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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

More trouble, Nan is uneasy

Dear Family and Friends,
Well its now 11:30. I started this little report about 9:30 but since then have been doing things, TPN, Adavan, holding Nan's hand and watching an old Perry Mason. Marilyn has just gone up to bed and I'm sleeping in the recliner tonight, Nan decided she did not want to risk opening up the bleeding again.
When we came down this morning she started bleeding at the bedside, on the stair chair and on the wheelchair and all the way to the recliner. This time a tiny leak opened near her fistula and was putting out clots of blood. marilyn got her cleaned up and the bleeding stopped immediatelly when she stopped moving. She spent much of the day with her hand holding pressure on the gauze that covers the fistula. The sight of her with blood everywhere is very unnerving. Other wise Nan has had a decent day. This morning we helped her get into a position where she could put her feet into the water massage device we got in town. It worked really great and she fell asleep with her feet being massaged.
I've been working on getting appraisals completed today so I can start the new week sort of caught up. Well not really but sort of. My first priority is to locate money as the account will need it tomorrow.
I was absolutely shocked today when Loree called to say that $1,200 had come from the church for the recovery fund. That is just the right amount to cover the health insurance which is due tomorrow. Nan and I both want to thank you for your help. We have no expectations at all, just trust God will see us through and this time he used some of you to help with this automatic payment for Blue Cross. Thank you Loree for letting me know too.
We are still eating very nice meals thanks to Dana's left overs. Actually at the moment I am regretting the last thing I ate as I have heartburn and I never get heartburn. I was very anxious when we moved Nan from the chair to the bed, that the wound would not open up again and bleed some more.
No matter what happens I never quite get used to it and it throws me for a new loop every time. Nausea, bleeding, tumor growth, leg pains, it is all so hard to accept and live with. This is my precious lady, my travel expert, my beautiful clothes horse, my QVC addict, my advisor struck down so low she can hardly function. What does God have in mind?
Right now I'm beat and ready to try to sleep.
Judy from my class of 1967 sent me photos today of those who met, I was very pleased that so many could make it there but they look so old! Actually I feel better now as I fit in with the age group pretty well. Thanks classmates for your help and prayers. Feels good to be remembered.

tim and nan and marilyn


  • At 6:51 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Dear Tim,

    My heart goes out to you this morning as you see your precious Nan suffering so. It seems it is more difficult to see our loved ones suffer than it is to suffer ourselves. Keep close to her and be there for her. That's the best you can do to give her the support and comfort that she needs. I'm so glad you have that angel Marilyn there with you to help out and bring a calming spirit during this troubling time.

    We will keep you close in our thoughts and prayers today ~ as always!

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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