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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tough day

Dear Family and Friends,
As I sit here beside Nan this evening we are both feeling pretty down. Earlier Nan changed the iliostomy bag, fistula dressing and colostomy bag. As she had the bags removed and the tumor was totally visible Nan came to the conclusion that the tumor was larger, then looking closer at the area just below the colostomy it seemed a tumor could be seen there also. Seeing the tumors up close really causes on to pause with concern. Nan has been having more nausea lately and of course the pain has increased over the past 5 weeks too.

Earlier today we loaded up and went to Tracy to see Dr. Makker a doctor Nan loves and trusts. We wanted to discover additional ways to control pain. He made several excellent points and has laid out a plan which includes using the pain patch again at 100 mg, neurontin each morning and evening and oxycodon for breakout pain. In addition we will be taking some Dilautid as needed. We just put the patch on a few minutes ago and we hope, pray that it will help.

The doctor explained that Nan should not be using slow release 12 hour meds because they take 12 hours to fully digest and we start the pump about 1 hour after nan takes pills. Hence she gets very little benefit from the long acting oxycontin. It helps us understand the realities involved.

Now Nan is trying to screw up enough courage to tackle her pills but they often make her sick and sometimes she loses them. The AMN is so important yet so hard to keep down, what a dilemma.

So we are now heading to bed, hoping for a good night, searching for courage, hope, strength.

We want to thank Barbara Yocum who was kind enough to sit with nan today so i could go to Brentwood and see a property, pick up meds. Barbara is so kind, gentle and Nan loves to have her here even though nan does tend to sleep a bit when people are here. Late this afternoon Mary came to visit. She has been ill with the flu for a few days but has recovered to the point she could come visit. nan drifted in and out of sleep while Mary was here. It is always special when Mary can come.

If there ever was a time when we need the Lord it is now. Our desire is that the Lord would take control of these nasty tumors and hold them back. We need divine help and we ask that you join us in praying for God's healing hands to be laid on Nan.

thank you for being our prayer pardners.


tim and nan


  • At 5:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    It is a day like any other day a day that will live in ........ I am not so sure that days are actually like each other. There is always something different about each one. Take yesterday for instance. We learned some new ways to control pain. This makes it a good day and depending on how much new control we get it could be up graded to a great day. We pray that it turns out to be so.

    Today is different because there are no mistakes in it. Just a perfectly new day in which to experience joy, peace and love. These are good opportunities to say the least.

    We here wish you great joy which comes when Nan has great peace from her pain for which we pray daily. There is however one thing that is the same every day, that is the love God has for us and that we have for each other. God Bless you and may your today be full of JOY.


  • At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Mustards,

    How wonderful to have a Dr that will listen and show compassion for Your problem. We pray that His new P.O.T. will do the trick and bring much needed relief for Dear Nan.

    We had a good lunch at the Senior Center Yesterday but the Movie at 2:00 was not something that I would like to see again. Not quite the "John Wayne Type " that it was reviewed to be. No Indians, Just a lot of Guns & Horses & Bad Guys Killing Good Guys.

    We will be over tomorrow to watch over Nan You while You take care of some Business. Looks like it will be much cooler as We approach the weekend . They are even forcasting Snow at 5000 ft for Friday. Can You believe that!

    We are praying that Nan has quality relief from Pain today with More Good Days to come.

    See you tomorrow close to Noon as We can make it.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.


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