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Friday, August 24, 2007

Joy then pain

Dear Friends and Family,

This evening Nikki and Keanna came to dinner. Marilyn had cooked fresh vegetables and Nikki made mac and cheese, it was great eating. Unfortunately Nan was not up to trying to eat yet in spite of more action in the colostomy bag, about 150 ccs. Nan enjoyed the time with Keanna and Nikki until they had to head home about 7:45 so Keanna can get her rest. This has been a tough week at their house with Steve working long hot hours at a construction job since appraising is so slow right now. Keanna has been going to school at 7 in the morning so Steve can get to work on time so she has had a week of long days. She was in fine form this evening and asked that I dine at her little table with her which I was happy to do. How fun!

Our night went pretty well and I did not roll out until about 8. Then I decided to do a good thing and took a walk to the park with the doggies. Then when Nan woke later we got her fresh ice water, gave her her antibiotic and then brought her down stairs. She was in her recliner for hours and finally decided it was time to nap so Adavan induced sleep took over, she got several hours of rest. This afternoon I was spinning my wheels at my desk so I grabbed a couple appointments in Oakland and San Leandro, drove over quickly to see them and then headed back home. Amazingly traffic was light which was a pleasant surprise. Talking to Art and Pam helped me get back with less stress.

Marilyn has been an angel all day with unloading the dishwasher, cooking up the veges and caring for Nan so carefully all day. Its hard to think about a time when she has to go home but we totally understand that she has a wonderful family with a rapidly growing little guy to care for. We are very thankful to God for Marilyn's being with us at this point in time.

For most of the day Nan had a good day but then late this evening suddenly Nan got hit with a terrible pain in her right side on her back just above the nephrostomy insertion point. We gave dialautid twice and now she has the good effects of Adavan, finally she is sleeping. I've never seen her in more pain than tonight, one feels so helpless watching your lover in such gut wrenching pain.

Now we have her on some extra pillows in hopes that she will find a comfortable place. I find myself having some tiny pains too, I think just stress pains.

Pam is hoping to be able to visit tomorrow and we will enjoy seeing her again. Today she had both the police and fire department there at her school to assist with a student that became ill and needed help. Never a dull moment at Pam's school.

So please pray that God will bless Nan with rest tonight and pain relief.

We send our love and hope that your weekend will include a blessed worship day and much family time. We especially remember our friend Irene who is coping with some new growth in her battle with GIST. Please remember her in prayer. She is a dear friend.


tim and nan and marilyn


  • At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan:

    I wish you that today brings less pain for both of you. Couldn't tell by the blog what kind of pain Tim is experiencing.

    Two more days here in the desert and then we go to Gilroy. Temperatures are lower to "103F", people that live here year-round get used to it, we are fortunate that we don't have to. Winter will come soon enough and this place will be great.

    Have a restful day and with less pain.


  • At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    May God Bless you both Tim and Nan. I still remember meeting you both at OHSU a couple of years ago. I continue to keep you both in my prayers for recovery and pain relief.


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