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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rough day for Nan

Dear Friends and Family,
This has been a tough day for Nan. After getting her blood drawn at 11:30 or so last night she slept until 2 am when we pumped her stomach out and I met the courier at the door with the blood samples and received the TPN shipment meant for today. Then we slept until 6 am when we found Nan to have a 103.3 temperature. We did some ibuprofen and then went back to sleep waking at 8:45 or so. I slipped out and went down to work while Nan continued to rest. The next temp was 100.7. We brought her down stairs and she alternated between the recliner and the hospital bed and by mid afternoon when I left for Berkeley her temp was normal. However when I returned about 7 her temp was once again 103. I'm not sure what it is now. When she woke up I did the pump again and pulled out 600 cc's of fluid, that is a lot. Then she went back to sleep and has remained asleep the rest of the evening.
This morning I decided that we needed some immediate help with the fevers so called back and forth between Critical Care Home Health and the doctor's office until we finally got the word at 2:15 that Zozan, an antibiotic that has been used with Nan in the past was to be sent between 5 and 9 this evening. Well its 10 to nine right now and so far no delivery. I am so anxious to get the meds started as she usually responds quickly to them fever wise. Through it all she has been brave, stoic and wonderful. She is truly an amazing person.
Marilyn has been doing a great job of monitoring her condition and helping her move back and forth, get pillows, covers etc. We used ice packs this afternoon to get the temp down and thats when it went to normal for the first time in days but the ice packs seem so cruel, but Nan never complains, she just looks up and says, it that is what you think I need then go ahead. Wow that is tough sometimes.
I want to pay tribute to Marilyn, Dana, Barbara and Gerry and Jan for their extended stays helping Nan out and also those many hours spent by helpers from the church especially Sylvia. Because of these helpers and others Nan has been able to have a degree of normalcy and changing conversations. You have helped a great deal. She has been especially touched by visits in the hospital by George and Yvonne, Irene, Dolly, Pam, Wes and others.
To be honest there are days when we are somewhat lonely, we cannot go out to mingle, to eat, to travel and its different us to have to stay so close to home, yet often when we are lonely in comes a call or a card or an email which lifts away the curtains of gloom and reminds us of the face of God, caring, warm and touching.
Nan is in a very serious place right now, next Tuesday morning we will have a PET scan, a scan which measures tumor activity, it is important because it is one gauge of whether the AMN is working or not. Whether we keep that appointment in Walnut Creek depends of course on how Nan is feeling as the appointment looms.
I think we should also remember other GISTers, all watching their scans to see signs of change, to see signs of reoccurence, we are not alone. Thousands of people have GIST and wrestle with stability, growth, meds, etc. Our closest GIST friend is Irene and she too has to cope with scans and reports. Our prayers are with her too.

So we are still waiting for a delivery promised between 5 and 9 and now its 9:30 and I'm pacing the floors wondering if I should begin called or just be patient a bit more. You wait too long and you lose, you overreact and you hurt people who are doing their best.

I'm struck again with Terry being here last night at 11:30 drawing blood, so tired she could hardly stand up, having already worked 14 hours during the day. That dedication touches our hearts and helps us in this battle.

We so enjoyed our time with Joyce and Glen last night. I've had two whole tomatoes today and loved every bite of them, they are a huge hit at our house. Thanks so much and tonight Jam on bread, homemade jam, thanks Glen, you do a great job with the jam!

Please keep our dear feverish Nan in your prayers. Life has no joy or happiness for her these last few days, I seek God's blessings for better days and more joyous times soon.

Will you join me in praying yet again for our wonderful Nan?


tim and nan and marilyn


  • At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Are we talking about the same PET appointment. The one you say is looming. The one I thought you might be looking forward to because it will provide better information to make decisions with.

    I can't do this very often but you are better than I and may find this suggestion useful. Facts themselves have no good or bad no positive or negative neither are they sad or happy they are just facts with no value added or subtracted. All the perceptions surrounding facts are the product of our attitude towards them. In life our attitude is the only thing that we can control. The things external to us are way beyond our reach and most of our influence. What to do now? I tell my students to turn there attitude to positive and get to work. This is of course easier for 6th graders than for you or I.

    My prayer for you and Nan is that the facts that cause the pain to our beloved friend Nan would stop and that all our attitudes remain positive.


    PS Marilyn seems to have this down pat.

  • At 4:07 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning Tim,

    With Nan having such a rough day, you are so fortunate to have Marilyn there to help out? It is good to have someone help in her care and be there to watch over her while you are out on the road. And how special to have such a dedicated nurse as Terry to come when you need here ~ even at 11:30 at night! There aren't many like her out there anymore. Yes, Tim, Nan has had remarkable care in general over the last year+.

    We had a refrigerator go out in one of the cottages yesterday and a new one will be delivered here this a.m. I just got a call from Lowes at 6:50 a.m. saying they would be out here by 8:30 this a.m. I could not believe that they were making those calls before 7:00 a.m. Well ~ I was up and Roger had left to go golfing already. He gets an early start on these hot days.

    We are still in the midst of a drought. Our daytime temperatures have been in the 90's everyday for 3 weeks now. This is VERY unusual for here and it is hurting our business. The Floridians tell me that it is as hot here as FL this summer. Not good for repeat customers.

    I hope you have a much better day today with things flowing again. Remember we are all here for you and just a phone call or an e-mail away.

    Love ~ Carol

  • At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Tim,Nan & Marilyn,

    Sorry that things are not going so well for Nan. How We do wish for better things for Nan. Many Prayers are going up every Day for Her well being.

    Weather people are saying 100 today and more of the same for the next 5 days , so I guess We bake for a bit. It has been so comfortably temperate this Year so far that when it does heat up We all complain.

    Today We have Lunch at the Senior Center, Good Food is avaliable every week day at 11:30 for all Seniors, Just call the day before to reserve a spot for Yourself. We are fortunate to have such a good Senior Center in Our City. It offers Food, Movies, Games, Legal Services, Recreation & Social Events. They send You a Calendar each Month of events and Daily Menue for Lunches.

    Hope today is better for Nan and that the coming scan will show good things going on with the AMN on board.

    Love & Continued Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan,
    I ached to hear about Nan's rough day yesterday. We pray for her frequently through each day and I know that her merciful and loving Father will win against all attempts of the enemy to discourage you. God give you both joy today.



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