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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday evening

Dear Friends and Family,

Another in a series of days with lots of sleep, constant fever and little joy. And just now Nan is in pain because I didn't get the lovenox shot in perfectly. Really enjoyable part of life to cause pain to the one you love.

This morning the day started with the PT nurse who is a dear lady. She checked Nan out and said she passed and would not need further PT visits. Then the wound care nurse came with a trainee and changed the nephrostomy dressings, that is always a painful experience but very neccessary to keep things tidy and working properly. I promised Nan Adavan after all that and so she slept for the next 4 hours. I finally needed to leave to do some appraisal work. Later in the day she called to say that the family room was hot, not that I could do to much about it from Oakland but I suggested they borrow a fan from Dana and when I came home the fan was blowing. Nan has once again gone to bed with a 101 temp as she did last night but she woke this morning with only 99.3 which was better. She had a good night with only a few interuptions. We both got to talk to Jason and Timothy today and I think Nan got to talk to Jo as well. They are learning the routines that go with a new born and we are both so proud of them and how well they are doing. Jo is gradually feeling better but is still weak. jason seems to take the first shift and then during the night turns it over to Jo who carries on the rest of the night. Timothy is so far only sleeping about 2 hours at a time which is very tough to deal with.

Our shipment of meds came this morning and included all the things we need to keep Nan healthy and fed. They really have a very good system for caring and supporting patients being at home.

I shot a photo of the three sisters this morning and have included it here. I have another big day tomorrow with a construction inspection in Tracy in the morning, then a meeting with a client at 11 in Walnut Creek and then on to an Oakland appraisal at 1. Then back home to take Nan to the doctor for a 3:45 appointment. Before I leave in the morning I need to get some office work done too. Keeping all the irons in the fire is almost impossible it seems. Having Dana and Marilyn helps in that I know Nan will be cared for during the day with loving hands. They watched silly movies today and Nan moved in and out of sleep so probably never actually got to finish one movie the whole day, oh well. She is very alert and walks well now, is fairly steady on her feet but is eating nothing at all, we have to pump her stomach several times a day which suggests blockage of that point in her bowel. Since she has TPN and we can pump it does not become a crisis like it would otherwise. We can't tell anything about whether the AMN is working or not yet but I don't think it is hurting in any way. Tomorrow evening will be a full week on the drug. We are very thankful to the entire team of people at Novartis, the oncology office and the various review boards for their help.

Today we got a letter from Social Security and they want a August 29 meeting with requests for many things to be filled out. Marilyn says she can help us get ready as she had to do the same for her husband Walt.

For those of you who often mention caring for the caregiver I did take time to walk this morning and I could tell that I have lost fitness over these past months. Mostly life is fairly bleak with moments of happiness, like when Keanna comes or Nikki or Jason calls or I get to talk to Art, Pam or Sharon or Irene or Dolly.

Nan sure needs your continued prayers. We are enjoying a time when her health is relatively good right now, blood work came back pretty positive but I wish we could move past the fevers and see her on her feet more, tumor reduction and some appetite.

Good night friends and family,

love to all

tim and nan and dana and john and marilyn


  • At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    It has to be painful when you combine love with nitrous oxcide. It really makes your car run great. I didn't know that it had crossed over into the love catagory.

    I was watching your house on a movie the other day. What movie was your house in you ask. Bleak House of course. Here's prayers that your bleak house has a happy ending as well. But what to do in the mean time. Well watch Orphan Annie, the version with Carol Burnett, fast forward to the song, The Sun'l come Out Tomorrow. It works for me.

    God bless you and keep you and give you peace.


  • At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Barbie said…

    Hello Tim, Nan, Dana, John, and Marilyn! Welcome back to Marilyn! She will be a great help in filling in the needed papers for Social Security. Marilyn, get Nan out on the deck for some sunshine. It's nice out there in the mornings! Good to hear that Nan can walk better.
    Tomorrow we are off to the Tahoe campmeeting, going up highway 50. I hate that road going down to South Lake narrow and twisty and busy. Then going over to the cabin on highway 89 we have Emerald Bay area that is about the same. ugh!
    Blessings to you all and special prayers for Nan's health! Love, Barbie

  • At 6:25 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Now that looks like a laid back relaxed group of ladies. I wish I could join them! I know you both appreciate Dana being there and now Marilyn. Nan will not be alone again. I keep hearing about John. Dana's husband, but I've never seen a picture of him. Are you sure he is really there? Hmmm ~ Maybe Harry Potter has zapped him away somewhere.

    Sorry Nan is still running that fever and now not being able to eat again. Maybe the AMN is having an affect. Doesn't the body run a fever when it is fighting infection? Those tumors are certainly foreign bodies in her body that she is trying to fight off. That takes a lot of energy. Just a simple minded theory.

    We had our August get-together today with our guests. All of these people are repeat guests and we enjoyed them so much! I am very tired tonight however. We had 13 here today ~ good fun. Very nice people. I'm looking forward to a good month.

    Have a good Sabbath with your company and rest well!

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol


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