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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Post 625, Holding steady, Bob and Carrol brighten the afternoon

Dear Family and Friends,
Our Sabbath went pretty well. We had to get up early as Dana needed to be in the Sac. airport early and Marilyn was kind enough to drive her up. She was able to spend the day with her friend and came home with a larger sheep skin for Nan to sleep on. It was nice to see her home and safe. She swears Dana drives fast so she was thankful to be home safely. Dana had a tough time getting home and had to land 6 times to get home. She was flying on a pink pass which is like standby and some of the routes she had intended to take were full or had no seats for her. I think she got home but she went all over the place today. My how we appreciate your being willing to go through all this for us and to be with her precious sister. Now Dana, enjoy yourself at home and take care of those loved ones that have been missing you.
Nan was downstairs early, 6:15 and Keanna also got up then. She watched a DVD, munched on breakfast and ended up on the couch with me under a big blanket with Starr sleeping between us. She colored, sipped her milk, colored some more and we stayed warm as Grammy also stayed warm under her blanket. Nikki came mid morning to collect Keanna and then they were off to a special program in San Jose today, something related to Dora. keanna was so precious and so fun but got very little sleep. Nikki was not impressed with that part.
I stayed within earshot of Nan all day today and we talked some, enjoyed going to church in Loma Linda and another church somewhere else on the hope channel, great music for that service. The Loma Linda Service is really enjoyable and the preaching of Randy Roberts is really helpful and thought provoking. Mid day I checked the computer to discover that Bob and Carrol were willing to come over for a visit, while Nan and I were talking about their coming the phone rang and it was Bob. They came about 3 and Carrol rubbed Nan's leg for a long time, Nan loved it. Bob had brought a CD with him of heavenly chorale music and we played that and loved every song. As the dark grew on they left for home before the levee road turned even more dangerous than usual.
This evening I got the little frig where we store all of Nan's meds and TPN defrosted finally. For those of you who have visited you know the frost was coming out everywhere and it was time to do something. Nows its all clean and fresh again. This afternoon I did something I have not been able to do for weeks, made a tomato, peanut butter sandwich on some very good bread Dana purchased. So yummy in spite of the tomatoes being store bought, still not bad. This evening it was popcorn and scrambled eggs and some really dark bread toasted. Along with a glass of 4% milk, love that Dana, she buys the good stuff. I would never come home with anything other than 1% so this will be enjoyed while it is here. Reminds me of a stop over in Amsterdam on a trip to Israel years ago. While we were stopped there we were stuck on the plane since it was a short stop for refueling. They brought some milk to the plane and somehow I discovered that I could ask for a carton. It was the most heavenly milk I had ever had, so rich and creamy. That was so good and I've never forgotten it.
I am once again facing the challenge of having more immediate bills than income, health insurance comes out monday at $1,107 and perhaps by then I'll find some more funds. Can only hope. Got a nice IRS letter today telling me how much interest and penalty I owe on 2006 taxes since they were not paid in a timely manner, $800 more dollars. The need never stops but I see in the fax that two orders did come in, thank you Lord for the orders.
Nan has suffered with pain in her feet and legs today, her left side has also been painful. She has faithfully taken the new meds on the 8s and we hope to keep that schedule secure.
We are thankful for life, we so wish that Nan's life could be happier and more painfree, that she could move about and even travel again.
Today we received a very very thoughtful gift. Julie, Jo's mom, shipped us a beautiful photo album with photos of baby Timothy and those near him. The book represents a lot of hard work and we are very touched and thankful for it. what a nice surprise!
Irene's son has emailed some brief comments about Irene's surgery and it appears that the tumor was not one that could be removed in the surgery but the email says they burned it and the surgeons are pleased with the results. We'll have to see if Irene is pleased with the results.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for Nan and for our family,


tim and nan and marilyn
ps Hope Roger and Carol survive the night. They have a group of many kids staying in their cabins tonight and as of 11 pm the kids were not even close to going to bed. Yikes.


  • At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Tim,Nan & Marilyn,

    It was so good to visit with You both yesterday afternoon and to share the good music was a special treat. Those "Songs of Heaven" are such a welcome comfort as We recall the times that We all sang them together with Roger & Carol and all of the others that were with Us in the Choral. "Some Bright Morning" We will all be together again and will raise Our collective Voices together in Praise once more. What a Day that will be !!

    We had a very easy trip home and stopped at CostCo for Gas $3.12 per gal, what a "Rip Off" seems like only Yesterday We were complaining about Gas being over $1.00, hard to grasp how such a short time has brought these high prices.

    We,with Our friends the Guptill's are taking a short afternoon Cruise on the Delta from the Waterfront in Stockton, thanks to some (two for one $15.00 cupons) We will spend a couple of hours on the guided tour with what looks like some beautiful late fall weather. (Remember the Time Change) I got all of the Timers & Clocks set to the correct time and now to get used to the early darkness.

    We are glad to read that Marilyn is back from Her ride to Sacramento with "Nascar Dana".How wonderful it is that She can be there for Nan.

    Tomorrow is Clinic day for Carrol again (every 28 days 4 hours of Aridia) We are praying for good blood numbers so She can continue to be off of Chemo and all of the "Stuff" that goes with that treatment. We will give You a report Monday evening when We get back from Band Practice etc.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.

    Thank You Dana for all the good "Food Fixins" that You left for Tim to enjoy.

  • At 2:03 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi Tim and Nan,

    We survived the teen age week end! We were under the impression they were here for Bible study ~ NOT. We were also under the impression that there would be a group of 12 ~ NOT. There were 19 of them!!! The chaperone told me this morning that the kids were not happy about it but they finally got them all corralled and in about 1:00 a.m. I don't think we will do that again. The chaperones probably won't either. Fortunately the cottages were left in ok condition. I'm just glad they didn't stay any longer than they did. We just finished cleaning 3 cottages and don't have any more to clean until Tuesday. Laundry ~ well, that's a different story. Maybe Roger and I will battle the Mexicans and take it to the laundromat tomorrow. We can do it all in 2 1/2 hours.

    How nice that Bob and Carrol were able to come visit. And especially nice was the massage of the feet and legs that Nan enjoyed. Of course the music was a special treat. Roger just ordered some new music from Discovery thanks to Bob's find. He's been a good resource for music through the years.

    Time to go put my feet up and relax a bit. I hope ya'll had a great day with not too much excitement.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I is obvious that Marilyn and her friend have their pictures on the walls of many a post office. I don't know how they are able to remain at large. I hope that when the time of arrest comes that you and Nan will not be taken into custody for harboring a KILLER!!!!
    Yes you heard me. Mariyln and her friend did not get that sheep skin at the mall. This can only mean one thing. That, the two of them killed an innocent sheep. The evidence is hiding under Nan right now. You had better have a good story if the police discover her hide out.


    ps let Nan handle the police. You how good she is at handling men.


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