small commercial building, just needed exterior photos, measurements and comments about its setting. Pays $90 so I checked my watch, had enough time, did the work and then drove to Brentwood, got the meds, drove home to find 2 Honda Pilots in the driveway, Mary was here and so was Nikki and Keanna, what a happy time we had and then Mary and Marilyn went to dinner and I played with Keanna, talked to Nikki and we let mom sleep. At 8 they went home and Mary and Marilyn were back raving about the food and dicing the service. Mary leaves tomorrow evening for Hawaii with some lady friends and sometime on Sunday Marilyn will fly home. So far we don't know when and we don't really have a plan to get her to the airport yet but I know something will work out on that front.
This has been a week of hard work on my part, long 12 hour days, several thousand miles driven in the little bug while Marilyn has faithfully watched over Nan those same long hours helping her with meds, ice water, pillows, chats and just being a very good friend. We have appreciated the visits and help from everyone of you and always hated to see the time come to an end, so we feel right now, we will miss this dear lady who has given us so much over the past 7 weeks. Nan's life has been enriched by her company and hope.
I am so thankful for the ways God has used to slip money into our hands this week. Clients, potential orders prepaid, friends sharing, cash in cards. This week ends better than last week for sure.
I just spoke to Art and he and Connie are waiting for guests to arrive in Gilroy. They have been enjoying their addition, a Rialto mini motorhome, it is a very clever motorhome with seating for 8, sleeping for 4, bathroom with shower, kitchen with frig and microwave, generator, 15 or 16 mpg if driven at speed limits and a low profile that does not fight with the wind like taller ones do. They are enjoying outfitting it for their travels to come. Sounds really clean and perfect for their needs.
We hear that Bernice is enjoying her new pace maker and is doing well. We are thrilled that things have worked out well for her and Lloyd.
I think it is time to wrap this up and head to bed. I'm sleepy and feel like I might be trying to come back down with some illness.
Please pray for God's guidance and healing for Nan. As she lives week after week in pain her quality of life has really suffered. We hope and pray for better days to come. We understand that Roxanna will soon be in the area and we hope to get to see her soon. If anyone is lost and needs a place to crash we will be here tomorrow and would love to see you. Call first to make sure we are awake, you know day of rest and all!


tim and nan and for now Marilyn!


  • At 6:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nan, you sounded much stronger last night than the night before, even after such a hard day. I don't blog often because I talk to one of you each day and keep up with you both. You are both on the top of our prayer list at church and in our homes, all the way from Tenn., GA., OK., and big ole TEXAS.

    I have seen God work wonders in my life this past two weeks and have spent much time on my knees, both in communication and thanksgiving. None of us would be here today if not for Him.

    Know that I love you both and am in constant prayer over you both. I do hope to get things lined up so I can come out for a visit soon.

    Love, Sharon

  • At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I spent the evening working in the snack bar a Tracy HS. It was very tiring after a day at school on your feet all day but worth while I think. Most of the evening I was serving customers at the one of the 3 windows and saw many former students, parents and friends as well as members of the the opposing time. Every one seemed happy and as I got into the spirit of the day, smiling and chating with the patrons even I enjoyed myself. The Lions club raises about $10,000 a football season for each of the two HS's in Tracy from this snack bar. It is a nice group of people that do many good works in our community. I wish our church could do something like that but maybe we have a different mission.

    Speaking of missions I am happy that Nan heard no bad news at the doctor's office. Now if we could get the pumps to work or the blockage to move or the pain medication to be more effective we could be in a better situation for the coming week. I pray that such is the case!

    God bless you, Nan and Marilyn as you rest from your weeks work.


  • At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Mustard Household,

    We would love to come over to say hi & visit a bit today but between a Lunch Date,Band Practice & concert this afternoon at the Grape Festival Pavillion there is no time to squeeze it in. Our Sunday is full up too and Carrol has Her first Carpal Tunnel Hand Surgery on Tue/Wed so I guess it will be next weekend before We see You.

    Have a Good & Restfull Sabbath Day as the Lord has intended for each of Us.

    So good to read that Bernice is doing well. We continue in Prayer for all of our Dear Friends & Family Members that need Special attention form Our Heavenly Father.

    Love To You & Marilyn,

    Bob & Carrol.


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