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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another day of challenges...

Dear Family and Friends,
I am writing tonight after a long day. First off I want to say a special thank you for some incredible bread that Sylvia brought. We have stretched it as far as we can and now its gone but oh the pleasure of eating such a delicacy. Then there are the jars of fruit, the peanut butter, the tomatoes and the bread that Joyce and Glen brought. Yes and some outstanding jams. Thank you so much.
Nan had a good night and we fought the pump and lost last night, so we had to pump manually this morning and then started over again. A very kind person from Apria called and offered to send someone to help us. We tried more times and suddenly it works. It has been working all afternoon and evening pulling out fluids in a slow careful manner. Nan has had a day with less pain and Marilyn has filled a tub of water and soaked her feet. nan says it feels great. Nan has had a remarkable inprovement in her spirits over the last couple days. Now if the colostomy would just break lose.
I've been battling with ear pain, head pain, extreme lung pain, sore when I cough and sore from so much deep coughing, sore throat. I have a call into the doctor but so far have not heard back. I think I need some help. My other battle is with finances. We have hit one of those terrible dry patches where we go 6 days without a dime in the mailbox. Not one cent. Work continues to slowly come in but payments have stopped and I started the day with a minus $2.00 in the business account. I went to the bank and moved everything I could from the recovery fund knowing that tomorrow the health insurance auto payment will hit, it is over $1,100 and it is not quite covered so lets hope money appears from somewhere. I'm asking God to guide us through this. We closed a Chase Account today and will work with them for a payment plan and lower interest rate than they were charging, an amazingly awful 32%. I have not been this broke in the past 25 years. It is a sobering experience and makes one appreciate even a few dollars.
Marilyn was kind enough today to accept the challenge of sorting an entire box of papers that cover the past year and 1/2, since Boston. We needed that done to prepare for the 2006 tax year. She just stayed with it and did a wonderful job, tonight its all organized. I tell you this girl is good at everything she does. A small thing happened that is disappointing. When Dana arrived she asked on the way home to stop at a Target store and purchased a small fan. John put it together and while he was here he used it every night. Then it migrated down to the family room to help keep Nan comfortable. We observed that it was not being very constant last night and this morning it won't work at all, can you believe that? China strikes again!!
Please continue to pray for Nan both with thanks and appeals, thanks for things being better and appeals for blockage and pain in her legs.
Please continue to pray for Irene who is facing some decisions soon regarding a new GIST tumor and for Bernice White who needs her heart to beat a little faster. Please pray for me too that I can get well. It is our hope that we can go see Timothy being dedicated this Sabbath but I've got to be healthy or I can't be around him, putting him at risk. Extra reason to try to get well.

So tonight my friends, thank you for your calls, prayers and good thoughts expressed to the blog. We love you all and wish there were things we could do for you.


tim and nan and marilyn


  • At 11:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Your in the money,
    Your in the money,
    Clients called and
    sent a check,
    Your in the mon----ey,

    That is the song I want to sing while you my friend are doctoring.
    Just imagine a little medication mixed with a little mula and wahla! Things are looking up. Thoughts are things and these thoughts will be real. Sooner than later we all pray. Maybe a little blockage relief for Nan as well so she can better enjoy the celebration and Dedication!


  • At 8:25 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Here it is nearly time for another blog and I'm just now getting to you. Sorry! It's been a busy day. A lot going on here right now. At least your "weird sense of humor" friend Wes is sill on the ball!

    It sounds like you are going though some real trials right now. We wonder ~ where are the answers? Why won't the checks come in? Why is Nan in so much pain? And now, Tim, you are feeling puny. With no sleep, poor nutrition, and a stress level that exceeds anything most of us have ever thought of I'm surprised your health has held out this well. So, try to get some sleep tonight. Maybe Marilyn will take a night shift for you and let you sleep through one whole night! Ah ~ sweet sleep.

    Those credit card companies will give you fits and charge you max interest if you let them. If you hang tough and say, "I'm sorry, this is all I can pay right now and I really want to pay you off, but due to circumstances I am unable. Now wouldn't it be wiser on your part to lower the interest rate so I can pay it off?" Some will work with you if you don't cave under their pressure. Be assertive!

    We love you both and keep you close in thought.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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