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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Timothy and Keanna visit Grammy!

Dear Family and Friends,

I wish you could have joined us for the very special afternoon we had today. Jason and Julie brought Timothy over for a special visit with Grammy. Nan loved seeing him again and was amazed at how much he has grown since she saw him last. In spite of the heat, about 105 here today, they drove over leaving behind their 70 degree weather behind to come visit. Arriving mid afternoon Timothy got to hold Grammy, Pappa, got a kiss from Keanna, got to hold Marilyn and Nikki and of course Julie cared for him changing him when he needed and getting his bottle ready too. In spite of the heat our family room stayed comfortable and we enjoyed our time together. Nan had come down early this morning seeking a more comfortable place to be due to intense pain in her stomach and back. The recliner with a soft pillow seems to be the place these days. We worked with the pump but never really seemed to get all the fluids out we would have liked to. Terry came this afternoon and assessed the situation and ordered a new pump that is more gentle and continous than the primitive one we have. She was not intimidated by the poor service at Apria and got to a manager and got things cared for. Nan has had a couple sessions of sleep today of an hour or two each but has also suffered a great deal with pain and discomfort. Having Timothy come visit reminds Nan of how much she wishes she was well and could be taking an active role in his care, that is where her heart is but her body won't cooperate right now. Keanna was on her way to dance class and put on her little dance outfit, so cute and she was so precious trying to find a bed from her doll toys that Timothy could fit into. She gave him some kisses on his cheek while he was sleeping. I think we have several photos to share with you of the afternoon. It was a lift for Nan who did not know Jason was coming until he called. I did know but did not want to ruin the surprise for Nan.
I ran some errands today, took papers back to social security, picked up meds, accifex that was $130 since insurance is just sure we should be using an over the counter med, of course in Nans condition with a burned out lining of her esophagus she needs the real thing. In the past I would not have even noticed the charge amount but today when I was scrambling for a card that could handle it I did notice and happily I found a card that welcomed the charge! Can I say thanks in a special way to the recovery fund helpers since I had to move money over to cover the debit card. Thanks so much for your help, today it was very real and worked at just the right time.
Tomorrow is when we see Dr. Melynk at 4 pm. We are both very unsure of what to expect. It will be something our subconscious deals with tonight and tomorrow until we hear the results.
Please keep Nan in your prayers tomorrow as she has to once again get into the car, then the wheel chair, the doctors office, the waiting room and finally the inner office, then back home.
We hope you enjoy the photos, Jason took some of Keanna planting a kiss on Timothy's cheek that will be cute too.
Love to all and thanks for the great messages you sent today. I spoke to our friend Bernice White who is currently residing in the Tracy Sutter Hospital with low blood pressure and heart rate. She is making progress and would appreciate our remembering her in our prayers. She is pictured last Sabbath afternoon as she and Lloyd visited here with us at our home. We need to remember Lloyd too as caregivers need support too!!!!

Good night friends and family,

tim and nan and marilyn


  • At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Marilyn in Lincoln said…

    Hi everyone ~
    What a nice surprise to have Jason and little Timothy stop by for a visit. That was a shot in the arm for Nan - and all of you! He has grown and what a cutie. Keanna is a little doll - those two are going to have so much fun growing up together. Nice that Jo's mom is still there to help out.

    Also, how wonderful Marilyn can continue her visit. It's just good to have someone to share with and have another opinion.

    We'll be waiting to hear the results of the PET scan tomorrow. Many prayers for a good report.

    Love, Marilyn

  • At 12:54 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    What a beautiful baby! He's a real keeper! Yes, he does have that Mustard charm. That special "medicine" that comes with grandchildren is priceless and will do more good than any drug no matter how much it costs. How considerate of Jason to bring him to see you. I'm sure it gave Nan a lift in the mid afternoon.

    We pray that the PET scan will give some answers as to what's going on in Nan's tummy. Why the pain and nausea even with the pump? I wouldn't imagine that surgery would even be an option at this point. It would be nice to see those tumors shrinking with the new meds. though.

    Have a safe trip through the jungle of Friday afternoon traffic. With all that heat I'm sure many will be seeking a cooler place to spend the week end.

    I've read today's blog so I can go back to sleep now.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 6:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Glad that you got the support that you needed to make things happen. It sounds like that just in time inventory system thing?

    Wow! There was a picture of Marilyn sitting down. I didn't think I would ever see the day.

    Good glad tiding from Timette. Hugging everyone. That was nice. The little smirky smile is a positive indicator many adventures to come!

    Grandama seems especially please with the visit. What a great family outing or would that be a great family inning. What ever!

    Praying that the day will pass with less pain and visible joy to offset what pain there is.



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