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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hanging in

Dear Family and Friends,
This Sunday evening Marilyn is back, the motorhome is put away, cat food has been purchased, bank deposit made, Nan is resting quietly in her hospital bed. She has had a pretty decent day but is fighting constant pain and depression over it. She continues to have a normal temperature but needs to have her stomach pumped about every two hours around the clock or she becomes ill. I could not tempt her with juice, ice tea, any food, only ice water with the special ice kept in the garage freezer.
She came down about noon and sat up in her recliner for awhile but experienced significant back pain and some pain in her left nephrostomy. She then moved to the hospital bed where she can find a comfortable position. After a bit of Adavan she was able to sleep for several hours. Marilyn came home this evening and had a great time with her friend in Sacramento. She enjoyed the break and we are delighted she is back with us again here.
I am going to see 4 properties tomorrow, my busiest day in a long time. The nurse will come tomorrow afternoon to draw blood and to check Nan's vitals.
Both Nan and I are growing pretty tense over this bowel blockage. It has lasted over two weeks now and is limiting Nan's ability to enjoy anything as the resulting nausea is almost constant. We did find a small amount in the colostomy today which is a hopeful sign. We feel like no one in the medical community even cares about the blockage, sort of alone with this one.
Nan did appreciate getting to talk on the phone this evening. Someone to talk to really helps.
So we head to bed hoping for a good night, thankful for normal temperatures, thankful for good blood numbers but oh so hopeful for the blockage to cease.
Please pray for Nan. I just long for her to be able to enjoy life again even in a limited manner.

We look forward to a good week, we seek God's special blessings.

Love to all of you and many thanks for your help in so many ways. Your involvement in our lives keeps us moving forward, keeps us from being lonely, from giving up.


tim and nan and marilyn


  • At 11:20 PM, Anonymous barbie said…

    Hi Tim, Nan, and Marilyn,
    Sorry to hear Nan is having the blockage and stomach pumping problems. We are praying for her comfort. It's so nice that Marilyn can be there for more than a week.
    Today we went to the 50th wedding anniversary party for Bonnie and Ed. It was in the Camellia Room and their kids made a very nice occassion happen. Eddy is getting better from the results of his stroke. His parents were there today--dad is 96 (and drove there from Lodi) and his mom is 93. We got to see our kids--Dennis and Lyndi, plus many old friends.
    Sabbath we had a busy day. I had the SS lesson in cradle roll, introduced our guests for the church program, and read the scripture reading. We had 14 family members for dessert after we had lunch at the Meridians in our club house.
    Tomorrow the new Lowes opens here in Lincoln. It is a very large store and it will be so handy for us to get there so it looks like good-bye Home Depot.
    Marilyn and I are going to fly down to see Mother and be with her a few days and celebrate her 93rd birthday. She's making a list of things she wants us to do while there. If her legs worked better she would be on the go a lot more than she is.
    Next week Dennis and Lyndi are getting new carpet installed at the cabin, having the steps going to the loft covered is $200 just for the installation fee. Lyndi was startled over that and so was I! But when all is done it will be nice. They are also having another roof window put in by the stairs so that corner will have more light. Jeni is staying for the winter again.
    I'm off to bed. Good night and God bless you all. Love, Barbie


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