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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another quiet day

Dear Ones,
I'm just back from a quick trip to Lincoln for a reverse mortgage appraisal. Would have said hi to Berb and Gerry Lammerding but they are still roughing it in Hawaii I think. Poor dears!
Nan asked to move to the recliner this morning, we all were very apprehensive, hoping against hope that we would not make her bleed again. We moved her very carefully and she let herself down very gently on a pillow in the wheel chair and then into the recliner. We made it without any new bleeding and were so thankful for that blessing. She has had some pains in her lower tummy and left leg but Marilyn reports she was awake a lot and watched several programs between naps. Just now she has taken her meds at 8 pm so we have the suction turned off for now. She has had some Adavan but is doing pretty well. Her voice sounds stronger this evening. The new meds have made her throat and mouth dryer than normal.

Have we told you lately how much we appreciate having you in our lives and having you read the blog and your prayers in her behalf.

Our delivery of supplies for the next 7 days arrived this afternoon and although I'm pretty tired I'll go open them and store the supplies away properly pretty soon. Last night when I went to Raleys to pick up the vege food Dana had ordered I also found a loaf of bread that looked good, high dense whole wheat bread, wow is it ever good. Fun to find something so good and actually good for you at the same time. We have enough vege food to last a very long time, 1 case of links for Nikki and 1 case of skalops for the rest of us and Nikki. nan taught Dana how to prepare them and they are really good that way. Of course I also like them right out of the can and on peanut buttered bread.

We are enjoying the cool season, nice to have PG&E bills that have dropped by 2/3. Yea. This has been a dry week for income, very few checks so far. The Lord knows our needs. At least work keeps coming in, not much but at least some is coming our way. Tomorrow I drive to Modesto to a place that sounds like a challenge, (mess). Great!

So tonight I think we are all tired, I'm tired of driving, Marilyn is probably tired of sitting and Nan is tired of hurting and being weak. Having Marilyn here is such a huge blessing and I just hope she is finding some pleasure in her visit. She is totally wonderful and professional with Nan, tender hearted and willing to rub her legs and feet for hours, amazing.

We are thankful for the move without bleeding, later this evening we will try to repeat as we put her back to bed in the same gentle manner. We hope, we pray that we can move her without breaking something lose again.

We look forward to the holidays, to Dana and Sharon coming back when they can, to seeing more of our own kids, hopefully of Pam coming to visit. I'll tell you this, our friends often come bearing good gifts. Mary came with a homemade soup last time and it was excellent, thank you Mary for your thoughtfulness.

Please keep our precious brave girl in your prayers, only God knows the future and what is in store for Nan. Our heart yearns for tumor reduction, less pain, more freedom and more mobility that is safe.

tim and nan and marilyn


  • At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    If you like fiction I am sure that you enjoyed Tim's little fabrication about his grocery store adventure. The one where he is the hero and brings home the bacon(%$^*^*$)OK that bacon thing was a figure of speech. Any way that fantasy about just getting one little thing that was not on the list is just too much. Maybe a few items that are not on the list I might believe but one. Come on! And a healthy one at that. who do you think that you are kidding?

    Listen Raley's stock went up 3 points when you checked out so you need to own up bud. Where did you put the Cheetos?


  • At 10:21 PM, Anonymous barbie said…

    Hello way over the ocean to all 3 of you. Gerry and I are certainly staying warm. We don't even need the sheet at night...and this is the beginning of winter??? My face is wet almost all the time which makes it very difficult to apply makeup. Today we took a trip to Hana with a tour group. It was a very nice day and we sent over 54 bridges and around more than 600 curves. Visited Lindberg's gravesite, saw many waterfalls and had a great day. Sorry we missed you in Lincoln, Tim. Try coming to Lincoln when we are home, for pitty sake!
    We are happy Marilyn can be there again to help with Nan's care and to let you be free to go do some of your appraisals.
    We have thought about you many times remembering when we spent time together in Hawaii. And wasn't it so funny when we rented the convertible and went to church leaving the top down and half way through church there was a downpour! We had wet seats for awhile but everything got dry before time to return the car.
    Maybe tomorrow we go to Hard Rock as we haven't been there yet. We went to BJ's last evening and watched the sunset while we waited for our food to be delivered to our table.
    Take care and our prayers are always for Nan to feel more comfortabale. Love to you all! Aloha from the 4 Lammerdings

  • At 6:06 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    Yes, quiet days are nice. That means there was no major trauma for the day. This is good! So glad that Nan was able to move to the bed without bleeding! That must be a scary experience for her as well as for you.

    Glad you found a good loaf of bread. There's not much that is more satisfying than a good wholesome loaf of bread. Then add your famous peanut butter and tomato ~ that should be a good meal for you. (Doesn't sound good to me however) If you don't have the tomatoes then I guess the "Scallops" will have to do. Your "jingle" should be "Every-thing's better with peanut butter on it." All you need is a jar of peanut butter and a good loaf of bread and you can survive for days! Not bad nutrition either. Add a sliced banana to your peanut butter sandwich and you added even more nutrition.

    It looks like our lead for help has dried up. They were to call us no later than last Monday and we have heard not a word, so we're back to square one. We felt from the start that they were over qualified. I'm sure they found something else and just didn't bother to call. Want a job? Know anyone who needs/wants a job and is willing to work? People seem to want the benefits, but not too interested in the work. That's life in the 2000's.

    Continued love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Mustards,

    Try Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles on good Wheat Bread for a real treat! Not to sure about the Tomatoe thing?

    We enjoyed a good dinner & visit with a group of friends from Phoenix last evening. Choir Practice following and We send You warm greetings from Joyce & Glenn Conner. We are enjoying a try at singing again with this Young Lady that Directs the Music at the Lodi SDA Elementary School. She is a bundle of energy and the group does pretty well for only 3 times together so far. We are supposed to sing 3 numbers on the 17th.We have about 30 in the group, almost even split Men/Women. 8 Basses 7 tenors.

    We might drive over Sabbath again if We get Our Odyssey back from the Body Shop. The Insurance has Us in a Dodge Caravan, not a Bad Car but it is no Oddysey! Good news the Lady that bumped Our Van in the parking lot 2 weeks ago was well insured (AAA) and was right up front about getting Our Van fixed right away.

    Bad news from Roger & Carol on the HELP front. Somewhere there must be the right People for them to Hire. Their Place is a real Beauty Spot, We did so much enjoy the Week that we spent with them back in 96.

    Have a good day , No More Bleeding! and much more comfort.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.


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