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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sabbath evening

Dear Family and Friends,

A real rest day after a day of emotional stress. Marilyn left last evening to see her friend in Sacramento so its been Nan and me. Last night she decided to try out her new hospital bed matress and I slept upstairs with the listening monitor so I could know when she needed me. The new pump did not work all night and she woke to vomiting and nausea early this morning. Terry came this morning early to try to make the pump work but she was not able to fix it. Nan called Apria but so far tonight there is no call back with a new pump. So today we are having to pump her out manually with a big syringe. It is a very poor system but its the best we can do so far. Hopefully Apria will come through soon with a new pump.

This afternoon we had the privilege of Wes, Nanette and Sylvia visiting. They were great to talk with and both Wes and Sylvia rubbed Nan's painful legs for hours. We had prayer with us and Sylvia read a very thought provoking article by Bruce, a minister. What a lift to have friends come to visit. Since they left we've been watching Perry Mason reruns, always fun. Nan continues to have pretty strong pains in her legs this evening.

We hope and pray for a good night and for a working suction pump as soon as possible.

So we wind up this lazy rest day thankful for stable tumors and for life which is so precious. Jo sent two different pages of photos of Timothy which we are enjoying a lot.

I send our love to all this evening, please pray that Nan can have some days of joy with less pain and more energy.


tim and nan


  • At 5:09 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning from NC!

    So that's what this Wes guy with the strange sense of humor looks like. Thanks for the pictures to put the names and faces together. I'm glad you had the privilege of having a pleasant rest day with good friends. How special to have friends care that much and come to lift your spirits. (Even if they do have a weird sense of humor)

    We had a busy day at Lakemont for a Sabbath. The Apple Festival is in full swing, Labor Day week end and people trying to get in that last short vacation for the sumer. When the cottages are full with weekend people we seem to have more people in and out of the office for all sorts of little things. Deb and Don came over in the evening for a good game of "Mexican Train". It's hard not to have fun with Deb around. (Nan knows Deb!) We needed that good laugh!

    Friday was truly a good news - bad news day for you. We pray that you will get a new pump soon, no more tumor growth, less pain and hopefully something through to that colostomy bag. I'm sure she would feel better to get that "stuff" out of her system. So she continues to bravely keep on keepin' on in the meantime.

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    That Carol is smart. She saw thru me in a heartbeat. Weird guy with strange humor or was it strange guy with wierd humor. Either way both shoes fit. It is nice to have faces to connect to the names. This is of course the first public picture of me available for many years. I was in the WPP.

    Will Carol introduce me to her friend Deb, that she met on the Train in Mexico? I would like a good laugh too.

    What a wonderful day Nanette and I had with you, Nan and Sylvia. Sorry, Tim that we got to use up so much of Nan's good part of the day but it was great fun and you and Nan were good hosts.

    Except for the constant leg pain Nan seem her wonderful self and held her on and then some. The conversation slipped quickly through the afternoon spiced with laughter and topped off with sprinkles of Nan's quick whitisiums ( this may be a new word I just invented or an old one that I still can't spell).

    Love and prayers for your continued progress. May the pain you now endure soon turn to joy is my prayer today.



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