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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday evening, emotional overload

Dear Family and Friends,
I am writing this evening from Art and Connie's home in Gilroy. It has about 40 minutes from MBA where I have been motorhome camping adjacent to Jason and Jo's nice home. The sounds from the ocean put one to sleep at night, the weather has been perfect and this weekend has yielded many many happy memories and a beginning of healing. However we are all in shock and disbelief about the loss of Steve Ahn, our friend of 25+ years. He has left an incredible legacy of caring medical practice, thousands of babies delivered, millions of miles traveled, thousands of photos taken and a family that has been guided by his love and devotion. Steve has been a pillar for many of us by example and by thoughtful words. I early on learned that when Steve spoke it was always worth listening, he was brilliant, had an amazing memory and a way of making anyone feel at home and esteemed. Sylvia wrote an email out today which captured the thought that Steve would have preferred this way of going, in his sleep peacefully. This is one family that is going to miss him very much and who deeply appreciates all he has done to enhance Nan's final days and his loving actions for all of us.
Jason and Jo gave me a very busy weekend. We spent a quiet time on Friday night in the warmth of their home. I got to hold Timothy and play with him before he crashed for the night. Then Starr and Lady wiggled in close and we all had a warm night in the motorhome. Sabbath morning found Jason making striples and chocolate chip pancakes. Then off to Sabbath School to enjoy Timothy's adventures with the tractor, the farm yard animals and angels, great little sabbath school program. Then to church where both Timothy and Grampa managed a few winks and worshipped. Then to the chinese place to eat, then back to Messiah practice, then perform the Messiah, then back to the motorhome to rest up a bit. Then back for a Sabbath night Christmas program by the school choir, it was a great program. Then back to the house and motorhome for some sleep. Then up early this morning as the career day program Jason was running involved my making 5 20 min. presentations to students about the world of appraisals. Then at 1 we were through and back to the house to prepare for an afternoon party, I rested in the motorhome again which Jason and Jo worked to get ready. I drove away at about 4 with the party of Jason and Jo's friends in full swing. They are a wonderful group of people, a support group like no other. I then drove to Art and Connie's where Art skillfully guided me into his ample driveway for the night. They had a wonderful meal prepared and now we are just enjoying the warmth of their newly remodeled home and its outstanding fireplace which is gas fired.
I was treated with great warmth and compassion this weekend and I know Nan would have enjoyed the time so much. I discovered that I can stay in the motorhome by myself and not be too overcome with pleasant memories so I'll be traveling some in the future. In the morning I'm on the road to Discovery Bay and a big work week. Marilyn will begin to search for a flight with room so she can be with her precious family for Christmas. She has been like an angel to our family and we are all deeply indebted to her. She gave Nan a better quality of life over the last few months, she has make a real difference and I think I know how angels treat people by watching how she has treated all of us.
So now I am fading and bedtime will have to be soon. The doggies wait for my return and perhaps the garbage will not be consumed this time around!
Please join me in praying for the precious Ahn family, I've recently learned that there is no way one can be fully prepared for the loss of a spouse, parent, friend.

We love you Sylvia, Michael and Kevin, you are precious to us.

tim and art and connie
ps I spoke to Nikki this afternoon and they arrived safely but late to Kona last evening. They are settled in and enjoying the warmth, beauty and healing powers of Hawaii. I am so glad!


  • At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim leaves off important information in most recent BLOG. Stay turned, you will hear it here first!

    Starr wiggled! Lady wiggled! Tim -----!

    Can't wait for chapter next! Write on brother!


    ps -------(translation) slept through the whole thing

  • At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Conners said…

    Dear Tim,
    Please e-mail us; my computer died and with it all my addresses, so I need to put your address on Glen's computer so we can correspond. I can't describe how devastated Glen is over Steve's death; they have been best friends since fourth grade. What a double tragedy this month losing Nan and Steve both. Our e-mail is, in case you no longer have it on your computer. We love you. When are you leaving for Hawaii?


  • At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tim,

    Hang in there today and be careful on the very slick roadways. The rain is needed so much but it does make the roads a mess.

    Please give Marilyn Our best as She goes back to Her Family in RI. She has been such a big help the past weeks for You & the Family.

    We are going to Jackson this afternoon/evening to watch the Football Game, Bears/Vikings on the big Screens in the "Smoke Free" Grand Ball Room at the Rancheria Hotel. Our Number was picked as part of the 250 that will enjoy Free Food & Prizes for the Evening.

    Have a safe day.

    Bob & Carrol.


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