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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Calm Sunday

Dear Family and Friends,
Well its 7 pm on Sunday night and this has been a calm subdued day. The ladies are watching the world series and I'm working in the office. I've just had a very good piece of apple pie and I'm sipping a hot drink. Dana brought pizza home this afternoon and because it was thin crust it had no calories, nice!
Nan had a decent night but woke in the middle of the night and ask to sit up, so we sat her on the edge of the bed for awhile and the reluctant suction pump began to pull our material that needed to come out. She sipped some water and that came through as well. When she laid back down the drainage stopped working, yet all in all we got over a half a canister out during the night. We used Adavan a couple times to help her sleep but at 7 this morning she was awake and ready to get up and move downstairs. So we woke Marilyn and got ready to start the trip. Once again nan grabbed the handles of the walker, stood and walked the many steps to the stair chair. When she settled into her chair she fell back asleep after the hard workout. She has had some bouts of nausea today but the pump has been doing a better and better job of pulling the fluids out. During the night Nan asked for and was given hydration just to add a bit of fluid to her system. Today she has had times of waking and times of sleeping. Dana went shopping for a while and visited Nikki. She found many many cans of some good ice tea and fruit drink for a very good price. She also found something very cute for Timothy's first Christmas and was so delighted with her find.
I've been using the time to write appraisals and to work on getting more organized, it takes time to recover from two weeks away, things tend to stack up even if we are very slow in the new order department.
Nan's spirits are decent in light of not feeling very well a lot of the time. Her stomach hurts especially when she drinks anything. I feel that the Lord is gradually answering our prayer for the suction to work better, certainly it is better than 24 hours ago. We are anxiously awaking the morning and a call we are supposed to receive from a pharmacy connected with Bayer Drug. They will be telling us how the Nexavar will be delivered.
Nan has enjoyed several phone calls today, Tanya from New York called and her calls are always so upbeat and encouraging, Irene called and let us know that for sure her surgery was set to happen soon. Pam called on her way to her school to try to get ahead of the surge tomorrow.
I'm back after a break, Nan is having burning pain this evening near the fistula and nothing seems to be dealing with the pain. So I just gave her a low dose of Adavan which may carry her until time to go up to bed. Terry will be here in the morning at 7:15 for her weekly vitals and blood draw.
It is an interesting mix of personalities here at the house. Dana does a great job of keeping things moving including meals and DVDs. Marilyn has become an excellent care giver for Nan and watches over her like a mother and child. I help with meds, moving Nan about, night duties, anything else Nan needs or wants from me.
So now its time once again to wrap it up.
In summary we have had a decent day, Nan would say not so good but it seems we are holding our own right now. We eagerly await the call re: Nexavar tomorrow.
Can we get you to pray once again for Nan's special situation. She has lethal tumors that need to be reduced or at least stopped in their tracks, she needs some relief from suffering and she needs courage and peace.

tim and nan and dana and marilyn


  • At 11:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    in association with Mary Land
    (pronounced mary lin)

    You will need a large pot to mix all the ingredients in. (XXXXXXXXL)

    You will also need a canoe paddle to mix all the ingredients in the really big pot.

    Start with 8 slices of non-calorie Dana Pizza.

    Add a dash or two of Oreginorganinzed Tim.

    Slice in some Nikkita bananas.

    Then blend in some Apple-of-Pam pie without the whip cream.

    Stir in 96 tear drops and bring to a boil. Thicken with flour of faith and salt to taste.

    Let cool, garnish with son of Ja and serve with a cup of hot Jo.

    This recipe of happiness goes best with Nan! Enjoy!

    Now we're cookin'

  • At 2:54 AM, Blogger Teri said…

    We are praying for Nan and the whole family Dana. Our church lifted all of you up in prayer. I pray that Nan can find peace, and a pain free day. Thanks for the site, we will continue to lift Nan up.
    Love you Dana


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