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Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday evening - wrapping up a tough week

Dear Friends and Family

Its 5:30 on friday evening, Dana is cooking her heart out in the kitchen and we hope to see Nikki and Keanna pretty soon. Steve has been out working all day long driving many many miles to see properties. Nan is resting in her recliner, a few minutes ago she was hit by nausea so I learned how to do Zophram through the IV. Takes a few minutes and has immediate results of relief. Nan has had a low key day today, was up at 6:45 and we came down, had hot water, hot moca, toast with peanut butter. Later she had gatoraide and triscuits, slept from 10 until about 2 pm. When she came down Dana had just come home from a shopping spree where she found some new nighties, new shirts for Ron, her husband and much much more. Most everything was on special at 75% off. She also managed to come home with yet another kitty and that was a real surprise for Nan, we'll have to see how that works out, could be more than we bargained for. Dana loves animals and could not resist when someone was giving away kitties at the mall. Starr has injured her foot or leg and limps badly, you can tell she is hurting by her expression, well perhaps not since she is a pug and her face usually looks sort of strange.

Its official, Dana flys out tomorrow from Oakland at around 10:30. My how we hate to see her go. We understand completely that she needs to get home to her family and get ready for some medical visits in a week. While we understand that does not take away the sense of loss and lonliness we also feel. It sometimes seems like things will never be normal again, and perhaps they won't be the same. Why Nan has such pain and nausea after nearly 3 full months beyond surgery is more than I can understand. We are hopeful that Dr. Warren at UCSF will be able to fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge and perhaps discover answers that are eluding us at this point. We see him on Sept 12 and can't wait to meet him.

We will probably have a low key weekend here enjoying the good weather and cool home. I just heard Keanna come in, now the real fun begins.

9 pm We did have fun. Keanna was at her best, coloring books, reading, chasing the creatures, eating, running, feeding the fish. And of course she got to name the second Kitty Dana brought home, so far the name is Moo Moo because she looks like a cow, white and black. Nikki had tons of photos to look through of all of us over the past couple years. Keanna enjoyed finding the kitties and watching them get to know each other.

Dana made great food, Nan enjoyed several different kinds of food and then had some more to drink. Now we are mellowing out. Nikki and Keanna had to head home for a bath and bed time, I prepared Nan's TPN and we hooked it up, good for another 24 hours. She took her meds and now is preparing to settle in for the night. We are enjoying our last evening with Dana since she is flying home non stop to Houston tomorrow. We could not take many more days or we would have an entire zoo here. Dana has such a tender heart for pets and we tend to take the longer view, think about it for a long time and finally make a selection. with Dana its two kitties in one week. Wild!

Nan is having a pretty good evening, she seems to be free of the intense pain she sometimes has. In fact it was her idea this morning to head out for a walk, a long one down the block and back.

We are far from normal and really need your prayers along with our own that God will continue to help heal Nan and put her back on her feet ready to enjoy life. We welcome the weekend and a time to relax together in a way that the week days do not allow. Work is very stressful lately and it seems no matter what we do or how hard we try someone is unhappy with our appraisals, so we have challenges on all fronts. Frankly I've had better weeks, broken car with huge repair bill, house all torn up with painting left to complete, but its so beautiful what we have done already, no enough work to keep everyone as busy as they would like, slow payment for work already done. Enough.

We got great news this evening. Our friends Barb and Gerry Lammerding are coming down on Sabbath evening around 6 and staying until monday evening. That will be such a boost and they will help us get things in better order around here. We have been blessed with such wonderful help, Mary, Emily, Sylvia, Nikki, Dana, LeAnn, Loree, Nate and the list goes on. Thank you Lord for such friends.

Please have a blessed weekend!


tim and nan and dana


  • At 11:07 PM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hi Tim, Nan, and Dana, Sorry we will miss seeing Dana ... she will be a hard act to follow! Our ambition runs out about 10 a.m. Oh, to be young again! But we will be anxious to see the new colors in the living room area. What a worker! I'm bringing the Vita Mixer so expect some smoothies; no two are ever alike. We've got to freeze some bananas so I hope you have room in your freezer. Today I went to a Tea luncheon with several ladies from Sun City and we had a great time ... lots of pretty tea pots! We are looking forward to seeing you Nan, it's been a looong time. Is there anything special I should bring to you? Call me and let me know. Can you eat "bacon"? We always have that with you guys. I think I will bring some, in case. Be seeing you soon! Love and hugs, Barbie

  • At 5:07 AM, Anonymous roger and Carol said…

    Hi Tim and Nan,

    Ah ~ the sweet rest of Sabbath. I hope you have a peaceful quiet day after such a whirlwind week.

    The car is repaired and that's behind you. Don't look in the living room today ~ it only represents more work to be done. The appraisals can be put on hold for a day. Star's injured leg ~ I hope it is something minor. The new kitty? Well, I guess you will have to deal with that one. Cast all your cares upon the Lord and be at peace.

    You have asked if your lives will ever be "normal" again. I doubt it can ever be "normal" as it was before, but it can be good. Each day is a gift. Live it to its fullest and make the most of today.

    Be of good courage! More help is on the way for a few days.

    We love you and you remain in our thoughts and prayers.



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