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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday morning report

Dear Friends, Family and GISTers,

After a rather bleak report last evening I thought perhaps I should follow up this morning with a brighter one.

Nan slept with few interuptions until nearly 9 am this morning. She woke feeling pretty well and we did Zophram for hints of nausea. She insisted on getting up and coming downstairs which I was only to happy to assist with. She walked to the stair chair on her own, rode down on her own and got into the wheel chair on her own. I drove her to the Art ramp as she calls it and we went gently down to the family room. At the recliner she got out of the chair by herself and turned and settled into the recliner. Her fever was down to the 99s tonight instead of the 101s yesterday. We did all her meds, AMN, Oxycotin 100mg, Asifex, Lovenox 60 mg in the fatty tissue that is getting harder and harder to find as she shapes up, fruit cup, cold water and a sheet. We sat beside the open rear door and enjoyed the fresh cool air until it was not cool any more. She is dozing now but without extra pain meds on board. We ended up giving her no Tylenol or Motrim last night as the comments that came back to us on the web site seemed to suggest they were not a good idea.

In an hour I leave for Rohnert Park which is about a 1.5 hour trip on a good day to do an appraisal. Dana and John went to an early movie, the Simpsons this morning and will be back by the time I leave. Nan is doing remarkably better than 3 weeks ago or even 2 weeks ago. Today was the last vancomicin and time will tell whether the vanco was holding infection away or not. The next few days will once again be crucial. It is our hope that the AMN might do something to calm the fevers as it begins its work on the tumors.

Well its off to the shower for me and Nan is resting quietly having gone through the mail this morning already and helping out in other ways.

Both her phones are by her side if you happen to want to call. Cell is charged and the house line, 925 634 6132 might even work this time.

We thank God for a good night and what looks like a good day. And we thank Him for providing Dana too. She has been an amazing help and we will miss her so much when she has to go back home. We look forward to Joe and David coming tomorrow. nan is thrilled to get to see them again and for a brief time all four of the children will be together again. That does not get to happen all that often.

Here's hoping you have a good day with love to your family and friends,

tim and nan


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