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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family day

Dear Family and Friends,

Well Nan had a rough night which started with a 102 temp but ended this morning with a 99.7. She vomited once, we pumped her stomach once or twice, we gave Dilautid and we made it through. She came down fairly early this morning to an empty house. Dana and taken David and Joe to breakfast. Soon they arrived back and went to try out their new fishing poles in the lake and eat their breakfast burritos on the back deck. I moved Mom's recliner around so she could witness what they were doing. I left late morning to once again see the same property in Rohnert Park, you see I just happened to go to the wrong house when I was there before and discovered it as I was writing up the report so back again, 2 hours each way. Sleepy time coming home, almost had to stop and nap for a minute. I've been listening to Jack London short stories and that one was like a sleeping aid. When I got home Nan was sleeping, had thrown up and was distressed so Dana gave her Adavan. We woke her at 6 to go over to Steve and Nikki's for the BBQ dinner. We had a great time there with Steve and Nikki being the wonderful hosts they always are and the food was plentiful and wonderful. Even the steaks looked good but my garden burger did the trick for me. Keanna was in great form having just finished her first day back at school.

Then home and right now Nan is sleeping in her recliner, Dana will wake her soon and then she will take her pills and go up for the night. I have the new TPN bag already going now.

I have included several photos and I think they tell the story. Wes, Dana - sister, David - brother, Joe - brother, Nan - sister totals 4 in all. Now wasn't that easy Wes!!

Tomorrow morning David and Joe head back to Texas and Dana has to drop them off about noon. Then our dear friend Marilyn is arriving from Rhode Island tomorrow afternoon at about 5:40 so Dana is going to locate a mall to enjoy while she waits the time in between. Dana is excited and so is Nan as both love Marilyn and Dana and Marilyn will have a few days to be together before Dana has to go back to Texas to begin work in her school district. We will never forget the selflessness Dana has shown this summer, she has purchased groceries, filled the car with gas, made dozens of trips and been so very good to Nan and she was great tonight helping get all the stuff ready for the dinner.

Nan has enjoyed talking to David and Joe and just being with them is special. We are sorry they have to go back so quickly but very grateful that they could come and enjoy Nan's company.

Please pray that the AMN will do its work, that the fevers will be less, that the tumors will be controlled and that Nan will feel better and stronger.


tim and nan and dana and john and david and joe

ps yes thats right, the mighty threesome actually caught a large catfish today, waited until I got home to take a photo and then released it back into the lake. All in all a good day!


  • At 12:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I still don't get it Tim. I examined the pictures carefully and to be honest there is still something fishy about the Nelsons especially that thin one on the string. Are there 5 of them now? They sound weird too. I listened very closely to them and I could hardly understand a thing they said except maybe the YALL part. I have heard that term before. Where did you find these people! Just lucky I guess.

    Everyday with your family is a good day. I am happy for you and Nan and jealous as well.

    May tomorrow see all your wishes come true and all your prayers answered.


  • At 4:26 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning,

    Nan has had more excitement in her life the last couple of weeks than a person can stand! First that trip to MBA to see little Timothy and now a house full of siblings. Great fun! It looks like they were all enjoying themselves. Then Marilyn coming to visit.... That's the frosting on the cake. With so much elation going on ~ no wonder there is fever! She looks good and very content anyway.

    Busy day ahead. We have 6 parties coming in today. Poor Lesley has had 8 cottages to clean in 3 days one of which was filled with dog hair! It took one whole day to clean one cottage. One reason we try not to take dogs and cats. That hair floats around everywhere ~ in the refrigerator, on the blankets, in the furniture, under the furniture, in the air and clinging everywhere! Then try to find it all as it floats around..... And this was an extremely clean well groomed dog. Not one of Lesley's favorite cleaning jobs!

    Have another good day today. So sorry your brothers have to leave so soon, but that may be about as much excitement as a person can take for awhile.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan:

    I'm so glad for both of you to have so much company. Art has decided not to call as often so you can take care of your visitors.

    We are doing well and we also will have visitors this Friday and Saturday. My sisters and Ron are coming and will spend one or two nights. We have tickets to a play, so we will be busy with them.

    Thanks for adding photos to the blog, it all makes more sense. Nan looks so happy!



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