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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One Heroic Lady

Dear Family and Friends,
Its 11:10 now and this has been a busy day. We had a decent night and used the pump to keep Nan comfortable. At 4 am this morning the alarm went off signalling it was time to turn off the TPN, 6 hours had to pass before the PET scan. Nan had no desire to get out of bed and face the hour ride over to Walnut Creek, endure the IV stick, spend the hour in the recliner soaking in the special IV and then the 15 minutes in the machine itself.
We left a tiny bit late with medicines on board on ice, TPN on ice as well, pillows, ice water. Nan decided to ride in the front seat with it reclined. We placed a large pillow under her feet and she managed to find a fairly comfortable place. We drove to Walnut Creek having only one slow patch of traffic. We parked, loaded Nan into the wheel chair and went to Pacific Imaging. They took her in immediatelly and we gave her Adavan to help her relax as she waited in the recliner. Then they came and got me and we moved her to the PET scanner, got her in place on the tiny very flat surface, her arms above her head and for 15 minutes she did not move. Then it was over, I have spent minutes waiting dozens and dozens of times and it never gets easier. I spent the minutes in prayer for Irene who was in SF having a biopsy, for the family who just lost their mother in Tracy and for precious Nan. Exactly 15 minutes later the tech came to ask me to help her back into the wheel chair and we were on our way. nan's only request was for ice water so we stopped at Burger King in Pittsburg, then the oncologist office in Antioch to pick up a letter for Social Security and a prescription of 80mg oxycotin. Then home. nan was so glad to get home and we took her directly up to her bed, gave her Adavan and she went to sleep. She was able to sleep until Terry came to collect new urine samples as a follow up and then went back to sleep. At 6 Nikki and Keanna came to make dinner and to visit Nan. She enjoyed a picture Keanna had made for her. Dinner was great and about 8 they left to get her to bed. Nan was awake some during the evening but is now fast asleep again.
Even though today would have been a tough emotional day for a very healthy person Nan took it on and handled every part of it without complaining. She once again demonstrated the amazing stuff she has for a back bone. What a lady, Marilyn and I are both just amazed at her courage.
Now we wait until Friday afternoon at 4 pm when we meet with the doctor to get results. There is not much harder than waiting to hear news that is so important and vital. I have gone through this process many many times and every time I am nearly a wreck by the time the doctor speaks the words, stable, growth, shrinkage, or a mix of all three.
Art and Connie got home safely and we hope to see them tomorrow afternoon. In the morning I have an appointment with the Social Security office in Antioch. They want to see nan but I have let them know she can't come as she is too ill. I would appreciate your prayers over the visit as we could sure use the funds that we are entitled to by way of disability.

So good night my friend, please keep Nan in your prayers and in your hearts. We both want to thank those who made the check that arrived yesterday for nan's recovery fund possible. Thank you very much for your help. It will be used as carefully as possible, this time groceries, fuel and a new bunch of flowers for Nan. I try to get her flowers fairly often at Safeway and her roses are just petals on the floor now. Thank you very much for your help and to Bob Miller, treasurer of the Tracy SDA Church for his help in the recovery process.


tim and nan and marilyn


  • At 6:12 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    We can't leave this with NO comments today! I guess we are all waiting silently for the results of the PET scan.

    I'm so glad you are moving ahead with the SS. Too bad you can't take Nan with you to prove her need for SS. Pictures would probably help, but I am way too late in the day to be of much help with suggestions.

    We hope your day went well and you will be able to sleep tonight.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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