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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Timothy and Jason bring joy and peace...

Dear Family and Friends,
Timothy and Jason arrived mid day and were able to be with us until about 5:30. Timothy and Grammy had a bottle together, then he slept in his swing for hours with the cutest expressions on his face. He was still sleeping when I arrived home from my work. He is really precious and after Jason woke him up I got to hold him for a long time, turns out he likes to sleep on Papa's tummy and chest. Finally he woke and enjoyed waving his arms, rolling his eyes and kicking up a storm. He is a very strong and healthy little guy and Jason does a wonderful job of caring for him. I am so proud of him as he does everything so easily and just loves doing it. He has taken some time off so he can be with Timothy even more and they get along great.
If you go to this web site you can see some really cute photos and be a witness to his dedication.
I just tried to cut and paste, hope it works for you. Its worth the time for sure.
Nan has had a day that was enhanced by Timothy and Jason, otherwise she has been plagued by pain, some severe, nausea and general fatigue. We rose early and came down about 8:30 this morning. Neither of us slept very well last night, I did not finally fall asleep until past 3 am this morning, I was so depressed and overcome with concerns regarding our lives right now. Nan needed help at 7 and I did not want to wake or move, after I helped her I went back to bed and at 8:15 she let me know it was time to get up and start work. I helped her downstairs and then left for Brentwood where I saw one of the nicest homes I have ever seen, perfect granite pool with huge waterfalls, views, perfect condition, a dream home really and they stand to lose a lot of money due to the market conditions. Then on to San Ramon to see a second home that was more ordinary but still very nice but due to its location worth $300,000 more than the first home. Then quick lunch with a vegiburger at Burger King and home to see that wonderful little guy.
Nikki is in New Mexico tonight at meetings for her work and will not come back until Friday afternoon. It was a sad good bye as she took Keanna to school this morning and then drove to the airport. Goodbyes are always tough, Heaven will be wonderful, no saying goodbye or good night there.
Our mail was dry again today, no money but Steve did pick up a check from an appraisal appointment. I've laid out all the bills I can think of and put them on a grease board, then check them off as I can pay them, I'm trusting that funds will come in and I'm doing what Ben Franklin said to do, "The Lord helps those that help themselves" Tomorrow will be three appraisals, two today and several more to see this week. Steve was able to see 4 today so he had a big day as well.
Our nurse, Terry is just back from a week long nursing conference and she is here not at 10:15 taking Nan's blood for tests. What a dedicated person she is.

Tonight I pray that God will touch Nan with His healing, she has suffered long enough, she needs His help in a special way. I also pray that God will lead in our lives, protect Nikki as she is away, guard STeve and Keanna as they have to work hard to hold the house together while mommy is gone. I also pray for Bernice and for the families of two of Bob and Carrol's friends that have lost loved ones in the last few days.

love to all

tim and nan and marilyn and terry


  • At 4:35 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    What a special day you had with that darling little guy! He has changed so much since the last pictures. They grow and change so quickly.

    Another busy day with Linda and Andrew. I will also be spending some time with Mary-Alice who is getting her 3rd (with 21 to go) Chemo treatment today. She gets so ill with them! They had to reduce the amount last time and it still took most of the 2 weeks between to regain her strength. She may not continue the treatments. I wouldn't blame her.

    I pray today brings more checks in the mail, more peace in your hearts and less nausea and pain.

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 6:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Yea though I walk through the valley of, I don't feel like getting up, I will have no worries. Thy love and thy bible they comfort me every day.

    I am working on memorizing some scripture verses. I have the jest of it but not all the words in the right order yet. I'll keep trying.

    Nice job Jo,Jay and Timmie. The dedication pictures are great! Thank you for sharing. It brought even more joy into our already joyous day the Lord has made. You just can't have too much rejoicing!

    Praying that you, Nan and Marilyn have a wonderful day.


  • At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Good Cool Morning from Lodi,

    Thanks for the thoughts about Our loss of two Much Loved Ones. It is so hard to say good bye but thank the Lord We have Heaven to look forward to where there will be NO MORE SICKNESS & DEATH. what a day of rejoicing that will be.

    We had a full Day at the Clinic Yesterday and I spent some time up the street just a few blocks away at the American Cancer Society office there in Stockton. They are such Very Caring People and are so willing to help where They can. They, just this New Fiscal Year, have raised the annual individual $ compensation level from $250.00 to $400.00 as of Sept 1st 07/ Sept 1st 08. That will be a bigger help with Mileage,Motels,Bridge tolls,Parking, to and from Drs,Pharmacys, Hospitals, Clinic Visits & Tests etc. We needed a new Cushion for Carrol to use in Her Chair at Band Practice,$75.00 plus tax and they willingly said that they would cover the cost 100%. Every little bit helps as You well know. I trust that You have Nan enrolled in their System.

    What a Joy for You to have little Timothy there to warm Your Spirits, If only Nan could get down on the floor & Play with Him as She used to be able to do. I'm sure that He doesn't know the difference and loves His Grammy to hold Him and feels the bond of love that only a Grandmother can give coming through to His little Heart.

    Have a good Day, We will try to get over sometime this weekend, maybe Sunday as the Band Plays Sabbath at the Grape Festival, late PM so that day will be full. We will call before driving over to see how things are going. We will have some Pictures of MN. to share with You too.

    Much Love ,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Mustards and Marilyn, We just got back into Maine from being in Canada for a week. We are in Marilyn's neck of the woods and notice a few trees changing color but most of the trees in this area are pine and stay green.
    I called my sister, Marilyn, and she gave me the blog address so Ger and I sat here reading them. We are sorry to hear about the finance "mess" and Tim being sick. Hopefully things will be better and you will cheer up some. Little Timothy and Keanna brought some cheer and that was good. We have been praying that Nan will be feeling stronger and have less pain. I'm sad to know that Marilyn will have to be going back home but thankful that she has been able to be there this long. Bless your dear heart, Marilyn!! Tomorrow afternoon we will be dropped off at the airport and fly Delta home arriving about 10:30 p.m. then about a 40 minute drive to home. Keep your courage up. It's pouring rain here today but otherwise we have had absolutely perfect weather. Love to you 3 from Gerry and Barb

  • At 8:20 PM, Blogger Susan said…

    What beautiful photo's of a beautiful are blessed.
    I think of you all often, and keep you in my prayers.
    I hope the market takes off soon and money flows.
    God bless you and give you peaceful rest.
    Love, Sue Crumley McCann


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