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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Visitors make the day

Dear Ones,
Its 9 pm, I'm early and determined to go to bed earlier, no earthly reason to go to bed every night at midnight, just hard to settle down and get there.
Nan has had a day of resting up, she and Marilyn have managed the nausea pretty well with frequent pumping of the stomach. I gave her Zophram this morning at 5:30 and again at 9:30. I got to go to see Keanna and her class lead out in Chapel services today in Brentwood, she saw me at the back door and waved and yelled Hi Pappa, good stuff! She was so happy to see her daddy who collected her from school early and they went to have a picnic somewhere in Brentwood. I drove on to the hospital in Concord to pick up new leg bags from the IR department and copies of the recent scans to send to Boston and UCSF. The scans are pretty sobering and its a good thing we have AMN going now, we sure needed something to slow and cool down the tumors.
Then I grabbed a burger for our faithful Marilyn and came back home to work. Bob called and he and Carrol were willing to come out to visit and to bring some ramp ideas. They had purchased ramps for their powered scooter but no longer use the scooter so have the ramps just sitting in a box, thanks so much Bob and Carrol for sharing. Now we have ramps everywhere we need and can move about smoothly on those days Nan does not feel like walking up and down stairs.
Nan has continued to battle severe pains in her hip, stomach and back. She has increased her oxycontin back to 100 mg again to see if that will help with the pain load. She has taken her pills tonight and is ready to go back up to bed.
We were delighted to have Mary come to visit this afternoon. She sat on the bed with Nan and they just talked and enjoyed each others company just before Bob and Carrol arrived. Nan wishes she could feel better, seems to move from one terrible pain to the next and still the blockage remains.
I got to talk to Art and Connie today as they were driving somewhere in mid america. They had visited the Carlsbad Caverns and were on their way to Santa Fe. They are having a great time so far but had a rather ordinary hotel room last night, old, dirty and sub par. Only one resturant in town and the food was ordinary per Art's description. Soon they will be in Taos to visit as well.
We continue to look for work as the industry has little going on right now. If it were not for the Reverse Mortgages I do for one client I would be very slow.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer. Nan needs encouragement, a free flowing colostomy system and less pain.

We have hooked up a new leg bag for the urine, the other one had failed and was leaking. Nan and Marilyn came up with this clever way of putting a glad bag around the bag to catch the leaking and it worked perfectly, I was very impressed but tonight we have new bags, about time since it has been months on the old ones. Let me tell you they are hard to locate. Some medical items seem to be impossible to buy, steal or borrow. Leg bags for nephrostomies are one of those items.

Well its time to head to bed, we want to express our appreciation to Bob and Carrol for their prayer at Nan's chair this evening and a special thanks to Mary who didn't give up when she came yesterday and found our front door locked and we did not hear the bell. Thanks Mary for coming to visit. And Bob thanks for the ramp system.

Please God, hear our prayer for your child Nan, she needs your help, help it seems we cannot find anywhere else, please do for her what you know in your wisdom she needs. Thank you for your blessings in advance.


tim and nan and marilyn


  • At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Mustards & Marilyn,

    It was so good to see You again and to finally get to meet Marilyn. How wonderful to have Her there to care for Nan while Tim keeps the business going.

    You are so very welcome to the ramp aids that We are not using , so glad that they fit so well and can be put to good use.

    We had a safe drive home and when We arrived Home Our Lentel Soup was done and ready to eat. Sure made the House smell good. Wish You could be here to have a bowl too.

    Sleep tight and We will continue to Lift up Nan to the Lord in Prayer. She so deserves to feel good again.

    Much Love ,

    Bob & Carrol.


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