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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Post 597, Nan has quiet day, Keanna brings cheer and excitement

Dear Ones,
10:25, Nan is resting in the recliner, I've finished my mac and lima beans with cold milk, have her TPN set out to warm up a bit, house is quiet, so quiet.
Pam came today and stayed the day. She is a wonderful source of support and love for Nan, she rubbed her knees and legs, helped her change the tummy bandage, kept her company and supplied what meds Nan needed while I was gone. She found the tomato stash and made herself a couple yummy tomato sandwiches using tomatoes from LeAnns garden next door.
Keanna spent the night and at 7:30 this morning she crept into our room, to my side of the bed and ask quietly if I could turn on the DVD of her Dora hero. I started the DVD for her and she was quiet for a long time before coming in again with bubble gum for Grammy! I helped Nan make the move down to the recliner and this time we had to hold on to each other as her knees and legs were giving way as she walked to the stair chair. She had a rough night, was awake a lot and had some unsettling pain. Starr was not a nice dog last night, could not quiet down and kept wanting to bother Nan, very unusual for our normally attentive little doggie.
When Pam arrived this morning Keanna and I left for Avalanche Ranch, the VBS program at the Tracy SDA Church. The room was filled with activities and Keanna was not sure she wanted to plunge right in but when she found her friend then she was better. They have a part where a person dressed up as the Pharoah refuses to let God's people leave and that scared Keanna a bit. After the program was over we left and Keanna asked nicely for a stop at Burger King, since eating anywhere is better than my cooking we went in and got a kids meal. She ate and played in the play area and when it was time to leave she walked out keeping her word. How she wanted to stay and play more, I could see it but she honored our agreement. Then home for a pickup by Nikki and a short nap for me in my chair. Pam and Nan were snoozing too. Later I went to Longs for my medicines only to discover I had not ordered them yet. I was able to find some little packages of towelettes we heat in the microwave, that Nan likes to use to bath since she cannot shower and be in the tub. All too soon Pam had to head home and so we talked a bit by her car about the changing in Nan's condition. The weakening in her limbs and the restlessness today and last night. We are all alarmed by the size of the tumor that is visible. It seems much larger than before and with no options that is very ominous. Nan herself has mentioned to me after looking at the tumor, you might not have me much longer! Those are chilling words yet she and I both know that tumors cannot grow forever without doing even more damage and pain.
What can I say except if you have been meaning to talk to Nan but have put it off this probably is a good time to do so. We have no idea of what the future holds but the signs are not encouraging for either of us.
For those of you praying about income and checks in the mail, a couple came yesterday and a couple more today so payroll was a success once again.
This evening I got a call from Dolly, our friend and the lady who with her husband howard taught us the appraisal business. She is enjoying time with her husband Ken up in Oregon, they have adopted a dog from the shelter, they are just enjoying getting to know each other better and our prayers and best wishes are for their happiness as the days progress.
I also got to talk to my brother Jerry just before he left to drive up to his home in Weed for a few days off from work with the trains. I also talked to Art and he and Connie are home from their week of camping in their new coach. They had a great time, learned a lot and even had a night of rain on the roof. For those of you who have camped you know the rain is very loud on the roof of a motorhome, but kind of cozy too.
So now I'll sign off, go prepare the TPN which means, inject human insulin .32 ml, inject two bottle of vitamins, roll bag to stir and mix up injections, twist off blue cap, insert infusion line, put pressure on bag and force all air from infusion line, change batteries in pump, attach pump, program pump, secure bag in backpack and close zippers, then find Nan and after flushing white lumen line with 10 ccs of saline attach infusion line and let it run for the next 24 hours. I will also prepare several saline pushes of Dilautid, Adavan and at least one of Zophram for nausea. These I place in our tiny frig upstairs to save trips up and down during the night. I will move the pump upstairs, empty the collection bottle and restart suction of the stomach line. I will move 2 green pillows, the heating pad, ice water in a heavy cyramic cup, bring one bottle of spring water from the frig, rub knees, feet as needed and then fall heavily into bed for 2 hours. I think we can do about as well as they do in the hospital as long as her condition does not worsen where she needs more intensive care.
Make no mistake, Nan is alert when she is awake, gives me ideas and helps me do things, reminds me of the days to leave the door unlocked, advised me tonight on how to make lima beans correctly so they don't collapse and taste terrible. Nan is a sharp amazing woman who is in trouble with nasty tumors which so far cannot be controlled anywhere in the world. The near future is in God's hands and we trust Him to do it right. Nan looks forward to seeing Sharon, Dana, Marilyn and if possible Jan as well.

We send our love to each of you,

tim and nan


  • At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan:

    Please know that we pray daily for both of you. We missed the phone conversations and reading the blog while we were camping. Yes, we had a great time in the outdoors. We hiked 12 miles one day in the beautiful redwoods.

    My wish is that you have a restful night and that tomorrow will bring peace and joy and no more pain for Nan.


  • At 5:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, Guys

    This has been a wild and amazing last couple weeks for me. As you know, I am trying to decide if I should sale my house on three acres, two in orchard, or "be content with such things as you have". I told the Lord that If He wanted me to sale and build elsewhere, He would have to send me a buyer, because I have no idea what to do or how to do it. I decided to engage in the help of a real estate agent, something we never had done over the years of buying and selling houses. My kids insisted that I leave things up to them and not worry about things. We had agreeded that the house would go on the market Thursday Oct. 4th. Having seen every show of "designed to sell" on HGTV, I had no trouble staging the house for viewers. I had a couple come by on Tuesday the 2nd and they gave me a check to hold the house for them, as they were headed to LA for a dental convention. Both are dentist in Mexico, church members and lovely people. Needless to say I saved 6% that would have gone to the agent. If you people knew how much and how long I have stayed on my knees over this situation you would realize just how God works. They came by Friday (5th) and wanted to sign the contract without even reading it. I explained that they should not sign so quickly, take contract home over weekend and discuss it. They informed me that they trusted what ever it said and the bank had told them they would have their money on Tuesday,the 9th, as banks will be closed on Monday! Meanwhile I had purchased a lot in a gated community, where several of our church members live, with the ideal of either building, if that is what God led me to do or keep it as an investment and resale it. Here I sit Sunday morning wondering how I am going to empty out a large house that I have lived in for the past 20 years, raised the boys most of their lives, and watched our 5 grandchildren grow up. If you know me, you know that I never throw anything away. If anyone ever needed anything they always knew that I would have it, and I usually did! I figure that If God led me this far, I'm sure He has a plan all laid out to help me do what needs to be done. Meanwhile, I will have no house to live in! Completely homeless! The Boys would take me in, but I don't want to upset their lives and routines. They both have their own bussiness (of which I am very proud!) Sandra's Grandparents who live in San Antonio and have a home here in Weslaco have offered me their house while mine is being built. Talk about God, family, friends, and perfect timing!!! I will allow God to continue to do His thing, He has carried me through some very rough times and I know He is still carring me. If all this falls through, it will be just fine with me, as I would know without a question, He must have a better plan for my life.

    Meanwhile, Nan has told me what color to paint her room and which wall she wants the head of her bed on. I am planning for her and Tim to get to come stay with me some.

    This is a long story folks, but I want each of you to know without a doubt that If you turn something over to the Lord and ask that His will be done, and truely accept His will, whatever it is, you will be so content.

    Nan, you know that I pray for you and Tim ongoing. As bad as things are, we still hang on to the promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us. This world is not our home and we are well aware of this. If we love Him, we will keep His commandments and in doing so, we have nothing to fear, but much to look forward too. Know that I love you both and hold you dear to my heart.
    As soon as things settle here, I'm on the plane to see you!

    Love, Sharon

  • At 8:57 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Good Morning Mustards,

    We enjoyed a restful Sabbath Day and had Friends over last evening for Table Games & Popcorn.

    Tomorrow is Clinic Day for Carrol (every 28 days), always a bit stressful but so necessary for Her continuing battle against this Cancer Stuff!

    Tuesday We will travel to Reno for a 3 day Visit with Friends up there and maybe a Show. Back Home on Thursday coming back on hwy #50 going thru Apple Hill for Vegeburger Lunch & Apple Pie at Larsons Apple Barn. We are hopeing for continued Fair Weather as We are on the Highways for a few hours each way and driving anywhere these days is a challenge with the heavy traffic,let alone having to deal with nasty weather too.

    We want to again assure You that We will be Praying for You each Day,asking the Lord to Comfort & Heal as only He can do.

    God Bless You Both,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 1:23 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    WOW! What an inspiring story by Sharon today! It gives me courage. Yes, we have seen God lead in very dramatic ways in the past and I know when the time is right we will sell our place or we will get help soon.

    Another special day with your little Keanna! We all need that ray of sunshine in our lives now and then.

    You mentioned that Starr kept bothering Nan. Some animals have a sense about illnesses. I have a friend whose cat kept bothering her ~ he kept smelling her. Her cancer had returned. The cat knew before the doctors. So, I don't know what's going on with Starr, but she just might know something the rest of you don't know.

    Hang in there,Tim. We are praying for your strength and that the angels will be near you during this very trying time. We remember you daily and hold you close in thought and prayer.

    May Nan have relief from the pain and rest for both of you.

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol


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