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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nexavar arrives

Dear Family and Friends,
10 pm and the ladies are watching House or were at least. Thanks to the kindness of members of my high school class I purchased a new device that holds water and allows Nan to have her feet in circulating and warmed water. Marilyn and I ran in this evening to a Linens N Things and found it on a 1/2 price sale. Nan has long wanted it and she smiled when she woke to find out she now has one.
Nan had a decent day with some awake moments and others deeply asleep. I left at 11 today to see two properties in SF, then back to the DMV to renew my license, then Longs for meds, Jeans to drop off files to write up, then home. I found that Nan has had some bouts of nausea today, same as yesterday. The pump is working well at pulling unwanted liquid out but we are still dealing with nausea.
Mid morning the new meds were delivered by UPS, 14 pills for 14 days at 200 mg per day. Now I'll write to Boston for advice re: how soon and what goes well with it and what does not go well. We are indeed very thankful that we will have a chance to give Nexavar a try.
This evening I got a chance to catch up with Nikki and Keanna for a moment before she went to her swimming lessons. What a sweetheart, I'm wearing a sticker she shared with me. Its always an up event to get to see my girls.
Carol Peden called Nan this morning from Dollywood in an attempt to let her listen to the Kingdomaires, a southern gospel quartet who are a fixture at Dollywood. Unfortunately Nan had just had Adavan and was zonked so could not stay awake long enough to listen. Thanks Carol for trying. So glad you got a day away to rest up and relax. Carol and Nan both enjoy Dollywood very much and have spent many happy hours there over the past years. Nan misses going to Dollywood so much, actually she misses going anywhere these days.
We have not heard back yet about her blood work on monday. Sort of thought we would have heard back by now. That is the gauge we go by to know if things are holding steady or not so its important to us.
Thanks for praying about the suction and I think that prayer has mostly been answered. Right now we need guidance regarding the new drug and for it to work well for Nan. We have placed our faith in God and trust that He will do the Right thing for Nan.
We send our deepest love and appreciation to each of you this evening. We are reminded daily that we are not alone by your many ways of expressing your care.


tim and nan and marilyn and dada


  • At 5:51 AM, Anonymous Barbie said…

    Greetings again to the Mustard household! Finally the new medicine is in and our prayers will be that Nan gets some help from it.
    It's early morning and we are up getting ready to fly away to Maui until Nov. 12. I'm taking the blog address so I can tune in to follow the blog.
    Looks like we missed you when you came up to Sacramento area, Tim. You were probably in a rush.
    Yesterday was Gerry's birthday and we went to see a movie called Dan something. It was soooo good.
    More later. Aloha! Barbie

  • At 8:57 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    It's late at night here and I'm just now getting to the blog after cleaning 3 more cottages and more laundry! I used to like doing laundry ~ now I dread another load. Our overflowing hamper attests to that. Cottage laundry takes priority over personal laundry. By the time I have time to do it ~ I don't want to. Next week is slower ~ only 2 to clean on Sunday and 2 on Monday. Then we have a bit of a break until Thanksgiving.

    So fortunate to get the Nexavar. Do I understand correctly that the drug company provided it for Nan free? What a blessing! Now we pray for tumor reduction. It's worth a try ~ so give it a go and see what happens. Can't hurt.

    I was disappointed that Nan was not awake enough to enjoy the Kingdom Heirs yesterday. I am sending their new CD out in tomorrow's mail. I missed it today... All of these songs are new. Some I like especially well ~ some are so-so. Like most CD's. Yes, they still have that twangy tenor and they have a new pianist. I don't care for him as much as some of the others, but he's new.

    I hope tomorrow brings a better day and the pain is under control.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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