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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Its hard when your angel flys away

Dear Family and Friends,

Its 10:30 and I've just finished a huge appraisal project for some developers in town hoping to get a fat check for the reports tomorrow. Nan is resting in her chair, between bouts of extreme pain. We are pretty much down to Dilautid every 2 to 3 hours now or the pain becomes unbearable.

We had to say good bye to Marilyn today and that was tough. She has been a big help and blessing to us and I only hope she knows how much we appreciate what she has done. I am also hopeful that her trip went well to Rhode Island today. Nan was so distraught as Marilyn had to leave. It has meant that Nan was never really alone for the past 6 weeks and that has been such a warm and fuzzy for Nan.

Marilyn, thank you for everything!

So far the new pain patch has been a failure, Nan has more pain now than before and the dose is 1/2 again as much as before. Something does not seem quite right.

I'm going to cut this short tonight, I'm so tired and we've been getting up about every 2 to 3 hours all night for pain meds the last few nights. Last evening I developed an intense pain of my own along the side of my hip and it was awful that I could not move or walk without heavy duty pain. I rode Nan's stair chair down to get the pain bottles and then Nan chose what I should take and finally I was able to fall asleep for a part of the night. All day today the pain is certainly there but not as intense and I can walk, hobble really around and care for Nan.

So we both could use your prayers this evening. I always print out what you have written in and let Nan read it. She was so thrilled when Sharon was discussing a future trip this way, I could see hope in her eyes, not something we see all the time anymore. We are also looking forward to Barb and Gerry coming our way this coming weekend for a couple days, wonderful! And we think Sylvia is coming on Tuesday, wonderful and Jason might be able to come on Wednesday, wonderful!

Today Nikki and Keanna took care of Grammy while I drove Marilyn to the airport. Nikki is preparing for a huge sale of children's things and clothes coming soon so she was tagging items and mom watched and slept. Thanks Nikki and Keanna for coming to help Grammy.

Good night my friends and to some of you good morning. Grab life, enjoy it, embrace it and love the family you have nearby, let them know now, not someday. Things rust but relationships are eternal.

Oh God grant Nan peace, freedom from pain, calmness of spirit, steadfast faith.


tim and nan

Fiero for sale, check out the photo!


  • At 7:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Coming through in the clutch now has two meanings. The hero one where someone comes in and saves the day. Well, apparently when you get to be chronologically advantaged it has quite a different meaning. ie "the old guy drives his hotrod around town, the one with the stiff clutch, up shifting quickly then down again. Over and over, wow, what a ride!" Fast forward to the next couple of days, Oh! my leg hurts. Yep, its coming in through the clutch. Go figure. I of course I don't have that problem because I have an automatic, power steering, power brake vehicle. That must be why they get rid of old cars, it hurts to much to drive them.

    Praying even harder for pain relief. Without Marilyn as a happy diversion Nan will be more aware of its presence. Lord we need relief!



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