Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another traumatic day!

It started pretty scary, as we brought Nan down the stair chair and she stood up suddenly the floor was covered with blood and their was blood on the stair chair seat. We hurried her to the recliner and when she stood from the wheelchair there was blood there too. What was going on? We called Terry and she said it was something that just might happen. Nan and Marilyn began to remember when they had the ostomy bag off yesterday changing it and had noticed a spot next to the stoma which looked like dried blood. After a few minutes there was no more fresh blood and Nan began to settle down. It is highly unnerving to see so much blood coming from someone you love. We looked closer and it appeared that the blood was coming from around the stoma, we are still not sure this evening. The wound care nurse is coming tomorrow morning and will change the bag and then perhaps the truth about where the blood came from will be known.
After a solid dose of Adavan Nan fell asleep and relaxed a bit. I sent an email to Boston asking questions about our new drug. Seems the drug company had only given us enough for a 200 mg dose per day and the usual dose is 800 mg. Dr.Morgan was so kind and responded nearly instantly confirming that she should start the drug immediatelly and that the dosage should be 800 mg. So I called our oncologist, spoke to Alice and found out that the doctor has only ordered 200 mg. I forwarded the Boston emails to her email and later in the day she called to say the drug company would be shipping out more drug to us tomorrow and the correct dosage was to be 800 mg. Another crisis averted! So about 2:30 today Nan took her first Nexavar pill and this evening after all the details were cleared up took two more pills since we know more are coming soon. We are very thankful to all who have worked so hard to make this happen so quickly, especially Dr. Melynk and Dr. Gainey and Alice.
Nan has had a low key day with a high point. keanna came to show Grammy her outfit, she was a Strawberry Shortcake girl, so cute and adorable. I'm reporting what I was told. I was out shooting photos and missed her and Nikki. Bummer.
Dana had candy ready at the door and LeAnn was kind enough to bring us a sack of candy for the many trick r treaters who came to the door. Thanks LeAnn for your thoughtfulness. Yes there were many and we used the honor system, left a big bowl out front and amazingly there is still some left in the bowl.
Nan is ready to go up now and I'm sure she is thinking just like I'm thinking, is this same place going to break open again and bleed when she stands up and moves about. I sure hope not. We got our new shipment of supplies, TPN, Dilautid, Adavan, needles, and many other items. Delivered to the door at 8:45. Star was very willing to welcome him with loud barking and her usual rude self at the door. I asked for and received hydration for Nan for the next 7 days. We had low output last night from her kidneys and I want to see if we can increase that with some extra fluid. Pump is working well today, Nan has had some pain and has slept most of the day.
Dana is beginning to consider returning home as she has duties both at work and at home to care for. She has been a doll, a cook, a cleaner, a good friend and most of all Nan's sister and has catered to her every need. She was there this morning when the blood hit and jumped into action. These two ladies are amazing in what they can do to help Nan feel better, to laugh a little and to help her pass the time.
Carol, Nan will enjoy hearing the music when it arrives, thanks so much for thinking of her in this way and for the signed case at that.
Well I think this day has been long enough. In a few minutes we give the last antibiotic and then hope that the fevers and infections do not return.
We wish Barbie and Gerry well as they travel to Hawaii. Hard working people who have lived their lives carefully deserve to enjoy their retirement and I am so glad they are doing it right.

Please pray hard that the Nexavar will work in Nan's body to reduce the tumor masses. Pray that she might feel better and be able to enjoy life more.
We love you and we thank the class of 1967 for their donations to the recovery fund. The money was deposited to the fund today to be held until a special need arrises. Thanks so much each and every one of you.


tim and nan and dana and marilyn


  • At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan: Just a few days ago I got caught up with the blog as I didn't have computer connection. I'm sorry that Nan is still suffering so much but I'm glad that she has those two wonderful ladies to help her and of course Tim.

    I have been here in the desert for almost three weeks, the weather has been wonderful other than the few smokey days due to the fires. Tomorrow morning we head out to our other home in Gilroy. I would rather stay here to enjoy this weather. We will be back in December. Art has been so busy taking care of things. We also enjoyed our neighbors, we are so lucky to have wonderful neighbors in both places. Las Sunday we went to a "golf cart parade", yes, the Palm Springs area is full of golf courses so the parade had a great theme.

    We are praying for Nan's health and hope the new medicine works fast.

  • At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    (from organ in the background)

    dum dum dum dum dummmmmmm
    dum dum dum dum
    dum dum dum dum dummmmmmm
    dum dum dum dum


    And so begins another frightening Haloweeeeeeeen. Nothing can save you now the vampires are awake! The zombies have been poured! The mummies are unwraped and knocking at your door!


    (more screaming/them silence)

    There was blood everywhere. It was a scene of shock and horror. There was blood on the floor. There was blood on the seat. There was blood on the wheelchair!

    No, this was not just another haloween. It was another day in the continuing saga of Nan's recovery. It's a great story. Join us each day for another exciting episode!

    Tomorrows episode starring

    NEX A. VAR (foreign actor )

    Tune in!



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