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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Progressing slowly

Dear Family and Friends,

We have done well today. We had a good night with minimal waking moments. The nurse came this morning, took blood for CBC, took vitals, took temperature and it was about 100. Terry found no noises in her lungs, they sounded clear. What a relief as we had been concerned about lung issues.
Then Nan came downstairs and has been down all day alternating between the chair and the hospital bed. She has rested, changed her colostomy bag and had more action in the bag as well, all good news. She woke with a new pain in her side chest area but some dilautid helped solve that. She had a piece of watermellon tonight and paid the price of her stomach being upset with dealing with food. She has had a lot to drink today, ice water glass is in her hand most of the time. She is not feeling great but is doing better than a couple weeks ago. Right now she and Marilyn are watching the Closer and we will head to bed soon.
I have continued to work hard to get caught up and am making excellent progress on my work load. Nikki called this afternoon to say she was stuck on good old Vasco Road, rocks were dropped on the road and it made a mess out of traffic, a 15 min. drive became more than 1 hour. Jason called to say school has started and enrollment is up again with hopes for some more students yet. Timothy is doing well and is gaining rapidly thats to the great care and feeding of Jo and Jason. It is now unclear when the dedication is going to take place as Julie, his grandmother really would like to be there for it too. We will go if and when Nan feels up to it or not depending on whats right for her health.
Our life is pretty much a good routine right now with bedtime between now and 11, then sleep until about 6:30 or 7 for me and about 9:30 or 10 for Nan, then take pills, come downstairs, recliner chair, hospital bed, phone calls, TV shows, conversation with Marilyn or me. Nan is holding her own strength wise. We plan to get her outside in the cool air when we can find some and thanks to the ramps we can make the trip through the garage very easily.
We are grateful for calm days of progress. Is the AMN working? We are often asked that and we do not have an answer yet but I don't think it is hurting anything and it appears to be calming the tumors.
Thanks again to Pam for the massage and to Dolly for the visit and prayers. The dynamic changes when someone new comes in.

Please keep praying for God's blessings and healing.


tim and nan and marilyn

ps I read the 6 blog responses to Nan this evening and she enjoyed everyone of them, I also printed and let her read Bob and Carrol's description of the choir party last night in Modesto at Clair and Beverly's home, we are sorry that we missed the event and nice to be remembered there by our friends.


  • At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yo Tim,

    Grrreat news! Action in the bag. That is progress indeed. Slow and steady progress is good also. Especially the steady part.

    School continues on and I am in the middle of it. Like being in a river, the current is swift so the plan is go with the flow and help as many as you can make it to the end. Sounds like Jason is earning his keep with growing numbers at MBA. Good for him, I know you are very proud of him.

    What was that about Nikki getting stoned? I didn't even know she was a disciple. Stoned for an hour no less. I think it only takes 38 minutes of stoning to get to sainthood. Are going to send her name in?

    Best wishes and prayers for your continuing better health and happiness.


  • At 4:59 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Another good news morning! More flowing in the bag, Nan is up and about, trying food again, increased liquids, planning a trip outside...... This all sounds good to me! Maybe those tumors are shrinking.

    Mary-Alice's cancer has returned ~ metastasized to the lung. Had the little tumor removed and began chemo again last Thurs. She became violently ill and Saturday night was admitted into the hospital. The vomiting has stopped, now she has diarrhea and is still in the hospital. This was to be every 2 weeks for 12 weeks. They will be adjusting the dose.

    I hope little Timothy's dedication will be on a week end that Nan is feeling strong. Wouldn't it be wonderful for her to be able to not only witness it but feel decent as well!

    Keep the improvement going and may God's blessing continue to flow!

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 8:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good Morning,

    You know, I am amazed how the body can and does work. It is so wonderful that things are "moving" now.

    Did I hear Nan had a massage? Perhaps that did dislodge something. At the least, maybe it relaxed Nan and that helped.

    Continue to "fill that bag".

    Sue M


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